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Unseated GOP Congressman: John McCain Lost the House

Rep. Jason Lewis, R-Minn., who was defeated in his bid for reelection, has a theory that makes a lot of sense about why Republicans lost the House: John McCain.

According to exit polls, the top issue on people’s minds as they entered the polling stations was health care. That was by design. Democrats waged a massive, national effort to convince voters that if Republicans maintained control of the House, they’d take away the right to get health care regardless of preexisting conditions.

Lewis writes in the Wall Street Journal:

The Republican Party lost its House majority on July 28, 2017, when Sen. John McCain ended the party’s seven-year quest to repeal ObamaCare. House leadership had done an admirable job herding cats. On the second try, we passed the American Health Care Act in May. Then McCain’s inscrutable vote against the Senate’s “skinny repeal” killed the reform effort.

McCain’s last-minute decision prompted a “green wave” of liberal special-interest money, which was used to propagate false claims that the House plan “gutted coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.” That line was the Democrats’ most potent attack in the midterms.

It was endlessly repeated by overt partisans in the media . . . because the AHCA didn’t pass, it was impossible to refute the lies about it.

And since the plan had not passed, it was possible to create fear about the prospect that it would.

McCain will go down as one of the great men of our time because he was palatable to Democrats, at least as long as he wasn’t running for president. And Democrats write history.

His conduct under capitivity during the Vietnam War was heroic. But his career as a senator was marked at times by deep concern for . . . John McCain. His support for campaign finance reform, I believe, was an attempt to revive his reputation after the Keating Five scandal. And his vote against Obamacare repeal was pure vengeance against President Trump, who had insulted him. It was petty, and it harmed the country.


Open Thread || Monday, August 27, 2018

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I’d particularly like to hear your thoughts on McCain. I may do an op-ed in another publication on why conservatives did not like McCain – shocking to the MSM! While I’ve seen a lot of interesting takes on McCain in the comment section of the piece below this one, any others you might want to leave in this thread that could help inform the piece – if I do it – would be appreciated.


Trump Tweets Sympathies to McCain’s Family But Says Nothing Positive About McCain

President Trump Saturday tweeted his sympathy to the family of Sen. John McCain, who died Saturday at the age of 81, but left out any praise for the late senator himself.

McCain and Trump had long had a contentious relationship. Trump during the campaign questioned McCain’s heroism, and McCain cast the vote that sunk Trump-backed legislation to partially repeal Obamacare. McCain also withdrew his support for Trump late in the 2016 campaign.

McCain No Longer Seeking Medical Treatment

Sen. John McCain has chosen to discontinue medical treatment, according to a statement released by his family.

The family said:

Last summer, Senator John McCain shared with Americans the news our family already knew: he had been diagnosed with an aggressive glioblastoma, and the prognosis was serious. In the year since, John has surpassed expectations for his survival. But the progress of disease and the inexorable advance of age render their verdict. With his usual strength of will, he has now chosen to discontinue medical treatment.

McCain Undercuts President With Direct Tweet to U.S. Allies

Sen. John McCain Sunday undercut President Trump with a tweet aimed at allies who are sore that Trump refused to sign the G-7 joint statement

Trump, in fact, is doing exactly the kind of thing he was elected to do.

But McCain knows something about public opinion. It’s what kept him out of the White House and put Trump in it.

Trump Continues to Go After McCain

President Trump is continuing to assail Sen. John McCain, noting for at least the second time in recent days that McCain’s vote sank the Obamacare repeal effort in Congress.

McCain betrayed Republican voters by not supporting the cause of Obamacare repeal, the exact thing that put Republicans in power and gave him his committee chairmanship. And I believe he did it out of personal animus toward Trump. With McCain, a lot of stuff is personal, even though in death he will be contrasted with Trump as a man of great principle and what the Republican party “should” be compared to Trump.

Of course, those doing the comparisons will be completely unaware of the contempt many conservatives have for McCain, despite his heroism many years ago, for positions he has taken on things like immigration, campaign finance reform, and Obamacare.

“John McCain is leading the fight to stop Obamacare,” a 2016 ad for his reelection campaign proclaimed.

Here is his leadership in action.

Maybe Trump is furious that McCain disinvited him to his funeral. Whatever, the man is close to his deathbed. And he did serve years ago while Trump did not. I often wonder how many people who could have been leaders of our country went to Vietnam, served, and died while others stayed home. Although I have also had veterans of the war tell me they don’t blame people for “staying out of all that shit.”

Either way, it’s time for Trump to leave McCain alone. He’s dying. It’s enough.

Video || Bill Clinton Claims He Ended the Vietnam War

Now that’s a pretty good day at the office for a draft dodger.

Bill Clinton was asked by some reporter how he felt about a White House aide saying John McCain’s vote on President Trump’s CIA nominee didn’t matter because McCain is dying.

You can see he didn’t intend to answer any questions, but when he hears this one he gets that little look in his eye and turns around. Too juicy a steak not to bite into it.

But this being Bill Clinton, he can’t say something about someone else without saying something about himself, and in this case trying to pump up his presidency which will, as he knows, be forgotten except for one thing. So he claimed credit for ending the Vietnam War. You know, whatever.

Clinton said:

If it hadn’t been for John McCain, I don’t think I could have had the ability to effectively end the Vietnam War, reconcile the Vietnam, get a full accounting for all the missing in action, and many other things. And they’re now our best ally in Southeast Asia.

Thank you, John McCain, for your service to your country, and your service to Bill Clinton.

Unfortunately, it was the North Vietnamese who ended the Vietnam War, on their terms.

No, Kelly Sadler Should Not Resign for Joking About McCain Dying

A White House staffer, Kelly Sadler, reportedly made a bad joke during a private meeting, something about how John McCain will soon be dead so it doesn’t matter how he votes on President Trump’s CIA nominee, Gina Haspel.

Someone went running to the press and word got out. Sadler reportedly did the right thing and called Meghan McCain, the senator’s daughter, to apologize. The call apparently did not go well and Miss McCain is calling for Sadler’s head.

That’s ridiculous, and I hope the White House stands its ground on this one. Meghan McCain has a right to be ungracious, she’s suffering, although it would have been more impressive if she just accepted the apology.

But you don’t ruin someone’s career – and if she’s good at what she does, harm the country – over a dumb joke made during one of their 16-hour days at the White House. Not any more than John McCain should have had his career ruined for continuing to casually and apparently regularly use the racist term “gooks” to describe the North Vietnamese 30 years after they tortured him.

This country needs to lighten up about language and offense. The over-sensitivity we see if a function of how trivial our daily lives have become, how there is so little meaning that we need insult to find something to be passionate about.

And worse, of course, it’s a part of the political correctness that is suppressing speech and enforcing left-wing thought on the nation. It’s exactly what President Trump was elected to combat, the one silver lining of his own rude behavior.

So far, so good. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders today declined to get into it with reporters over the remarks. Good show. Stick with it.

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