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Former Top Clinton Aide Won’t Clarify Whether Government Should Confiscate Guns

Jennifer Palmieri has been a senior aide to both Clintons, stretching back to her days as an aide in Bill Clintons West Wing and continuing as communications director for Hillary’s 2016 campaign. She also served as White House communications director for Barack Obama.

She was asked a simple question by Tucker Carlson: Should the government ever confiscate the guns of law-abiding citizens? She refused to answer, claimed she was being set up and offered up to Carlson a different question she’d rather answer.

At first she did seem to say guns shouldn’t be taken away, but she caveated the statement and then backed away from it, refusing to answer clearly.

And liberals say conservatives are being paranoid when they say the end goal of many anti-gun rights advocates is to take away peoples’ weapons.

We’d better cling tightly to these things . . .

H/T Washington Free Beacon.