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Trump to Kerry: “You Are Hurting Our Country”

So what’s new?

John Kerry was a disastrous secretary of state who gave us the ruinous Iran deal, did nothing about North Korea, and now is interfering with President Trump’s foreign policy by illegally conducting his own.

Kerry has been meeting with foreign leaders, including the Iranians, in an attempt to save his precious, painstakingly negotiated handiwork.

Trump tweeted Tuesday morning:

As usual, Trump has homed right in on his enemy’s weakness. Kerry no doubt can’t get over the fact that he never became president. So he had to do “big things” as secretary of state. He tried to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and when that failed, he struck a grand bargain with the ayatollahs that essentially just delays recognition of their nuclear program.

I think Trump should confront Iran, but I think he should wait until he has settled things with North Korea, as I wrote here. But John Kerry needs to spend more time sail surfing and less time adding to the damage he has done to this country.

I mean, the guy can’t even figure out whether to give a hug or a handshake.

Netanyahu to Kerry: Don’t Blame Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ripped Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on Israeli-Palestinian relations Wednesday, criticizing the nation’s top diplomat for blaming Israel for the region’s problems, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Like the resolution that John Kerry advanced at the UN (Security Council), John Kerry gave a skewed speech against Israel. For over an hour, Kerry dealt obsessively with the settlements and almost didn’t touch on the root of the conflict — the Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office read.

Kerry Admits Collusion on UN Resolution

Secretary of State John Kerry suggested Wednesday that the United States had at least indirect input into the United Nations resolution condemning Jewish settlements, pushing for it to be crafted in a way that would not cause the United States to reject it.

“We made clear to others, including those on the Security Council, that it was possible that if the resolution were to be balanced and it were to include references to incitement and to terrorism, that it was possible that the U.S. would then not block it,” Kerry said during an appearance at the State Department.

Israeli officials have accused the Obama administration of playing a role in the resolution.

Read the rest at the Washington Examiner.

Kerry Orders New Investigation of Video

No more dead end.

Secretary of State John Kerry now has decided, instead of stonewalling, to get to the bottom of who deleted a whole portion of a State Department briefing video that included former spokeswoman Jen Psaki implicitly acknowledging that the State Department lies about stuff.

“The Secretary said he wants to dive deeper into this, look more into what happened, and try to get to the bottom of what happened,” said a State Department spokesman, who last week said the investigation had come to “a dead end.”

Here’s a pretty good summary of the whole mess from a few days ago that gives an idea of why Kerry relented.

Kerry Finds a “Rationale” for Charlie Hebdo Attacks

You see, this isn’t a gaffe. This is how they think. Kerry, President Obama – they believe Muslims have a gripe when they complain about free speech, and that these murderers, while not justified in their actions, aren’t necessarily lunatics looking for reasons to kill Westerners and destroy our way of life.

They think we can reason with these people. Which is about as rational as thinking you can reason with Kerry or Obama.

Kerry: No-Vote by Congress Would Kill Iran Deal. Unless . . .

Secretary of State John Kerry Tuesday acknowledged to House members that if they vote down the Iran deal – and override a presidential veto – that the deal would collapse.

According to the Washington Exanminer:

“It’s physically impossible” for the deal to continue because of the bar to waiving U.S. sanctions, Kerry said.

“There’s no way for the deal to work because our lifting of sanctions is critical to the ability of other countries to invest and work and critical obviously for Iran to get any money,” he added.

However, he seemed to hedge when asked if the administration would follow the law:

Earlier, Kerry was asked by Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., if he would obey the will of Congress if a disapproval resolution was enacted.

His response: “I can’t begin to answer that at this point without consulting with the president.”

Well, you should at least be able to begin answering whether you would follow the law . . .

Or not. Because that’s the way they roll at 1600 Pa. and environs.

Kerry: Attacking Iran Would Allow it to Justify Pursuit of Nukes

Secretary of State John Kerry this morning dived straight into the land of Catch-22, claiming that an Israeli attack on Iran would give the Iranians cause to justify their pursuit of nuclear weapons in the first place.

“Iran would then have a reason to say, ‘Well, this is why we need a bomb,'” Kerry told Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

Which of course begs the question: Is Kerry senile?

So if someone lunges at you with a knife, and you break their nose, then they can say, “Well, now you know why I was lunging at you with a knife.”

John Kerry
Let me explain

Israel, according to Kerry, should not defend itself because doing so would justify the creation of weapons that are meant to destroy it. Israel should worry about the cogency of Iranian arguments before the rest of the world instead of doing what it thinks it has to in order to prevent a nuclear bomb from dropping on Tel Aviv in 10-15 years, according to Kerry.

Kerry went on to indicate clearly that military force by the United States was never, EVER, a serious option, saying that an attack on the Iranians would cause them to bury their program to such an extent that the United States couldn’t touch them, short of acting to “annihilate” Iran, which he said no one would do.

What Iran will decided to do is dig deeper, because Israel does not have the ability – nor do we – to stop (them), unless we went to all-our war and literally annihilate Iran, which I don’t hear people talking about.

These people will literally say anything to get their deal with Iran. I say the UN Security Council pass a resolution requiring the Norwegians to wait 15 years before giving Kerry his Nobel Peace Prize.

Kerry Claims the Goal Wasn’t to End Iran’s Nuclear Program

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Kerry to Rise from the Bed

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Kerry Tweets Out Photo of Himself in Hospital

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