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Video || Sanders to Acosta: “You Have a Problem Stating Facts”

The way the press used to be, when you were attacked, which was often, you just took it, because it wasn’t about you. You were just there to question and report the news, not get into arguments centered on yourself.

CNN’s Jim Acosta insisted that he does, in fact, report facts when jabbed by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

The press doesn’t understand that by personalizing this, they merely give President Trump and the White House more of an opening to attack them. When Trump’s audiences see reporters as combatants, then they cheer for combat.

But of course, Acosta is just reflecting what the press has become, partisan naval gazers who have made themselves part of the story.

Media Bias for All To See

I looked over at the Washington Post website a few minutes ago. Have a look-see at what I found.

If you’re wondering why conservatives think the press is biased against them, take a look at the top stories and see if you can find anything positive for President Trump.

I know you’re not wondering, but just play along for a minute. This is a screen grab I took from the WashPost site:

This is completely typical. I see this every day, and the Post is the worst offender of the supposedly neutral outlets. Even Joe Scarborough gets it, apparently.

I’m not necessarily quibbling with any particular story. It’s just that there’s one after another that his hostile toward Trump and in this case, Brett Kavanaugh.

Bias is most prominently shown in story selection. This is what the Washington Post selected this afternoon.

The Media Lose Morning Joe With Their Coverage of Kavanaugh

Joe Scarborough, a fierce Trump opponent who opposes putting Brett Kavanaugh on the Court and said he found Ford’s testimony “very persuasive,” assailed the media today for its bias against the judge.

“The media coverage of this has been so one-sided. It has been so biased,” said Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “There has been the presumption from the very beginning that every single allegation made against the judge was true.”

The media are Washington. The media are politically correct. They have entirely lost the desire to even try to be objective.

I know how this works, and I know the simple social pressure people come under from their friends and colleagues around here. And in this case, surrounded by their politically correct peers, it becomes difficult to write something positive about Kavanaugh even if you want to. Because if you do, you hate women and don’t have sympathy for victims of sexual assault. And you might just be one of “them” – a Republican.

God save your soul.

Mika agreed. I dunno, maybe she’s humoring him. He sure has moved pretty far toward her liberal viewpoint from the conservatism he once embraced.


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The Latest Trump Scandal: “Thinking” or “Thanking”?

President Trump was accused Monday of being brutish toward a female reporters during his press conference, supposedly questioning the intelligence of ABC’s Cecelia Vega by suggesting she never thinks.

“I know you’re not thinking, you never do,” he supposedly said. But the White House transcript says that Trump told her, “I know you’re not thanking.”

Scandal! Alert the media!

Oh, they’re alerted already. Triggered, even.

Now, let’s be clear, Trump is being rude to Ms. Vega. But it’s hardly unusual for Trump to be rude. While I don’t excuse his rudeness – sorry, I was raised different – it emanates from a legitimate feeling that the press is completely unfair to him. I’m not saying Ms. Vega in particular, I don’t know her reporting. But in general, of course the media are biased.

What’s interesting to me is that many in the press are refusing to accept the White House version, which is that he accused her of never “thanking.”

Here’s the exchange. Listen closely to the video.

Trump: Okay, question. Yeah. Go ahead. Sure. She’s shocked that I picked her. She’s like in a state of shock.

Vega: I’m not. Thank you, Mr. President.

Trump: That’s okay. I know you’re not thanking. You never do.

Vega: I’m sorry?

Trump: No, go ahead. Go ahead.

Three things seem pretty clear to me. One is that you might initially hear this as “think.” Two is that it defenitely could, on second hearing, be “thank.” And three is that, in the context of the exhchange, given that she had just said, “thank you,” the proposition that he said “thank” and not “think” makes much more sense.

Oh, and a fourth: That the press cannot possibly hear “thank” is further evidence of their bias.

CNN’s Cuomo Bullies Kellyanne Conway, Who Threatens to Walk Off His Show

Have a look at this. CNN host Chris Cuomo repeatedly interrupts his “guest” Kellyanne Conway while she tries to make her arguments. He’s got a more voluble voice than her and is able to do it. If a male conservative host did this to a liberal woman, they’d be called sexist and accused of “mansplaining” to them, or something. But it’s okay for liberals to bully conservative women.

This is what passes now for journalism and free debate. Strong-arming by an obviously biased “news” host who won’t even let a conservative speak. I’m sure he was hoping she would walk off the set and make headlines to boost his ratings. Maybe that was the idea.

Is Trump Failing to Sell the Economy, or Will the Media Just Never Buy It?

President Trump’s surest path toward helping Republicans remain in charge of Congress is to tell people that that they’re doing great. The economy is in incredible shape – and that’s a provable fact.

