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Media, Dems Waste Little Time Using Bush’s Death to Smack Trump

From a piece I have running today in the Washington Examiner:

Wasting little time to score political and rhetorical points, Democrats and members of the mainstream media are using the death of George H.W. Bush to assail a president they despise and who also happens to be Bush’s temperamental opposite, President Trump.

Already, the comparisons, in which Trump is found deeply wanting, are roaring in. The theme is consistent: Bush was reasonable, prudent, bipartisan, decent, honorable, and pursued wise policies; Trump, none of the above.

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty, handed the job of writing the official Post obituary — which appears in the “news” section — provided an only slightly veiled dig at the current Twitter-happy president: “Although Mr. Bush served as president three decades ago, his values and ethic seem centuries removed from today’s acrid political culture. His currency of personal connection was the handwritten letter — not the social media blast.”

You can read the rest of my article here.

Trump is the antidote to a virulent October outbreak of political correctness

From an article I have running today in the Washington Examiner:

Political correctness is on the march this October. President Trump, whose name is figuratively on every ballot next week, is defiantly resisting it, and he might just prevail. The very crudeness and unwillingness to apologize that even many Republicans abhor in Trump has value in that it gives them armor against the Left’s politically correct demands, which seek to disarm conservatives by demonizing them. Republicans find they can’t launch their arguments because their points are being destroyed in their silos by political correctness.

Trump is a new kind of defense against this.

Trump in recent days has been pummeled for proclaiming himself a nationalist. Nationalism, the core of Trump’s “America First” ideology, is right now a word that must not be spoken lest one be accused of surreptitiously saying “white nationalism” or harboring nostalgia for Nazis and other fascists. But Trump’s entire movement is populist-nationalist in character, a revolt of average Americans against their establishment “betters” on the East and West Coasts who have sought to impose their cosmopolitan values on the country.

You can read the rest of the piece here. Thanks for checking it out!

I Was Wrong About Who Sent the Suspicious Packages

I admit it. I was wrong about the who sent the suspicious packages to a variety of Democrats.

I speculated that it was more likely than not a leftist, possibly someone from Antifa, sending out pipe bombs or facsimiles thereof. I thought it seemed well-planned, given the number sent out, and that someone putting this much thought into it would want to help their cause. And the cause being helped was that of Democrats who could cast President Trump and his backers as lunatics. Deplorable lunatics. Oh, how they will enjoy doing just that in the weeks ahead.

I did caveat my statement by saying that I wasn’t sure and it could well be a crazy conservative. That appears to be who did this, although I doubt the label “conservative” applies. More like a vicious hater. But the fact remains that I said I thought it was more probably a leftist, and if I had been right and it was Antifa, I’d have been strutting around like a rooster bragging about the wisdom of my ways.

So I’ll take my lumps. But I do not regret it, and I maintain that ridiculing suggestions that this could be a false flag attack is crazier than suggesting it. Because there was ample reason to believe it could be a savvy leftist. Because we just had a massive false flag attack by Russian bots posing as Americans. And because many of those who dismissed the false flag suggestions continue assuming and reporting relentlessly that President Trump colluded with the Russians, a charge for which there is no evidence at all.

Growing Democratic Radicalism Could Well Ensure Trump’s Reelection

From a piece I have running today on the NBC News website’s “Think” Section:

With the midterms mere weeks away, Democrats are already preparing to invoke the era of Richard M. Nixon and Watergate. Anticipating a “blue wave” that will retake the House in November, they have started laying out plans for impeachment proceedings — or at least serious investigations with that goal in mind.

But the Democrats’ political positions, combined with their actions during and in the wake of the confirmation hearings for now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s U.S. Supreme Court nomination, suggest a different Nixon-era touchstone: his 1972 landslide re-election.

The actions of Democrats in 1972 helped propel a Republican president originally brought into office by the closest of margins in 1968, supported by Americans who feared their way of life was under assault by potentially violent leftists.

