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Joe Walsh to Challenge President Trump

Incredible. I had no idea he harbored political ambitions.

I mean, Trump’s at like 90 percent in polls among Republicans. Seems like Joe is living a life of illusion.

Oh wait, it’s a different guy? The former Republican congressman from Illinois, now a radio host? The one who apologized for his role in electing an “unfit con man” to the presidency?”

Well, that guy is probably living a life of illusion as well.

I guess he did get conned, poor fellow. He’s what he was saying in October 2016.

I dunno much about the guy. Maybe he’s a phony, maybe not.

I don’t think any of these Trump challengers who have popped up have a snowball’s chance in Houston.

But you never know. Remember, one of the reasons Bill Clinton became president was because he was one of the few who wanted to challenge George H.W. Bush, who had recently won the first Iraq War and was guaranteed to win reelection.