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Sebelius: No Regrets, Baby!

Here’s some video of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius making borderline delusional statement that she has no regrets about her service. Notice how she blames others for the misinformation she ladled out to Congress about the readiness of the website.

And what about this? If I had a magic wand and could go back. Excuse me, magic wands don’t make you go back in time Kathleen, okay? You need a time machine for that. Sheesh, no wonder she screwed up the website – no technical know-how at all.

Here’s some more of her softball interview with Andrea Mitchell for Meet the Press – smart of her to avoid the more hardball questioning of David Gregory – who presented Sebelius with a cozy perch from which to present her case. What was your low point? Andrea wondered.

Give me a break!

Obama Lavishes Praise on Sebelius

If Kathleen Sebelius was ousted from her post as HHS Secretary or is departing under a cloud of presidential opprobrium, you wouldn’t have known it from today’s Rose Garden ceremony in which President Obama amped up the praise to soaring heights while announcing Sebelius’s departure and his choice to succeed her, Sylvia Burwell.

And really, it’s no surprise. Because make no mistake about it. Obama may or may not have mixed feelings about Sebelius. But her legacy is his legacy. Ultimately, he’s in charge. And whatever screw ups that have occurred – and they’ve been massive – the buck stops with him, and to be restrained in his praise of her would be to question his own leadership.

“I will miss her advice, I will miss her friendship, and I will miss her wit,” Obama said to an enthusiastic crowd of administration officials, terming her or her service “extraordinary” several times.

From his remarks:

Yes, we lost the first quarter of open enrollment period with the problems with, and they were problems. But,under Kathleen’s leadership, her team at HHS turned the corner, got it fixed, got the job done, and the final score speaks for itself: There are seven and a half million people across the country that have the security of health insurance, most of them for the very first time, and that’s because of the women standing next to me here today, and we are proud of her for that – that’s an historic accomplishment . . .

All told, Kathleen’s work over these five years will benefit our families and this country for decades to come.

Sebelius herself made no apologies for the botched Obamacare rollout – she didn’t even mention it – instead focusing on the significance of the Affordable Care Act, which she called, “the most significant social change in this country” in 50 years, since Medicare was established.

After some perfunctory remarks by Burwell, Obama wrapped things up with a call to cheer Sebelius on her way.

“Give this extraordinary woman one more big round of applause,” he commanded.

And they did.

HHS Secretary Sebelius Resigns

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has resigned, and President Obama will announce Friday that he is replacing her with OMB Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell. According to the Washington Post, Sebelius notified Obama early in March that she would be stepping down.

According to reports, officials say Sebelius was not forced out. But her departure comes right at the end of what Obama himself described as a kind of grace period during which he wanted aides to focus on fixing the failed website, with personnel matters to be dealt with later. And the odd manner of the announcement – a leak to the press – suggests the White House is not being careful about providing her a dignified exit.

The Obamacare rollout, which has included the launch of the website October 1 and the beginning of major Obamacare programs January 1, has been one of the greatest fiascos in modern presidential history, featuring a site that lacked basic functionality and numerous delays to program deadlines that had been written into law as part of the Affordable Care Act.

Sebelius was to be overseeing all of it, and White House officials were frustrated with the poor results. Palace intrigue watchers thought they noticed something significant when Sebelius did not join Obama onstage last week during a Rose Garden celebration of the more than 7 million Obamacare exchange signups, and when she didn’t even get a shout out. It appears they were right.

Sebelius, 65, is the former governor of Kansas. She is one of Obama’s longest serving Cabinet secretaries, having taken office in April 2009.

Burwell is a wonky, longtime Washington hand who is very familiar to Washington insiders. Before her stint at OMB, she served as a senior policy aide in the Clinton White House. At this point, she would seem to have a smooth path toward confirmation, though her hearing will certainly give Republicans a chance to produce some Obamacare-related fireworks.

Video: Sebelius Said No Delay Beyond March 31

Do the statements people in this administration mean anything anymore – to anyone?

What about the assurances President Obama has given Americans and the Israelis that he won’t let the Iranians get nuclear weapons, and that he’s willing to use force to prevent it? Who can believe him in the context of all the Obamacare lies?

Here’s HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius JUST TWO WEEKS AGO on March 12 telling Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) that there ain’t gonna be no delay of the enrollment deadline beyond March 31.

The deadline, as you probably know, was just delayed.

From the exchange before the House Ways & Means Committee:

BRADY: Madame Secretary, you were before the committee April of last year – you assured us all that there would be absolutely no more delays in the Affordable Care Act. We’ve seen eight delays since you gave us those assurances, bringing the total now to 35. So, the question is, I think fairly for our families at home, what other delays should they expect . . .

Are you going to delay the open enrollment beyond March 31?

SEBELIUS: No sir . . . There is no delay beyond March 31.

So much contempt.

These people, who are running the country and in many ways responsible for our fates, say what they think is good for them, and whether it happens to bump into the truth or not is of no concern to them.

It’s a rather frightening thing.

Emails Suggest Possible White House Tie to Sebelius Fundraising

A newly uncovered batch of emails raise questions about whether the White House was knowledgeable about fundraising calls made to private entities by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for Enroll America, a nonprofit that sought to enroll people in Obamacare.

According to the Washington Examiner, White House officials have said they did not sign off on calls made by Sebelius and were only generally aware that she was soliciting donations from outside groups.

