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Pelosi Walks Out of Press Conference When Questions Turn to Impeachment

She doesn’t want to impeach President Trump. She knows it’s only going to unite Republicans and get Trump’s base out to the polls in droves.

Nancy Pelosi is not a genius, but she’s a pretty smart politician.

According to the Washington Examiner:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shut down press questions about whether the House is conducting a formal impeachment inquiry as some lawmakers claim.

“I’m not answering any more questions about a possible inquiry, investigation, and the rest,” Pelosi tersely told reporters who asked her about the matter at her weekly press conference.

Pelosi’s frustration led her to walk away from the podium, cutting her press conference short after calling for the media to focus on the Senate GOP’s refusal to take up a Democratic proposal to expand background checks for gun purchases.

“Why is it that you are hung up with a word over here when lives are at stake over there?” the California Democrat said, walking out of the room.

Trump to Pelosi: Thanks for Not Impeaching Me, But Who Cares?

President Trump Wednesday said, in effect, that House Speaker Pelosi could go stuff, somewhere, her suggestion that he shouldn’t be impeached.

Right. There’s nothing to impeach him about. And Pelosi would gladly do so anyway if she thought it would make political sense. But Republicans demonstrated with Bill Clinton that impeachment tend to backfire as a political matter.

Republicans Using Impeachment Threat to Stir the GOP Base

Great idea for the GOP.

Complacency and lack of enthusiasm during the midterms of a president’s first term is the bane of the party that owns the White House. What better way to motivate voters than to tell them that what they came out in droves for in 2016 is under threat?

The New York Times reports that the impeachment threat is taking center stage in the Republican effort to avoid a blue “wave.” Of course, the idea is portrayed as lunacy normalized, the way the liberal media love to depict conservative ideas and strategies.

From the piece:

As Republican leaders scramble to stave off a Democratic wave or at least mitigate their party’s losses in November, a strategy is emerging on the right for how to energize conservatives and drive a wedge between the anti-Trump left and moderate voters: warn that Democrats will immediately move to impeach President Trump if they capture the House.

What began last year as blaring political hyperbole on the right — the stuff of bold-lettered direct mail fund-raising pitches from little-known groups warning of a looming American “coup” — is now steadily drifting into the main currents of the 2018 message for Republicans.

The appeals have become a surefire way for candidates to raise small contributions from grass-roots conservatives who are devoted to Mr. Trump, veteran Republican fund-raisers say. But party strategists also believe that floating the possibility of impeachment can also act as a sort of scared-straight motivational tool for turnout. Last week, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas used his re-election kickoff rally to introduce a video featuring a faux news anchor reading would-be headlines were conservatives not to vote in November.

“Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced the impeachment trial of President Trump,” one of the anchors says.

“Blaring political hyperbole on the right”? When are we going to see commentary by mainstream reporters about “blaring political hyperbole on the left”? Never, because that’s what’s known as “moral outrage.”

There’s nothing strange, cynical or manipulative about this, as the piece suggests. Democrats fully intend to impeach President Trump for something if they seize power. Even the few responsible Democrats left understand that they have to please the base, which will demand it.

Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi
The Impeachment Crew

Republicans will see impeachment for what it is, an attempt to reverse the legitimate results of the 2016 election. Funny how concerned Democrats are about Russians undermining democracy when they applaud or fail to object to people like Rep. Maxine Waters, a top Democrat, demanding impeachment before any evidence warranting it is in.

We can, and must, deal with the Russians. But a far bigger threat to democracy is a cultural failure to accept its results, whether its Waters robotically repeating “impeach” or Hillary Clinton running around the country – and the world – suggesting her loss just wasn’t fair.

Democrat Announces He Will Impeach Trump for Christmas

Now that’s not holiday spirit, IMO.

Actually, he said he would do it by Christmas, not for Christmas. Whatever.

