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CNN’s Jim Acosta: America is a “Vicious, Nasty Country”

From the Washington Examiner:

Bemoaning Trump’s description of the media as the “enemy of the people” — the title of his new book — Acosta jabbed at the president and said, “I throw my beer cans at the TV screen,” when Trump appears.

“Do you remember, Bill, when we use to say ‘I’d like to leave this country better off to our kids and our grandkids?” Acosta said to veteran liberal journalist Bill Press. “Does anybody say that anymore?” He said the lives of Americans had degenerated into “viciousness,” adding: “We’ve become a vicious, nasty country.”

To what low has journalism sunk when a network, CNN, allows someone to cover a president he admits to personally hating?

Jim Acosta’s New Book is Bombing

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s relentless self-promotion show has hit a snag, with his latest production bombing at the box office.

That is, his book, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America,” isn’t selling. Just one week after being released, it has already sunk to #488 on Amazon as of Tuesday afternoon, well short of a best-seller. That’s an incredibly low number given the unusual platform he has – CNN – to sell the book.

Even the cover is kind of crappy.

Acosta, who pretends to be an objective journalist, wrote this kind of book, according to the description on Amazon:

Acosta presents a damning examination of bureaucratic dysfunction, deception, and the unprecedented threat the rhetoric Mr. Trump is directing has on our democracy. When the leader of the free world incites hate and violence, Acosta doesn’t back down, and he urges his fellow citizens to do the same.

Just the facts, ma’am.

While Acosta’s book sinks, so does another anti-Trump screed, the latest by Michael Wolff, “Trump Under Fire.” His book is at #408 after two weeks, nowhere near the success of his previous effort, the massive blockbuster “Fire and Fury.”

But don’t worry about these two. I’m sure they banked hefty advances. It’s their publishers who will have to pay the bill.

By contrast, “The Case for Trump” by Victor Davis Hanson sits at Amazon #1,093 – behind the other two, but it was published three and a half months ago. It’s a best-seller, even though Hanson lacks the name recognition of Wolff or Acosta, at least among non-conservatives.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Whines He Didn’t Get Called On by Trump in Vietnam

Aww. CNN opinion journalist Jim Acosta failed to get called on in Vietnam during President Trump’s press conference and tried to make it an issue of freedom of the press, suggesting Trump was busy calling on foreign journalists instead.

Meantime, more responsible journalists from U.S. outlets did get called on by Trump.

Video || Trump Mocks Acosta for Border Flub: “I Appreciate Your Salesmanship”

Acosta Thursday, covering a trip to the Rio Grande with President Trump, accidentally promoted Trump’s border wall idea while attempting to show the lack of a crisis by noting there were no people trying to cross the border — as he stood next to a wall.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Accidentally Proves Trump’s Point About the Wall

Hmm. I think the news here is that Jim Acosta may not be very smart.

Judge Orders White House to Restore Acosta’s Pass for Now, but He Could Lose it Again Soon

According to the Associated Press:

A federal judge in Washington is ordering the Trump administration to immediately return the White House press credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Kelly announced his decision Friday morning.

CNN had asked that Acosta’s credentials be returned while a lawsuit over their revocation goes forward.

So I suppose now he can go to press conferences and stand up for 45 minutes asking questions. In fact, Acosta can decide he’ll take questions from the press too. Maybe he can attend briefings in his Halloween costume.

The judge was appointed by President Trump.

However, one thing is very important to note here. The White House, if it’s going to make a fight about this, could very easily revoke the pass again and it might stay revoked until the case is decided.

According to CNN itself:

Kelly made his ruling on the basis of CNN and Acosta’s Fifth Amendment claims, saying the White House did not provide Acosta with the due process required to legally revoke his press pass.

He left open the possibility, however, that the White House could seek to revoke it again if it provided that due process, emphasizing the “very limited” nature of his ruling and saying he was not making a judgment on the First Amendment claims that CNN and Acosta have made.

So it’s a technicality, essentially. As long as the White House takes it away again using proper procedures, it can do so. The judge is not saying that Acosta has a first amendment “freedom of the press” or “freedom of speech” right to be in the White House while the case is being decided.

Which makes sense to me. CNN has other reporters who can cover the place, and Acosta can continue to report from off campus, even though that’s not as good as reporting from the White House. But if the White House is making the case the Acosta has abused his privileges there, then it seems reasonable that he be kept off the property while the case is decided.

Again, my position is that Acosta should be offered a second chance and given his pass back if he promises to obey White House protocols. Freedom of the press suggests that any White House reporter should be permitted to enter the premises. But it stands to reason that such freedom does not allow you to do whatever the hell you like once your there.

Here’s Acosta’s reaction.

Bob Woodward Opposes CNN Lawsuit, Saying It Helps Trump

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Video || Trump: Other Press Passes Could be Pulled

President Trump Friday said other reporters’ press passes could be taken away and said he has not made a decision on whether CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s pass would be permanently pulled. “I haven’t made that decision [on Acosta] but it could be others also,” Trump said. Trump spoke to reporters on the South Lawn Friday… Continue Reading

Video || Sarah Sanders Refuses Jim Acosta’s Demand to Say Press Not Enemy of the People

As she suggests, she can’t say otherwise because she speaks for the president, and the president has said the press IS the enemy of the people. As I’ve noted, I do not think President Trump should be calling the press the enemy of the people, whatever its faults. But CNN’s Acosta ironically reveals in his… Continue Reading