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Rev. Wright: Tea Party a 2.0 Upgrade of a Lynch Party

Here’s what the Rev. Jeremiah Wright said on Martin Luther King Day in Delaware, best as I can make it out:

With one branch of the Tea Party being nothing but a 2.0 upgrade of a lynch party, we got some unfinished business on the agenda!

First of all, it’s we have some unfinished business. Unless someone sent him some unfinished business. In that case, yes, he got some unfinished business. So maybe this is my mistake.

I mean, really. This is what our president and first lady listened to on Sundays for years. This man presumably influenced their thinking.

Holy nightmare Batman!

H/T to Gateway Pundit.

When Does the Investigation Begin?

A close friend of the President George W. Bush is accused by another close friend – the president’s longtime preacher in Texas, as a matter of fact – of offering a bribe of $150,000 to go away and be quiet.

The press goes crazy, right? The preacher is peppered with questions, hounded at his home in Houston until he is finally forced make a statement, saying . . .

Except, of course, the president is Barack Obama, the accused is Obama pal Eric Whitaker, and the preacher lives in Chicago and goes by the name Jeremiah Wright.

And so there’s nothing.

The allegation is contained in The Amateur, a new book by conservative journalist Ed Klein. While Klein may or may not be reliable – some conservatives have distanced themselves from him – it appears Wright did make the allegation.

The only mainstream White House reporter to do some follow through on this, Jake Tapper of ABC, reported that he listened to one of Klein’s tapes of his conversations with Wright in which the reverend didn’t deny suggestions that it was Whitaker who bribed him.

Whitaker denies he did it which, guilty or innocent, is what you’d expect. Wright refuses to answer questions from Tapper, which is not quite what you’d expect.

And no one in the press is doing much investigating that we know of – which is exactly what we’d expect.

Senate Democrats Accuse GOP of Racism

Senate Democrats are accusing Republicans of racism, saying a proposed plan by an outside Super Pac to tie President Obama to Rev. Jeremiah Wright amounted to “race-baiting” and “coded racism” for which Republicans are responsible.

The outside group’s proposed campaign, described Thursday in the New York Times, called for linking Obama to incendiary comments by Wright, a black preacher who was Obama’s Chicago church leader and who married the Obamas. The PAC said after the story appeared that it would not be running the campaign.

In an email sent Friday afternoon, Guy Cecil, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Executive – the Senate Democrats’ political arm – made the charges of racism and invited recipients to sign a “petition” objecting to the plan

Here is the text of the email:


Yesterday, The New York Times exposed a massive Republican campaign full of race-baiting, fear-mongering, and outright lying against President Obama.

It’s disgusting, vile and a few other words I can’t print. I’m itching to fight back, hard.

Republicans have to learn that coded racism is out of bounds. Stand with us to show they can’t get away with it.

Tell the Republicans to stop – and take a stand against despicable race-baiting. Click here to add your name.

Republicans think they can cower us into submission and that we won’t fight back.

I know you’ll never back down. Stand with President Obama right away.

Guy Cecil

The email suggests that Democrats will throw charges of racism at any effort to bring Wright’s name into the campaign. Wright has made many inflammatory comments, including suggestions that the United States deserved to be attacked on 9/11. Democrats were greatly concerned in 2008 that Obama’s ties to Wright could derail his campaign.

Dennis Ross, Israel’s Lonely Friend in the White House

Just wanted to make sure you saw this story by Helene Cooper of the New York Times today, a great piece of reporting that shows essentially one man in the White House standing with Israel. Helene is not shy about pointing out Obama’s tilt toward the Palestinians, unusual in the mainstream media.

One hopeful sign is that George Mitchell is described here as in the Palestinian camp, and of course he felt he had to resign.

But just imagine the pressure that will be put on Israel if Obama wins reelection and no longer has to worry about Jewish votes or Jewish money.

Jeremiah Wright for chief Mideast negotiator?