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CNN’s Jim Acosta Accidentally Proves Trump’s Point About the Wall

Hmm. I think the news here is that Jim Acosta may not be very smart. Glad to see the steel slats are deterring illegal immigrants from attempting to cross the border exactly as @realDonaldTrump said they would. This is why we need to #BuildTheWall along the rest of our southern border. #WallsWork — Steve… Continue Reading

Trump Appears Headed Toward “Emergency” Declaration

President Trump today heads to the Rio Grande, where he will receive briefings on border security and on the effort to combat illegal immigration. I think he’s putting his ducks in a row. The president is probably going to soon declare an “emergency” exists and the border and start moving money so he can build… Continue Reading

WSJ: Trump May Legally Be Able to Declare Wall an “Emergency” and Build It

There would be a massive fight, however. But the government will reopen, and Democrats will have to decide whether they want to battle President Trump over a national security issue. Trump will address the nation on the issue this evening at 9:00 pm ET. From the Wall Street Journal: A move by Trump to build… Continue Reading

Trump Had Better Fund the Wall or Shut Down the Government

There is one thing that was central to President Trump’s campaign. Greater and more profound than any promise he made. That he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico.  The White House is now backtracking from threats to close down the government if Trump does not get $5 billion he requested for… Continue Reading

Sarah Sanders Suggests Trump May Take Less Than $5B for Wall

The human element always enters here. Frankly, President Trump wants to head to Mar-a-Lago and play golf for a week. Nobody in Congress wants to hang around Washington for Christmas. There’s not going to be a government shutdown. According to the Washington Examiner: White House press secretary Sarah Sanders hinted Tuesday morning that President Trump… Continue Reading

Most Non-Citizens Use Welfare

President Trump wants to make it harder for people to enter the country and become legal if they are going to take welfare. Here’s why. According to the Washington Examiner: A majority of “non-citizens,” including those with legal green card rights, are tapping into welfare programs set up to help poor and ailing Americans, a… Continue Reading

Honduran Murderer Traveling with Caravan is Arrested

These caravans are beginning to look more and more like what President Trump said there were – an invasion featuring scores of criminals. And it wasn’t just a political tool, as the MSM and Democrats claimed. We’re still talking about it well after Election Day. According to the Washington Examiner: A convicted murderer from Honduras… Continue Reading