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Outrageous: Biden Suggests Women Alleging Sexual Assault Must be Presumed Correct

Joe Biden Monday said women who get into the “glaring lights of focus, nationally” and accuse men of sexual misconduct should be assumed to be basically telling the truth.

Liberals accuse President Trump of discarding social norms. But they are happy to eradicate the foundations of our society – starting with the Constitution – for their own peculiar agendas. In this case, we’re discarding the assumption of innocence on the part of the accused. As bad as sexual assault is, assuming the accused to be guilty is nothing short of mob justice.

Biden, a former chairman of the Judiciary Committee, of all things, spoke at a reception in Washington:

For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real, whether or not she forgets facts, whether or not it’s been made worse or better over time. But nobody fails to understand that this is like jumping into a cauldron.

Certainly, any woman who reluctantly tells a true story about being assaulting and submits herself to public scrutiny on the matter is incredibly brave. But our whole system of justice is predicated on the notion that we don’t know if the accusation is true without proof. And as a legal matter, this doesn’t stand if the culture also doesn’t reflect it. That is, it’s not just something that has to be assumed by the courts, but by the public in matters not being tried. Otherwise: Mob rule.

Joe Biden is even more dangerous than many to his left because he shares most of their views and yet, he is taken seriously. Watch if he ever becomes president for him to serve his agenda with abuse of power far greater than anything Trump has attempted.

Also, he may eventually regret what he just said.

Biden Begins Presidential Test Run

Here’s the problem for Democrats with running Joe Biden, which they likely won’t, because he’s too conservative. It’s a brave new world when Joe Biden is too conservative for Democrats, but there you go.

Anyway, the problem is that President Trump’s major weakness is that he acts like a crazy person. That is, a certain number of moderates and even Republicans can’t stand him because of his Tweets, odd pronouncements and so forth. Notwithstanding, of course, that he’s building a record as president that is quite compelling.

Biden doesn’t stack up well against Trump because he’s also a crazy person. Just, without the successful record as president to run on.

According to Politico:

Pittsburgh — Cue the jokes: Joe Biden is running. In fact, he spent much of Labor Day sprinting, more than a mile in total, doing intervals through the streets of one of America’s biggest union towns.

Biden was for the city’s Labor Day parade three years ago, the one and only campaign event of his almost-but-never-launched 2016 presidential campaign. A year later, he was back with Tim Kaine, trying to transfer his connection with these voters to the Democratic ticket.

Monday’s parade kicked off what will be an intense, nine-week stretch of campaigning for Democratic candidates in the midterms, but also an extended gut check of whether the country has an appetite for another Biden run—and for him to decide if he has the appetite to make one.

But here, in a part of the country that helped tip the 2016 election to Donald Trump but has since delivered Democrats their only House special election win, this is what a potential 2020 bid would look like: classic retail campaigning in parts of the country where Democrats have atrophied and which Hillary Clinton wrote off. When he was finished marching, Biden huddled with union head United Steelworkers president Leo Girard. There was even a videographer on the payroll catching every interaction, and a young man from the Republican attack group America Rising following along with his own camera, mumbling questions and then remarking with staged wonder into the camera that Biden wouldn’t answer them.

He ate ice cream, kissed foreheads, and repeated the same stories about his father and grandfather’s working class roots. He talked about unity, decency and reasserting what he thinks America is: Don’t just keep the faith, he told them, spread it.

I never respected Biden after his treatment of Paul Ryan during the 2012 vice presidential debate. All that staged laughing. It was both condescending and fake.

I don’t know how one could be scared by Trump and not be doubly fearful of Biden. The former vice president – thank God for Obama’s health in office, little as I liked him – is both weird and inane. Trump is an odd duck, but he is also someone who earned billions of dollars and ran huge companies. He’s not a silly man. Biden is a silly man.

Trump: I “Dream” of Running Against Biden

President Trump said in an interview with CBS broadcast Thursday that Joe Biden would be his “dream” opponent for his 2020 reelection race.

From the interview:

Well, I dream, I dream about Biden. That’s a dream. Look, Joe Biden ran three times. He never got more than 1 percent and President Obama took him out of the garbage heap, and everybody was shocked that he did. I’d love to have it be Biden. I think I’d like to have any one of those people that we’re talking about…You know, there’s probably – the group of seven or eight right now. I’d really like to – I’d like to run against any one of them, but Biden never by himself could never do anything. President Obama took him, made him vice president and he was fine. But you go back and look at how he succeeded in running, when he ran two or three times, I don’t think he ever break — broke one. He was at the one or less level, 1 percent or less level.

Well, he’s right. Joe Biden has never been able to get any votes for himself outside of Delaware, and his presidential campaigns have, sooner or later, gone down in flames. Left to his own devices, he says so many outlandish things he’d make Trump seem like a Vulcan.