A piece in Politico Thursday suggests Trump is failing to do this. While the piece does acknowledge that the White House blames media bias for not conveying the message, the guilty party is the usual suspect, Trump:

In an alternate universe, President Donald Trump would be heading into the midterms relentlessly touting his stewardship of a strong economy with results that include historically low unemployment, solid economic growth, sky-high enthusiasm among small businesses and shattered records for job openings.

Instead, the president is repeatedly muddling that message with easily debunked falsehoods or hyperbole about the state of the economy while pressing on with unpopular trade wars that frustrate establishment Republicans and business groups worried about price increases. His undisciplined approach — coupled with his obsessing about the Russia investigation, Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election — is damaging what many Republicans say should have been a political slam dunk for the GOP heading into the fall . . .

Top lawmakers have repeatedly implored Trump as recently as last week to stay focused on the economy, but haven’t found much success with a president who prefers his own method of communicating. And senior administration aides, at this point, find it futile to try to corral Trump, even just urging him to stick to an optimistic economic message that focuses on facts and avoids wild exaggerations. One aide argued they don’t think the press will cover the economy fairly anyway. “We have a ton of good facts and a good story to tell but he’s not a perfect messenger,” this person said. “And we have a media problem as well.”

Well, yes, there’s a media problem. The media are democrats. And they particularly loathe Trump. They’d rather write a story about the magnificence of Sarah Palin before they’d say anything nice about Trump.

What’s more, the media never love good stories, because they don’t sell newpapers as well as bad news and don’t excite their instinct to question and be skeptical.

But it seems to me that Trump and his aides make every effort to talk and tweet about the good economic news. This isn’t a tale about a sloppy, disorganized White House which reporters, who are all currently reading the Bob Woodward book that supposedly provides a window into the chaos, love to tell. It’s about relentlessly negative coverage of Trump, constant scandal watch, and articles about the economy that are either not highlighted on the webpage or caveated by dire warnings about trade wars or silly claims by Barack Obama that he built this.

To be sure, the White House can do more to go over the heads of the Washington press corps. Obama, who knew even a friendly MSM retained their natural cynicism and asked tougher questions, did scores of interviews with star-struck local TV stations. The White House needs innovative strategies such as that. Moaning to Politico about biased coverage gets you nowhere.

Washington Post Blames Trump for Hurricane Florence

Barack Obama, in his own view and that of the press, could make the waters recede. Trump is ushering them into your bedroom, according to the MSM.

Just when you thought the press had found every possible way to hate on Donald Trump, there’s this headline from the Washington Post.

At least it’s labeled an editorial this time.

Of course, their point is that Trump minimizes climate change and does terrible things like withdrawing the United States from an international treaty that would have undermined U.S. sovereignty, harmed the economy, and probably done little – especially with respect to what the United States can do – to stem whatever portion of climate change is due to human activity.

“It is hard to attribute any single weather event to climate change,” the Post grudgingly admits, even though the headline suggests otherwise. “But there is no reasonable doubt that humans are priming the Earth’s systems to produce disasters . . . Florence is feasting on warm Atlantic Ocean water.”

It’s a feast fit for a hurricane!

So let me see if I can get all this straight. Obama is responsible for the Trump economy. Trump is responsible for hurricanes. And, I suppose, Mike Pence is to blame for meteors that hit the earth.

I mean, he probably supported cutting funding for a telescope or something.

MSM Feasts on Grieving Parkland Dad’s Kavanaugh Stunt

The father of a girl murdered in the Parkland school shooting approached Brett Kavanaugh Tuesday at the end of his testimony and tried to shake hands.

This is obviously a security breach – I’m surprised the man was permitted to get so close. Kavanaugh probably had no idea what was happening and was right to walk away.

Which produced headlines like this one from the Huffington Post:

Brett Kavanaugh Snubs Father Of Parkland Shooting Victim
Fred Guttenberg lost his 14-year-old daughter in a school shooting. Kavanaugh refused to shake his hand.

As intended, I’m sure.

I don’t blame this grieving father for trying to “do something” in the wake of his daughter’s death. He has experienced an unimaginable tragedy. I do blame the media for using his grief to pursue their jihad against everything Trump.

Here, predictably, is Joe Scarborough condemning Kavanaugh. Willie Geist and Mika Brzezinski, to their credit and my surprise, seem to disagree.

Here’s another predictable reaction. I mean, as if Kavanaugh would intentionally ignore the father of a girl who was killed just because he disagrees with him on the Second Amendment. Oh, wait a second. I just realized that I forgot something. Kavanaugh is Hitler!

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