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House Blocks Trump Emergency Decree

But the vote is well short of veto-proof. Republicans succeeded on corralling most of their caucus, some of whom no doubt opposed Trump’s emergency decree but were scared politically to oppose the president. According to the Washington Examiner: The House voted Tuesday to revoke the national emergency President Trump declared in order to spend federal… Continue Reading

Trump to Declare National Emergency After Signing Spending Bill

President Trump said he had other ways to fund his wall. He was serious. “President Trump will sign the government funding bill, and as he has stated before, he will also take other executive action — including a national emergency — to ensure we stop the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border,” White… Continue Reading

Trump Tries to Keep Conservatives from Attacking Him on Border Deal

Prominent conservative media figures are once again trying to convince him not to go for it, as they did successfully last time when they changed his mind and got him to force a shutdown. This time, they’re not going to succeed. President Trump appears ready to sign a spending deal that would avert a government… Continue Reading

Poll: Half of Voters Support Southern Border Wall

A new Politico poll shows rising numbers of voters backing President Trump’s call for a border wall, with 47 percent now supportive and 47 percent against. This is huge political news for Trump. Think about it, half the country backs his key campaign promise, even as the media and all the Democratic candidates bash it… Continue Reading

Pelosi Offers Trump “Normandy Fencing”

I don’t know. Might stop some cattle from illegally immigrating. According to the Washington Examiner: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she could support a border security deal that adds new Normandy fencing along about 30 miles of open border. But she won’t bring a bill to the floor that includes Trump’s vision for a… Continue Reading

Trump Changes Strategy, Starts Emphasizing the Word “Wall”

After spending weeks trying to placate Democrats by suggesting they could call his border wall something else, President Trump is now not only insisting that it will be a “wall,” but he’s referring to existing barriers as walls. Large sections of WALL have already been built with much more either under construction or ready to… Continue Reading

Video || Trump Vows Emergency Declaration if He Doesn’t Get Wall Money

I think he came back out and decided to emphasize an emergency declaration after he got grief, correctly, from conservatives for caving in the shutdown fight. Fact is, he said he wouldn’t reopen the government until he got money for a wall. And he didn’t get anything but a panel to study the issue. Now,… Continue Reading

Trump’s New Slogan: Build a Wall and Crime Will Fall

Sounds like the kind of thing Jesse Jackson used to love to do. He was constantly rhyming his ideas. But the White House has put forth a relatively sophisticated PR campaign for the wall, with constant Trump appearances, public commentary, and social media posts – not to mention an Oval Office address – promoting his… Continue Reading

Pelosi Doesn’t Rule Out a Border Wall Deal

According to the Washington Examiner: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday didn’t rule out the possibility of broad immigration reform deal to end an impasse between Democrats and President Trump over border wall funding.  When asked if she’s open to exchanging border wall funding for a deal to legalize Dreamers, those younger immigrants who came… Continue Reading

CNN’s Jim Acosta Accidentally Proves Trump’s Point About the Wall

Hmm. I think the news here is that Jim Acosta may not be very smart. Glad to see the steel slats are deterring illegal immigrants from attempting to cross the border exactly as @realDonaldTrump said they would. This is why we need to #BuildTheWall along the rest of our southern border. #WallsWork — Steve… Continue Reading