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Ed Klein: Clintons Knew About Weinstein; Hardly Spend Time Together

Of course they knew all about Weinstein. I’m increasingly convinced that everyone did, it was both an inside joke and one expressed openly several times. But they, like the Obamas, wanted his money and they wanted Hollywood on their side.

“The Clintons were very close, as you know, to Harvey Weinstein. He gave her tons and tons of money. Bill Clinton hung out with Harvey in Hollywood, with all the girls, and so forth. They knew about this . . . it certainly wasn’t a secret to the Clintons,” said Klein, who has a new book coming out, “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump,” which is published by my publisher, Regnery.

Even liberal CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin described the relationship the Obamas and the Clintons had with Weinstein as “a dark mark on their record.” Not that much darkness can be added to the Clintons’ record.

“I don’t think we can give the Clintons and the Obamas a pass here,” Toobin said on Anderson Cooper 360. Toobin noted that Weinstein’s behavior was widely known. “The Obamas and the Clintons embraced him, did fundraisers with him, paid tribute to him. I think it’s a dark mark on their record.”