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Trump Congratulates CNN on its Lowest Ratings of the Year

CNN is trailing the Food Network.

Which makes sense, I guess. Only a portion of people hate President Trump, but very few people hate food. Very few people who survive, anyway.

I’m not sure I get what the strategy was. MSNBC pretty much had the market cornered on leftist, endlessly anti-Trump news. CNN decided that, even though Trump was elected presumably by people who also watch TV, there was room in the market for more.

So they joined it while, worse, pretending to be unbiased. Not working out too well.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Whines He Didn’t Get Called On by Trump in Vietnam

Aww. CNN opinion journalist Jim Acosta failed to get called on in Vietnam during President Trump’s press conference and tried to make it an issue of freedom of the press, suggesting Trump was busy calling on foreign journalists instead.

Meantime, more responsible journalists from U.S. outlets did get called on by Trump.

Video || Lara Logan Calls Out the Liberal Media

Lara Logan, formerly of CBS News — it was just announced she left the network months ago — decided to voice her concerns about how liberal the media are and how biased the reporting is.

Logan has long been an intrepid foreign correspondent, diving into war zones to tell us what’s happening. As she noted during Mike Ritland’s “Mike Drop” podcast, she’s probably ruining her career by speaking out. I guess she thinks journalism matters.

As she suggests during the podcast, is it really possible that Donald Trump has done nothing good, or that there is no silver lining to some things for which he can be criticized?

Of course, she’s already under attack from outlets like the Washington Post, which is perhaps the worst liberal offender of all the supposedly neutral outlets. Maybe Fox News will pick her up. Hope so.

Washington Post News Article Suggests Northam Deserves a Break

The Washington Post tapped three reporters to write a piece suggesting that even though a photo of a man in blackface next to one in a Klan outfit appeared Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook page, he’s not a racist and never was one.

The article, complete with photos of a young Northam surrounded by black people, may very well be a fair piece. My point is simply that the mainstream media would never, never do this for a Republican. And God knows, not for President Trump.

The story includes many passages like this:

An old family friend, Stewart Buckle, left Onancock High School to attend a private white academy created after desegregation in the late 1960s. “There was a feeling that if blacks came into the school system, they were going to lower the quality of the school,” Buckle said.

His friend Ralph stayed, and “I never heard of anything from Ralph or his brother Tom that was derogatory,” Buckle said. “Now, everybody tells an off-color joke about Jews or homosexuals or blacks — that’s just the nature of our society. But I never heard anything like that from them.”

Blacks and whites attended separate churches, led separate social lives. From elementary school through college, Northam went to schools where integration was new, where white children and black children were finding their way through a thicket of conventions and silent antagonisms that had festered for centuries.

The Northams’ neighbors were all white, said Sonda Dawes, who lived next door. In the restaurants in town, she recalled, you never saw black people. Young Ralph worked as a bag boy at the old Meatland grocery store, where people of all races shopped.

Ralph’s father, Wescott Northam, was a judge and a man of few words, but people knew he had a harsh view of racist behavior and would not tolerate epithets, longtime residents said. It was his father who finally told Ralph — during his 2017 campaign for governor — that his great-grandfather and great-great grandfather both owned slaves.

CNN’s John King: Trump Failure to Mention Climate Change in SOTU “a Disgrace”

Sad. I’ve worked with John at the White House and admired his hosting on CNN. Thought he was an honest, objective newsman.

Too bad he lets himself become just another partisan Democrat certain their opinions are facts. I guess he’s been co-opted into the poisonous liberal culture at CNN, which pretends to play it straight, but which has become as bad as MSNBC.

Which makes it worse than MSNBC, which at least doesn’t pretend.

Politico Suggests Trump May Deserve Credit for Something

Well now hell has truly frozen over.

Of the mainstream outlets, Politico is, of course, liberal, but tend to not be as egregiously biased as outfits like the Washington Post and the New York Times.

This morning, it is actually suggesting — no doubt at the risk of losing readers — that Trump may have done something right.

I mean, the compliment a little bit of the “a broken clock is still accurate twice a day” variety. The publication asserts that Trump’s successes could also become disasters. Still, not a bad day at the office for the mainstream media.

From the piece:

The authoritarian rule of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela is in peril. Afghanistan could finally see a peace deal with the Taliban and a drawdown of American troops. North Korea has stopped its nuclear tests — for now. 

President Donald Trump is expected to tout these developments as major foreign policy wins during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, rebutting critics who say Trump’s main role on the international stage has been to bully American allies and further destabilize combustible regions with rash decisions.

But while “win” may be too strong a word — each of these situations is fragile and could portend disaster — even the president’s skeptics are pondering the question: Doesn’t Trump deserve some credit?

Some of these critics grudgingly concede that Trump’s bulldozer mentality has pushed leaders of all political stripes into having difficult conversations they’d long avoided, on everything from the downsides of free trade to whether the international institutions of the post-World War II liberal order need recasting. After all, on these and other fronts that have long troubled U.S. leaders — America’s ongoing presence in Afghanistan, potential long-term involvement in Syria, NATO defense spending, and more — there was little or no movement until Trump took office.

“He’s a disrupter. That is leading to some very healthy debate about what are our goals,” said Ivo Daalder, who served as President Barack Obama’s ambassador to NATO and a frequent Trump critic.

Jonathan Karl: We Have Seen No Evidence of Collusion

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, one of the fairest reporters in the mainstream media – recall how aggressively he went after Barack Obama spokesman Jay Carney – told the ladies of The View what they certainly didn’t want to hear: Robert Mueller may have come up empty on the allegation he was tasked to investigate.

“On the central question of did Donald Trump or anyone on his campaign coordinate or collude with the Russian in their effort to meddle in the 2016 campaign, we have seen zero evidence of that,” Karl said.

Karl said his sources are suggesting Mueller’s report will be “anticlimactic.”

Nice to have a prominent reporter who wants to give it straight and not please his TV hosts. Hopefully he doesn’t get too much shit for it from his bosses.

Video || CNN Reporter Has Microphone Taken Away During Trump Press Conference

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Troops Broke Rules with Trump MAGA Hat Signings? Turns out it’s Fake News

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Trump Cancels White House Christmas Party for Press Corps

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