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How Cruz Can Win on a Second Ballot: Make Kasich His VP

Taking Kasich could combat Trump’s contention, should he not reach 1,237, that the convention is being stolen from him by an illegitimate minority. While Trump will most likely be first in Cleveland with a plurality of the vote, Cruz will be second and Kasich third, and their combined tally will be close enough to Trump’s to allow at least the rebuttal that a popular alternative — albeit combined into two candidates — has emerged to Trump.

The Cruz-Trump unity ticket allows the anti-Trump crowd to at least argue that the popular will is not being ignored — even if Kasich voters weren’t exactly asked whether they would also back him for vice president and would stomach a Cruz presidency.

Kasich Cruz

But the selection of Kasich does much more for Cruz. It’s a significant outreach to Establishment and moderate Republicans, whose biggest fear about Cruz is that he is a rigid ideologue incapable of compromise.

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