But emails provided to the Examiner under a Freedom of Information Act request show that White House officials participated in weekly conference calls with HHS and Enroll America.

According to the Examiner:

The emails show that White House Office of Public Engagement staffers participated in weekly conference calls with HHS and Enroll America. The emails also show that the agenda of these phone meetings included Sebelius’ calls to outside entities, high-level operational planning and more focused outreach with private partners through senior White House aides.

Republicans are furious with Sebelius for making the calls and charge she was trying to circumvent Congress, which had denied the administration funding to promote the Affordable Care Act.

Critics say Sebelius, given the federal government’s enormous power, was effectively pressuring companies to donate, and some suspect she may have solicited funds from companies she regulates.

The administration denies this and says Sebelius’ actions were legal.

The Obamacare Lies, Part 479-B

See for yourself.

HHS Secretary Sebelius yesterday:

HHS Secretary Sebelius in September 2013:

God help us.

And I used to think Slick Willie was bad. But nothing prepared me for this group.

At least spin us the old fashioned way, you know – a little obfuscation, some misleading information, a nice pickled red herring.

DON’T JUST OUTRIGHT LIE TO US! I mean, where’s the artistry in that?

H/T to Hotair.

Issa Suggests Sebelius May Have Committed Perjury

In a sharply worded letter sent today to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) suggested Sebelius may have perjured herself before Congress, accusing her of providing “false and misleading” testimony before various congressional panels about

Issa docsIssa, who said testimony and documents obtained by the committee contradicted several Sebelius statements, pressed for revisions and explanations of her testimony and demanded documents and communications made as part of the preparation for her appearances.

Moreover, Issa accused Sebelius of misleading Congress about the health of the website.

He reminded her that giving false testimony to Congress is a crime:

“Witnesses who purposely give false or misleading testimony during a congressional hearing may be subject to criminal liability,” he wrote.

The letter cites four examples of allegedly false statements:

  • That MITRE Corp., a contractor hired by HHS, was conducting ongoing security testing;
  • That MITRE’s preliminary report “did not raise flags about going ahead;”
  • That “no one… suggested that the risks outweighed the importance of moving forward;”
  • That MITRE made recommendations to CMS about moving forward.

And Issa wrote:

Your failure during numerous Congressional hearings to explicitly mention the serious problems with security testing in the month prior to launch creates the appearance that you carefully chose language that would mislead Members of Congress and the American public.

HHS indicated it would respond to the letter, but so far does not appear to have publicly addressed the charges directly.

More Deceit from the Openness Administration

Okay, let’s give President Obama some credit. He promised openness, not honesty. You get to see the village. If it’s a Potemkin Village, that’s your problem.

What HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wanted you to know during her hearing Wednesday before a House healthcare subcommittee is that, as HHS announced the same day, 365,000 people have enrolled in Obamacare as of the end of November.

Obama SebeliusLet’s talk about this. First of all, we actually have no idea how many people have enrolled. Because enrollment, as defined by insurers – who unlike the federal government have businesses to run – define enrollment as payment for a plan. These 365,000 people have merely selected a plan. HHS won’t tell us how many have paid.

I may have gone through the Internets and selected the Abs of Adipose Athletic Club to trim some fat, but I guarantee they won’t consider me a member and start letting me use the medicine balls until I’ve paid up.

Also, only about 137,000 of these selections occurred on the federal exchange. We’re nowhere near the numbers we’re supposed to have for Obamacare to work, and we don’t know how many of those signing up are the sweet young Obamamaniacs whose cash is needed to float the system but who now appear to be making rational choices to stay a thousand miles away from it.

At 110,000 selections in November, the pace increased fourfold from October, Sebelius hopes you’ll understand.

Let me check my abacus for a second here. Yes, four times nothing is still nothing.

Sebelius was primed with other misleading information, such as a rejection of the FACT that Obamacare is making people lose their doctors.

“There’s nothing in the law that has their doctor lost to them,” Sebelius said.

This is such rank dishonesty by a smart woman who knows better. No, the law doesn’t specifically fire your doctors for you. But any idiot understands that if you lose your insurance – which even the White House acknowledged occurs under Obamacare – you lose your doctor.

Sebelius clearly thinks we’re not just any idiot, but some kind of special idiot.

Politico reports that all this congressional oversight is getting on the poor woman’s nerves. I mean, no autocrat likes to go through this.

Sebelius is getting sick of these hearings, and so are some of the lawmakers themselves.

That much became clear at several points in the proceedings, as Sebelius came as close as she ever does to telling a couple of Republicans to shove it.

Shove it? Putting aside the coach of the 3-10 Washington Redskins, Sebelius is second on the list of people in the United States who should have been fired the day before yesterday. And unlike Mike Shanahan, Sebelius’ incompetence has harmed people across the nation, not just Washington area football fans.

Here’s Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) comparing getting answers out of Sebelius to eliciting information from Kim Jong-Un.

Obama Avoids Saying he Still Has Confidence in Sebelius

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Obama Has “Complete Confidence” in Sebelius

President Obama is sticking with besieged HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, despite the massive Obamacare website fail she oversaw. According to Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest: The President has complete confidence in Secretary Sebelius. She has been responsible, as she pointed out, for the broader implementation of the Affordable Care Act . . . She took… Continue Reading