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Kerry Breaks His Leg

Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg riding a bike in France and immediately canceled the rest of his European trip. Now, with Kerry on painkillers, we’ll get an even worse deal with Iran. Oh, yeah, nukes for you in eight years, that sounds fine. I love you guys. From the Associated Press. U.S.… Continue Reading

WSJ: Mideast on Cusp of Nuclear Arms Race

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are trying to fool the world into thinking that the Iran deal they are bound to soon complete will prevent the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons. But Iran’s neighbors, who are most threatened by the arrangement, know better. And according to the Wall Street Journal, they now see… Continue Reading

Kerry Sucks Up with Condolences for Iran’s Now Motherless Leader

A sad thing happened to the leader of a brutal dictatorship that has vowed to destroy Israel – ostensibly our ally – and that is responsible for the deaths of many American servicemen and women and is also trying to undermine the United States throughout the Middle East. His mother died. Aww. Secretary of State Kerry snapped straight into appeasement mode,… Continue Reading

How Can We Trust Obama on Iran When He Was So Wrong About Syria?

Just a few years ago, President Obama said the time for talking was done, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must go. The future of Syria must be determined by its people, but President Bashar al-Assad is standing in their way. His calls for dialogue and reform have rung hollow while he is imprisoning, torturing, and… Continue Reading

Corker Shuts Down Kerry Filibuster

The Republican open letter to the Ayotallahs has allowed the White House to change the subject away from possible new sanctions and the irresponsible deal President Obama is about to strike. Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker today mercifully cut short Kerry’s staged contribution to the “outrage.” Continue Reading

Kerry Gives France a Hug. And a Kiss!

Take a look. I’m pretty sure he dropped a little smooch on French President Francois Hollande today during his make-up tour of Paris, necessitated by the failure of the United States to send anybody meaningful to the march Sunday for freedom of speech. Yeah, Kerry laid it on thick, but that wasn’t the worst of… Continue Reading

Kerry: We are Not at War With ISIS

Out-Orwelling Orwell, Secretary of State John Kerry today said we are not at war with ISIS, merely engaged in “a major counterterrorism operation.” Well. That’s a bit like calling a bank robbery “a very aggressive withdrawal of funds.” We are dropping tons of bombs on their heads, aren’t we? And we’ve got more than a… Continue Reading