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Texas Sen. John Cornyn Demands Holder’s Resignation

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, a member of the Senate Republican leadership, today told Attorney General Eric Holder he should resign.

“You leave me no alternative but to join those that call upon you to resign your office,” Cornyn said during a hearing on Capitol Hill. “The American people deserve better, they deserve an attorney general who is accountable and independent, they deserve and attorney general who puts justice before politics, and it’s my sincere hope that President Obama will replace you with someone who is up to that challenge.”

Before calling on Holder to resign, Cornyn, who runs the National Republican Senatorial Committee – in charge of electing Republicans to the Senate – delivered a full rap sheet of the Republican complaints against Holder. It’s pretty riveting.

Holder replied, “I don’t have any intention of resigning.”

Here’s some earlier questioning of Holder by Cornyn that I thought might interest you.