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Trump Insults Our Allies, But There’s a Method to His “Madness”

From a piece I have running today for NBC News.

As Trump announced plans this week for a July summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin, our Western allies are grumbling that Trump treats them like dirt.

Some predict the beginning of the end of the U.S.-European partnership. “Europe,” declared German Chancellor Angela Merkel last month, “has to take its destiny into its own hands.”

But those who see a serious break in relations overlook the fact that Trump is America’s first businessman-president, a man who sees the world — even his friends — in transactional terms. What Trump knows about Europe has less to do with its values, history and politics and more to do with the understanding that European countries need America more than he needs them. He believes that — like so many others he’s angered and insulted who need him — the Western allies will ultimately come crawling back . . .

Because the dictators who run Russia, China and North Korea are antagonists not reliant on the United States, they might require his flattery more. In contrast, Trump does not conceive of the Europeans as “friends,” but as self-interested actors in a Darwinian world — who will ultimately do what’s best for themselves.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Stop All This Nobel Peace Prize Talk; It Only Leads to War!

From a piece I have running in the Washington Examiner. I hope you have a chance to take a look!

Another effort is afoot to get inside a president’s head with a Nobel Peace Prize. It worked out very poorly the last time, when the leftist Norwegians who dole out the award gave it to Barack Obama before he had done a single thing. And the continuing chatter about President Trump winning the prize can only lead to something very, very bad, like a dangerously flawed deal with North Korea. As Trump heads off to Singapore to negotiate with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, it’s time to silence such talk.

Preemptively awarding to Obama the Nobel Prize was not some quirky indulgence. It was a brilliant effort by Norwegian peaceniks to put themselves in charge of U.S. foreign policy. The Nobel Peace Prize committee in Oslo put the medal around Obama’s neck. And then they used it to tie his hands.

How Trump’s Rudeness Combats Political Correctness

From an article I have running today on the NBC News website:

Kelly Sadler, a White House communications aide, made a crack recently during an internal meeting about how Sen. John McCain’s opposition to President Donald Trump’s CIA pick, Gina Haspel, didn’t matter because McCain is “dying anyway.”

Once the remark was leaked, presumably by someone who doesn’t much like Sadler, the media — mainstream and social — exploded as if the stock market had crashed.

What a horrifying thing to say! Proof of the rottenness at the core of the Trump White House! Off with her head — that is, let’s get her fired and ruin her career!

Of course, it was not at all a nice thing to say. And yes, Trump says many, many not nice things. And it could be that his rudeness and crudeness trickles down to the staff.

But Trump’s directness has been a big part of his appeal, even to evangelicals and other “deplorables” accused of hypocrisy and obtuseness for backing a profane man. They were tired of being told what they are allowed to say and think. And nobody is going to tell Trump what to say.

There’s something refreshing about that. Even important. Because it gores a useful wound into the stultifying and dangerous political correctness that is increasingly gripping the nation.

You can read the rest of the piece here. I hope you enjoy it!

Minimum Wage Parity for Tipped Waiters Threatens Restaurants – and Waiters

Okay, this is not a White House story. It’s a Keith story, one I have running on Fox News today, but I thought you might like to read it.

Activists are trying to give waiters and bartenders the same minimum wage as everyone else. They’re even – but of course – making the case that forcing waiters to work for tips is racist and causes a plague of sexual harassment.

And as you’d expect, most waiters are saying, “stop helping me!!” Not to mention that customers will be less able to eat out, and mom and pop shops will go out of business.

You can read the article here. Thanks for taking a look!

Why Trump is the Right Man to Take on Kim, Xi, Vlad, and the Ayatollahs

Good morning. This is a piece I did for NBC News which is running today. Here’s an excerpt:

It is a dangerous world, dominated by outsized personalities who act aggressively on behalf of their nations, including not hesitating to threaten — and even engage in — war.

Fortunately, one is President Donald Trump.

Another is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who with his developing nuclear arsenal represents the most imminent threat to the United States. In a landmark meeting Friday with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the two agreed there would be “no more war” on the Korean peninsula and also committed to work towards denuclearization. But Kim’s South Korean charm offensive will only get him so far — because now he has to deal with Trump.