Democratic Rep. Al Green of the otherwise Great State of Texas has been threatening to impeach President Trump for months, but now he has put a timeline on it. And apparently, if he wants to, he can force a vote.

He said:

I now announce that before Christmas, there will be a vote on the chief inciter of racism, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, sexism, ethnocentrism. There will be a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on the impeachment of the president . . . And while I have been told that there are political consequences for what I will do, I accept the consequences.

The Democratic leadership thinks it is too soon to act. They want to wait and see if they gain the majority in 2018. Then, most certainly, for political puproses and not for crimes, they will impeach Trump.

Rep. Al Green Moves to Impeach Trump, Then Moves On

Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas Wednesday introduced articles of impeachment against President Trump, saying Trump had “undermined the integrity of his office with impunity and has brought disrepute on the presidency with immunity.”

You see, it even rhymes. Let’s try it another way, in verse.

Donald J. Trump,
president of the United States of America,
has undermined the integrity
of his office with impunity;
and has brought disrepute
on the presidency with immunity.

Okay, so it’s more Dr. Suess than Blake, but whatever. I admire anyone who speaks in rhymes.

Green somehow managed to bring Hitler into it.

The public has been led to believe that a president must commit a crime to be impeached, which is not true. If any president persisted with the lie that “Hitler was right,” he would be, and should be, impeached not for a crime, but for betraying his trust as president.

Green, who has been showboating this issue for months, didn’t take further action, and the impeachment proceedings came to a swift, abrupt and yet timely conclusion.

Below is Al Green in better days, delivering a searing performance of one of my favorite songs, “Take Me to the River,” during an appearance in 1975 on the old TV show “Soul Train.”

Okay, okay, it’s a different Al Green. Actually, this whole article is mostly an excuse to show you this video. Enjoy.

Why Democratic Leaders Don’t Want to Impeach Trump

See, I may disagree with Democratic leaders, but they’re smart, and one thing they get is politics. And they understand that impeaching President Trump is a bad idea for them.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked a couple of weeks ago on CNN about impeachment:

I don’t subscribe to that. If you’re talking about impeachment, you’re talking about, What are the facts? Not, I don’t like him, and I don’t like his hair . . . what are the facts that you would make a case on? What are the rules that he may have violated? If you don’t have that case, you’re just participating in more hearsay.

Of course, there are the lunatics out on the fringe of the Democratic Party — wait, actually, the fringe now is the Democratic Party — but you know what I mean, the usual maniacs who have spent their entire congressional careers ululating about this or that and who have wanted to impeach Trump since he got into office. Like Maxine Waters.

But Democratic leaders don’t agree with dear Auntie Maxine, even at the risk of pissing off their base. And here’s why:

  1. They don’t want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. This is something lunatics have done since the beginning of time. They see a goose, they get all excited, and then they kill it. And then they have no more baby geese. But Democratic leaders understand the value of Trump to their bottom line — and that they are not going to be raising tons of money off of banana bread, plain medium toast, vanilla sugar cookie Mike Pence. He is not what is going to stoke The Resistance and stir the partisans to fork over cash.
  2. They want to run against Trump in 2020. Democrats continue to disbelieve that Donald Trump ever became president. It is not possible, they are certain, that Americans would actually vote for him again. They think he will keep shooting himself in the foot, and that they could run Jerry Seinfeld against him in 2020 and win if they wanted to. They’re wrong — voters elected Trump for reasons Democrats will never understand. But that’s what they think.
  3. Impeachment is a political loser: Democrats could end up losing seats in 2018. Many top Democrats were around when Republicans impeached Bill Clinton in 1998. The GOP fully expected Americans to rise up in disgust and throw Democrats out of office in the 1998 midterms. Then-Speaker Newt Gingrich was thinking Republicans would pick up as many as 30 seats. Instead, they lost five. What Republicans didn’t realize was that Americans already understood Clinton was a corrupt, sex-addicted liar, and they elected him anyway. For whatever reason, they had made their peace with his flaws and decided this was the person they wanted. Americans who elected Trump also get that he shoots his mouth off and can act abruptly. That’s what happened when he fired FBI Director Comey. Nothing will infuriate — and motivate — the Republican base more than the perception Democrats are trying to reverse a legitimate election by evicting from the White House the president they voted into office. And nothing will demotivate the Democratic base more than actually removing him.

