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Sanders: If Trump were Anyone Else, Media Would Trumpet his Success

Well, unless he was Ronald Reagan. But the point is well taken.

Sanders said today of Trump:

If he was anybody else, the media would be going on and on trumpeting his successes. We have the best economy we’ve had in decades. People are back at work. Things are going well for America, and we have a  president that is putting our country first. And I think that is something that should be celebrated, not mocked, not laughed at, and certainly not attacked every second of every day.

Sanders is in the video below. The video also notes that ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news coverage of Trump this year was 90 percent unfavorable. How does that not merit pushback from the White House? The media themselves have discredited their profession by being so biased. I’m not comfortable with the White House attacking the press, but what the media won’t tell you is that Obama did the same, only behind the scenes instead of in front of it.

Below is video of Sen. Jeff Flake bashing Trump for bashing the media and likening Trump’s commentary to that of Josef Stalin and comparing Nikita Khruschev favorably to Trump.

A president attacking the press is lamentable, but it has nothing to do with Josef Stalin, which shows a failure to understand Stalin. The media have been irresponsible and have brought this on themselves. But all they will do is attack Trump, and backed by people like Flake – who can’t even get the GOP nomination is his own state and has decided to stand down – will tell themsleves they are wonderful and nothing is wrong with how they operate.

Mainstream Media Gushes Over Jeff Flake

I love it. Sen. Jeff Flake, a friendly-style conservative Republican from Arizona, would be the bogeyman wrapped up in a nice guy Halloween costume for the media under normal circumstances. You know, he wants to hurt poor people, take away everyone’s health care, dispatch women to back alley abortions, the whole thing.

Except, of course, if he opposes President Trump. Then he’s a “principled” man.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

Flake Won’t Rule Out President Run

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake’s emotional remarks on the Senate floor Tuesday condemning President Trump may also have been the kickoff to the Flake 2020 presidential campaign.

According to the New York Post:

“I won’t go there. That’s a long time away,” the Arizona senator told CNN, when asked if he or another Republican should oppose Trump in the next election. “It’s early. Time will take care of itself.”

In his remarks, Flake quoted Lincoln, referenced Madison, and cast himself as crusading to save the union from Trump. Sounds like someone who might be giving speeches in Iowa pretty soon.

Here is some video of Republicans and a couple of Democrats reacting to Flake’s retirement. As the Establishment closes ranks, only Rep. Mark Meadows, R-S.C., co-chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, notes the problems in Washington that caused the populist uprising that ended Flake’s Senate career.

Bannon Claims Another Scalp as Jeff Flake Decides Not to Seek Reelection

Under threat of an arduous primary challenge backed by Steve Bannon, Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., announced Tuesday he will not seek reelection.

Flake’s decision to retire follows that of Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., who stood down as polls showed him below 50 percent with Republican voters in his state. Bannon was recruiting a primary challenger to run against Corker.

The former chief Trump White House strategist now has helped pressure two establishment Republican senators to step aside and make room for candidates more favorable to Trump. Corker and Flake are perhaps Trump’s harshest critics among Republicans in the Senate.

Flake, like Corker, had been struggling in the polls. According to the Arizona Republic, Flake acknowledged that political concerns were driving his decision:

He told The Arizona Republic ahead of his announcement that he has become convinced “there may not be a place for a Republican like me in the current Republican climate or the current Republican Party.”

Flake said he has not “soured on the Senate” and loves the institution, but that as a traditional, libertarian-leaning conservative Republican he is out of step with today’s Trump-dominated GOP.

“This spell will pass, but not by next year,” Flake said.

During an emotional speech on the Senate floor, Flake assailed Trump. “I rise today to say, ‘enough.’ We must dedicate ourselves to making sure that the anomalous never becomes the normal.”

Flake’s decision comes just one week after Bannon hosted a fundraiser for Flake challenger Kelli Ward.