The legitimate fears among conservatives and many others that heated up during the election of Donald Trump remain on a simmer.

Democrats now appear to be priming for a new George McGovern moment. Trump voters see the opposition undermining established political and social norms; seeming to condone potential political violence; doubling down on radical change; and offering up possible candidates even left of the liberals they’ve run in recent elections.

Have a look at the rest of the piece here! Thanks for checking it out.


White House Dossier Will Not Publish Monday in Honor of Rosh Hashanah

On Rosh Hashanah, Jews are not supposed to be engaged in their businesses. And so, I will not be publishing White House Dossier until sundown Monday. I will instead spend the Jewish new year in synagogue, trying to convince God that for some reason He should again deem me worthy of His blessings. It’s worth a shot, I’ve fooled Him before.

I hope everyone has a great day, and to all celebrating the holiday, Happy New Year.


Why Trump’s President is NOT in Danger. Not Yet, Anyway

From a piece I have running today on the NBC News website:

Last week was widely held to be the darkest of President Donald Trump’s presidency. His longtime former attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to a campaign finance violation — paying off Trump mistresses in what amounted to an illegal campaign contribution — and indicated Trump put him up to it. It was, some said, the beginning of the end.

Well, the end may come. But this is not the beginning of it. Trump is not going to be forced out of office because of infidelity (which he has denied). Congress has been down that road before — and it led nowhere.

Trump’s voters are not going to abandon him over this issue, just as President Bill Clinton’s didn’t when he faced impeachment in 1998. Given that Congress decides on impeachment and it is essentially a political act, Congress will respond to the demands of voters — enough of them, anyway — and leave Trump in the Oval Office.

Read the rest of the article here. I hope you have a chance to take a look!

If Trump Sells 4.1 Percent Growth, Republicans Can Keep Congress

From an article I have running today on the NBC News website:

President Donald Trump made an unscheduled appearance on the White House South Lawn Friday morning, exactly one hour and 13 minutes after the Commerce Department announced the U.S. economy grew at the impressive rate of 4.1 percent in the second quarter.

“These are great numbers,” he said. “We’ve accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions.”

Sure, some of this was Trumpian hyperbole. But it’s a show he can take on the road to help preserve Republicans majorities in the House and the Senate this November. Because there’s enough substance in the numbers and in the nearly 3 percent growth rate for the five complete quarters he’s been president that a salesman as good as Trump can sell the success . . .

His 2016 election win was about a lot of things that aren’t always prominent, like immigration and cultural change. But according to the massive national exit poll, the economy was still the foremost issue in voters’ minds. Fully 52 percent named the economy as the “most important issue facing the country,” compared to only 18 percent who said terrorism, 13 percent who went with immigration and another 13 percent who chose foreign policy.

The thing you still need to sell in an election is the economy — and right now for Republicans, that’s looking like a pretty high-quality product.

You can read the rest of the piece here.

Trump Insults Our Allies, But There’s a Method to His “Madness”

From a piece I have running today for NBC News. As Trump announced plans this week for a July summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin, our Western allies are grumbling that Trump treats them like dirt. Some predict the beginning of the end of the U.S.-European partnership. “Europe,” declared German Chancellor Angela Merkel last month,… Continue Reading

Stop All This Nobel Peace Prize Talk; It Only Leads to War!

From a piece I have running in the Washington Examiner. I hope you have a chance to take a look! Another effort is afoot to get inside a president’s head with a Nobel Peace Prize. It worked out very poorly the last time, when the leftist Norwegians who dole out the award gave it to… Continue Reading

How Trump’s Rudeness Combats Political Correctness

From an article I have running today on the NBC News website: Kelly Sadler, a White House communications aide, made a crack recently during an internal meeting about how Sen. John McCain’s opposition to President Donald Trump’s CIA pick, Gina Haspel, didn’t matter because McCain is “dying anyway.” Once the remark was leaked, presumably by… Continue Reading