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White House Press Room Floods During DC Storm

I doubt most of you will be chagrined to hear this. There was a sudden torrential rain in Washington, and the basement section of the White House press room flooded. This is neither unusual nor surprising. Remember, the White House is, in the end, just another federal building. I like how it is characterized as… Continue Reading

Trump Congratulates CNN on its Lowest Ratings of the Year

CNN is trailing the Food Network. Which makes sense, I guess. Only a portion of people hate President Trump, but very few people hate food. Very few people who survive, anyway. I’m not sure I get what the strategy was. MSNBC pretty much had the market cornered on leftist, endlessly anti-Trump news. CNN decided that,… Continue Reading

CNN’s Jim Acosta Whines He Didn’t Get Called On by Trump in Vietnam

Aww. CNN opinion journalist Jim Acosta failed to get called on in Vietnam during President Trump’s press conference and tried to make it an issue of freedom of the press, suggesting Trump was busy calling on foreign journalists instead. Meantime, more responsible journalists from U.S. outlets did get called on by Trump. Continue Reading

Washington Post News Article Suggests Northam Deserves a Break

The Washington Post tapped three reporters to write a piece suggesting that even though a photo of a man in blackface next to one in a Klan outfit appeared Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook page, he’s not a racist and never was one. The article, complete with photos of a young Northam surrounded… Continue Reading

CNN’s John King: Trump Failure to Mention Climate Change in SOTU “a Disgrace”

Sad. I’ve worked with John at the White House and admired his hosting on CNN. Thought he was an honest, objective newsman. Too bad he lets himself become just another partisan Democrat certain their opinions are facts. I guess he’s been co-opted into the poisonous liberal culture at CNN, which pretends to play it straight,… Continue Reading

Jonathan Karl: We Have Seen No Evidence of Collusion

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, one of the fairest reporters in the mainstream media – recall how aggressively he went after Barack Obama spokesman Jay Carney – told the ladies of The View what they certainly didn’t want to hear: Robert Mueller may have come up empty on the allegation he was tasked to investigate. “On… Continue Reading

Video || CNN Reporter Has Microphone Taken Away During Trump Press Conference

CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins Friday tried to pull a Jim Acosta during a White House press conference, continuing to ask a question even though someone else had been called on. Someone from the White House came by to take the microphone from her. She didn’t stop asking her question, but unlike Acosta at… Continue Reading