History — and in particular, the American voter — has a way of calling forth the right person to lead at the right time.

History — and in particular, the American voter — has a way of calling forth the right person to lead at the right time. Trump is a flawed man — self-indulgent, megalomaniacal, a bit paranoid, driven by self-interest and implacably domineering. But these “flaws” also make him a big character, and as he prepares to confront Kim and the other great tyrants of the age, Americans can feel assured that they have chosen the right man for the moment.

Read the rest of the article here!

Alabama the Best State for Gunmakers; Rhode Island the Worst

From a piece I have running on the Fox News website:

Red Alabama is the best state for the firearms industry when it comes to factors such as jobs and gun culture, while blue Rhode Island is the worst, according to the jobs website Zippia.

The rankings reflect the sharp regional and political divide in the country on guns.

“A general rule of thumb emerged from the data — head south if you are looking to get one of as many as 141,500 jobs generated by companies that make, distribute, and sell guns,” the website said. The advice to head south also pertained to another 159,623 jobs in ancillary industries such as gun component suppliers.

But another “rule of thumb” is also apparent: If you want a job in the gun industry, head into Trump country.

Read the rest of the piece on the Fox News site here!

Trump – Yes, Trump – Brings Some Sanity to Washington

Good evening everyone!

I wanted to let you know about an opinion piece I have running this afternoon on the Washington Examiner. I think you’ll enjoy it.

From the article:

“Much of putatively sane Washington believes that in January 2017, a crazy man landed in town from Manhattan or Neptune or some other strange place to take the reins of government, for some reason having been elected to do so two months earlier by voters who had taken leave of their senses.

“Each day, President Trump rants on Twitter and raves on the South Lawn, all while insouciantly lobbing monkey wrenches into the proper workings of government by issuing executive orders, saying nasty things, and wantonly firing people with whom he lacks ‘rapport.’

“But never has the logic of voters been on better display than last week. Never has it been clearer that voters, in their wisdom, had decided that Washington was so implacably devoted to immolating the country upon the kindling wood of discarded common sense that only a man unafraid of defying “reasonable” groupthink could save the nation.”

You can read the rest of the piece here. Thanks for checking it out. Please when you get to the Examiner, tweet it, email it around, or drop it on Facebook if you would!

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Koffler: Conservatives Need to Stop Bellyaching About Trump

I’ve written a piece for NBC News that goes straight after the conservative #NeverTrumpers who continue to insist that Trump is too impure for them, even as he helps them realize all their dreams. The article also questions those who try to make excuses for Trump and say he’s simply “imperfect.” Actually, he’s less than imperfect, but we can live with it without pretending otherwise.

And, yeah, it’s for NBC. Why not write for an audience that disagrees with me? I’m happy that NBC is willing to take a conservative viewpoint and chose me to make it. They’ll take plenty of flack from NBC readers for it, as will I!

From the piece, which you can find here:

It’s time for conservatives to do something none of us want to do. It’s time for us to accept that President Donald Trump is who he is, and that’s okay.

First, those who support but want to sanitize Trump to avoid hypocrisy must understand that every time you clean him off, Trump jumps right back in the mud . . .

For the #NeverTrumpers, who still disdain the president despite sometimes grudgingly admitting he’s running the most conservative administration since President Ronald Reagan, this identity crisis is too traumatic.

On the final day of CPAC, conservative columnist Mona Charen denounced Republicans who are “hypocrites about sexual harassers and abusers of women” — i.e. Trump supporters. “There is nothing more freeing than telling the truth,” Charen later wrote. “And it must be done, again and again, by those of us who refuse to be absorbed into this brainless, sinister, clownish thing called Trumpism.”

Well I’m glad she feels the lightness of liberation. But I’ve watched the likes of Charen pontificate for decades as the country deteriorated, with Washington either failing to stop the decline or abetting it.

Elite conservative thinkers like Charen fail to recognize what the “rabble” who put Trump in office understood better than their “betters:” The stakes in the 2016 election were just too high.

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