One thing I love here is listening to the leftie Gayle King get her shots in at Trump. You can’t see it in the video above, but she said on the CBS This Morning show:

It’s just so personal and nasty. Do you have to use words like, “Took him out of the trash heap?” That’s what’s so condescending and so hurtful and so painful for people to hear. Its just very undignified language.

Okay, she’s right except, hurtful? Did Biden’s feeling get hurt? Maybe she means the people who love Biden. Aww. Were people’s feelings hurt when Biden said Republicans wanted to put black people back “in chains?” Did Gayle King complain about that?

And just think, in two years, Biden will two years older and be even kookier.

Why do I always feel like journalists are pretending they just heard Trump for the first time. This is how he talks. It’s not great, but it does reflect the directness and honesty about issues and situations that also makes Trump appealing. But if journalists want to attack him, they can always say for the thousandth time that the guy is politically incorrect and very rude.

Video || Biden Tells Al Sharpton Republicans Don’t Want Blacks to Vote

Well, say one thing about the race-baiting Biden, he knows how to please his audience, professional race-baiter Al Sharpton.

And people say Trump comes up with irresponsible comments. Here’s a former vice president getting ready to turn the 2020 campaign into a race war.

Remember this golden oldie, “y’all”?

Trump and Biden Threatening to Beat Each Other Up

Now that would be worth the price of admission. A very high price of admission.

This morning, Trump tweeted this:

Because Biden had said this Tuesday in remarks at the University of Miami:

When a guy who ended up becoming our national leader said, ‘I can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it’ and then said, ‘I made a mistake.’ They asked me would I like to debate this gentleman, and I said no. I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.’ . . . I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms my whole life. I’m a pretty damn good athlete. Any guy that talked that way was usually the fattest, ugliest S.O.B. in the room.”

Well, Biden needs to watch what he says, as you can clearly see below.

Well, wait a second.

Democratic Primaries Begin: Castro Calls for “New Generation of Leadership”

Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has demonstrated in the last couple of days that he has all the cliches needed to run for president, saying that he is “going to listen” to average “folks” to take “the temperature” out there on whether he should run, and that Democrats want “a new generation of leadership.

“I believe that in 2020, the American people are going to be looking for a new generation of leadership,” he said in discussing the potential candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, who he obviously means represent the last generation of leadership – or even the one before it. Castro is 43, a few decades younger than Sanders and Biden.

Sanders and Biden are from the Pepsi Generation.

Actually, they’re a litte older than the Pepsi generation.

Despite all the coyness, Castro tipped his hand, perhaps more than he intended, saying he has “every interest” in running in 2020.

Geriatric Squad Off to Big Lead in Early 2020 Democrat Poll

Bernie Sanders leads the pack of potential Democratic 2020 candidates with 28 percent of the vote, followed by Joe Biden with 17 percent and Elizabeth Warren at 12 percent, according to a new poll by Zogby.

Between the three of them, they have 57 percent of the vote. Their average age on Inauguration Day 2021 would be nearly 76 years old. Okay, Trump’s no spring chicken either, he’d be 74. But so much for the Democrats injecting new blood into their leadership, at least for now.

Of course, the poll shows several potentially attractive – to leftists anyway – but unproven younger contenders, including Kamala Harris and Mark Zuckerberg, and well as veteran pol Andrew Cuomo. But I’d say overall, these are leftist candidates out of step with most of America whom Trump can beat in the same way he sunk Hillary Clinton.

Sasse: Biden Would Have Beaten Trump in a Landslide

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., you may remember, was vociferously anti-Trump. I disagree with this though. People who were uncomfortable with Trump would have felt better about voting for him if the alternative was the screwball Biden.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump would not have a had a chance at winning the election if former Vice President Joe Biden had entered the race for the White House, Republican Ben Sasse said.

“If Joe Biden would have run against Donald Trump, Biden would have won in a landslide,” the Nebraska senator told New York Times Magazine.

Sasse said he would “argue pretty vociferously” that Trump mainly won because he was running against Hillary Clinton.

Biden Forced to Declare Trump the Winner

This must have hurt. Good, considering all the invective Biden has hurled at Republicans over the years. From the Washington Examiner: Vice President Joe Biden on Friday shut down Democratic challenges to the congressional certification of the Electoral College vote, declaring Donald Trump the next president in the final official declaration by the U.S. government.… Continue Reading

Biden Expects Gitmo to Close by the End of Obama’s Presidency

Vice President Biden said Thursday it is his “hope and expectation” that the U.S. Guantanamo Bay prison facility in Cuba will close before President Obama leaves office. Biden spoke during a press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven in Stockholm. President Obama appears to be relentlessly determined, no matter the cost to national security,… Continue Reading