And that’s why I doubt you are going to see Trump impeached. Smart Democrats want to wound him and undermine him as much as possible. That is, they want what they think are the golden eggs more than they seek the pleasure of killing the goose.

Would Impeachment Really be so Bad for the GOP?

Let’s talk about impeachment.

I haven’t really brought it up here at White House Dossier because I believe the bar must be set pretty high for dragging the country through the wrenching spectacle of acting to remove a president from office.

President Obama has undoubtedly abused his office. I have not thought to date that his abuse rises to the level at which Republicans should impeach him.

However, if he crowns this abuse by temporarily pardoning five million lawbreakers, as he is reportedly considering – ignoring the will of Congress and failing utterly to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” –  I would have to reconsider my position.

And so would many other Americans, I believe.

I watch today, sickened, as even the most stalwart conservative leaders cower at the thought of actually impeaching Obama. No! The Democrats will use impeachment against us! They’ll raise a million dollars! Don’t even talk about it! And they vow to continue warning of political danger, no matter how many pieces Obama rips the Constitution into.

Such disingenuousness. Even if it is the manifestly right thing to do, everyone should shut up about impeachment? Since when are conservatives mere poseurs and craven sycophants to the electorate?

Obama Sebelius
Photo by Keith Koffler

Before conservatives finish involuntarily emptying the rest of their bowels, they might want to take a look at some numbers. Because I’m not so sure I agree with wisdom around Washington that impeachment, post-mass legalization, is a political suicide mission.

In a CNN poll released Friday, a full 33 percent of Americans said they support impeaching the president TODAY. Or, well, Friday.

The point is, a third of Americans now want to impeach Obama even before he performs what would be one of the most brazen assertions of presidential power in history, one that is almost certainly unconstitutional.

Support for impeaching Clinton in 1998, the precedent Republicans are so worried about, never rose above 29 percent in CNN polling. And in 1998, while Republicans came up short of their hoped for gains in the midterms, they still didn’t lose the House – five seats went to the Democrats – and they broke even in the Senate.

Unlike Bill Clinton’s crime, which many considered to be borne of his own moral failing; and therefore not grounds for removal, what Obama may do is an act many Americans would consider a threat to the Constitution. And the notion that so many people who came here under false pretenses would suddenly be rewarded with work permits – and the huge welcome mat such amnesty would constitute for future waves illegal immigrants – will be deeply upsetting to Republicans, many independents, and even some Democrats.

Actually, there will be a certain degree of rage.

Impeachment would also stir the Republican base, given that 57 percent of Republicans already support it. That number would increase after a unilaterally imposed amnesty, as would the 35 percent of independents who also want to impeach Obama today.

I’m not yet saying Obama should be impeached. Let’s see what he does. And the reaction of Americans is important, given what a difficult and historic process this is.

But Republicans should wait and see what happens before they take impeachment off the table. It might not strain them as much as they think to maintain their spines in order.

Krauthammer: Legalization an Impeachable Offense

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said that a unilateral move by President Obama to legalize millions of illegal immigrants would be an impeachable offense, but he cautioned that impeachment proceedings would be “political suicide” for Republicans.

Krauthammer appeared on Fox News with Bret Baier Tuesday night:

If he were to do something like legalize five — let’s say half, which is what’s been talked about — huge numbers of illegal immigrants, to do it by executive order — which would be clearly lawless, and it would be the biggest overreach of a president in memory — it would be an impeachable offense.

I would be 100 percent against impeachment because it’s political suicide. But it really would be the basis for that.

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