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Earnest: Obama Ran the Most Transparent Administration in History

Please, be serious.

From the Washington Examiner:

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest expressed annoyance that President Obama doesn’t get enough credit for being the “most transparent” president in history.

When asked by CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday about journalists’ complaints that the federal government isn’t efficient at answering FOIA requests, Earnest said they’ve made progress with the requests over the eight years.

Earnest added that there is really “no constituency in American politics for transparency in government beyond journalists.”

He added: “If this constituency of journalists are gonna be effective advocates for the issue that they care about, they need to remember that they have a responsibility not just to criticize those who are not living up to their expectations.

Looks like Earnest is trying to work on his own legacy issues. Meantime, the Weekly Standard wrote Sunday about how the White House tried to hide that it is letting Iran cheat on the nuclear deal.

WH: Trump Carrier Deal Nothing Next to Obama’s Accomplishments

How petty. And false.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest moved quickly to diminish Donald Trump’s success at keeping Carrier Corp. from moving 1,000 jobs to Mexico, saying it doesn’t compare with President Obama’s record of job creation.

“If he is successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will see the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the United States while President Obama was in office,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said. “President Obama has set a high standard.”

Not just petty, but completely dishonest. Because Earnest is leaving out the manufacturing jobs that were lost before Obama started creating them.

According to Politifact:

If you start from the beginning of Obama’s term — which started in a severe economic downturn — the number of manufacturing jobs is actually down by about 303,000.

It’s like a football team claiming victory because it outscored its opponent in the second half. If only we could just tune into the Obama presidency during the good moments . . .

Manufacturing workers have suffered grievously under Obama. There are many reasons for that, some having nothing to do with Obama. But for the White House to claim success on this front demonstrates just how uncaring and out of touch Obama is toward manufacturing workers, and why Rust Belt states rejected this president’s policies.

White House Doesn’t Rule Out Pardoning Hillary Clinton

I guarantee you, he will pardon her. And maybe Bill too.

“We don’t talk about the president’s thinking, specifically with respect to any specific cases that may apply to pardons or commutations,” Earnest said when asked about a potential pardon of Hillary Clinton. “We’ve got a long tradition in this country of people in power not using the criminal justice system to exact political revenge. In fact, we go to great lengths to insulate our justice system from partisan politics.”

Earnest: Iran Payment Shows Obama’s “Tough Diplomatic Strategy”

Wow. If paying ransom for hostages is Obama’s “tough diplomatic strategy,” I’d dread seeing what his weak one is.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said that in fact there were not two “tracks” to the Iran negotiations, as we had thought all along, but three. One to give the Iranians nuclear weapons, a second to settle an old “debt” that we had previously decided to keep BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BE INDEBTED TO PEOPLE WHO TAKE YOU EMBASSY PERSONNEL HOSTAGE but now we’re paying it back, and a third to arrange “a mutual prisoner release.”

I know, it’s confusing, but these people are much smarter than you and me and don’t worry, they’ve got it all sorted out.

White House Says Ransom Story is Right Wing Politics

This is one of the most sustained efforts at disingenuousness I’ve ever seen from a press secretary – and that’s saying something.

Here is White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest saying that political morivations underly the charge that $400 million secretly landing in Iran the day hostages are released is ransom.

And the White House is callling Donald Trump insane.

No rational person would not think this is ransom, even if the money was part of a previously planned payment. And no enemy of the United States interested in obtaining some U.S. taxpayer funding would not think it a good idea to get right into the hostage taking business. Especially after Obama traded a bunch of Taliban leaders for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Earnest, of course, helps his dodge by not even admitting that the money arrived the day the hostages were released. Apparently that is some sort of state secret.

I know Josh. He knows better. Sure, this is the job he signed up for. But this could have been done differently, rather than completely obscuring an obvious truth and attacking others instead.


Video || White House Justifies Clinton Spin

Hillary Clinton helped create the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Then, for political purposes, she came out against it this week.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today suggested it’s all just part of the game.

“As the winner of the last two presidential elections that have been held in this country, the president understands that presidential politics are tough, and he understands that it is the responsibility of presidential candidates to distinguish themselves,” Earnest said. “In some case that means, distinguishing themlseves from the current occupant of the office.”

Yes, she I suppose now you could call her very distinguished.

Earnest prefaced this statement by saying he would be candid. I guess he was.

White House: U.S. to Take 10,000 Syrian Refugees

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Obama? Rule of Law?

The Obama White House could have stayed out of a local matter, as it often does. Or it could have just said it believed that local officials were enforcing the law and supported that. But no. Instead, it offered up a treacly blob of sanctimony to express its commitment to “the rule of law” in supporting… Continue Reading

White House Defends Planned Parenthood

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Wednesday defended Planned Parenthood in the wake of videos showing a top Planned Parenthood official callously discussing the harvesting and sale of fetal organs. Earnest said the videos were deceitful: I haven’t spoken to the President about the actual videos. I have read the reports, and I’m confident that… Continue Reading