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Trump to Pump Life Back Into “Buy American” Initiatives

From the Wall Street Journal: President Donald Trump will sign an executive order in Wisconsin on Tuesday directing a government-wide review aimed at putting new teeth back into decades-old “Buy American” and “Hire American” directives. The 220-day review process, which could lead to additional executive orders and possibly legislation, will focus on preventing foreign workers… Continue Reading

Trump’s First Month Brings 235,000 New Jobs

Job creation remains on a tear this year, with 235,000 jobs created in February on top of 238,000 that were lodged in January, the Labor Department announced Friday. The unemployment rate dropped to 4.7 percent. Is this due to President Trump? Who can say for sure. But with the constant stream of signals from the… Continue Reading

White House: Damn the Jobs. Full Speed Ahead!

Jobs Schmobs was the message Wednesday from a White House that clearly has little idea or concern about how its new proposal to expand the availability of overtime pay will impact the workforce. The new overtime pay regulations could affect as many as 10 million workers and cost businesses billions of dollars. It’s not clear… Continue Reading

Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs

Well, if President Obama was considering not going to Brazil in order to help conduct the war against Libya from Washington, he’s boxed himself in, because in an op-ed piece today for USA Today, he’s proclaimed he’s on a mission to make jobs. And if he doesn’t go to Brazil – and then Chile and… Continue Reading

Economy Sheds Jobs, Again

The overall economy lost 95,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department reported, while the private sector gained 64,000, a sluggish pace that is slower than expected. Obama, who speaks on the jobs report this afternoon, will note the private sector increase and say that we are “headed in the right direction” while acknowledging things need… Continue Reading