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Democrats Continue to Criminalize Policy Differences by Targeting Stephen Miller

Democrats long ago decided that there were not differences on policy between themselves and Republican. There was good, and there was evil, and they were the former, and that was the difference.

But what seems to be new is this decision that not only are Republicans’ views evil, but that they are probably criminal as well.

It is looking increasingly like the investigation into “collusion” with Russia was based on the overeagerness at best, and the cynical guile at worst, of Democrats who could not abide their loss in the 2016 election and decided they would burden President Trump with a wide-ranging probe. If not collusion, then something criminal would be discovered.

So far, no such luck.

Some Democrats, led by Rep. Maxine Waters of California, were demanding Trump’s impeachment before Mueller had even plugged in his iMac. Presumably, the high crime and misdemeanor was getting elected.

Democrats don’t like senior White House policy advisor Stephen Miller’s views on immigration, and so they want to drag him to Capitol Hill to give him an “opportunity” to “explain” his thinking.

What this will be, of course, is an opportunity for Democrats to make Miller, who tends to have a hard edge when he speaks in public, the Mephistopheles of Trump’s immigration policy. It has nothing to do with oversight or any kind of policy discussion.

And I’m sure Democrats are hoping he will inadvertently perjure himself and give them a chance to get him, and his policy views, out of the White House. Just hauling him before a committee makes him look like he’s done something wrong.

According to the Washington Post:

House Democrats are sharpening their focus on White House immigration adviser Stephen Miller, with key lawmakers saying he should be brought before congressional committees to testify about his role in recent policy controversies.

The talk of hauling Miller before lawmakers comes days after The Washington Post reported that he played a key role in a plan first discussed last year to release undocumented immigrants into “sanctuary cities” represented by President Trump’s Democratic critics. While the plan never came to fruition because of objections from agency officials, Trump has since embraced the idea.

With a spate of new vacancies at the Department of Homeland Security, including the departure last week of the secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, Miller has emerged as a key target for Democrats who see him as an influential survivor in an administration that has otherwise churned through personnel.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) on Sunday cited Miller’s role in developing the targeted-release plan in calling on him to testify. “Steve Miller, who seems to be the boss of everybody on immigration, ought to come before Congress and explain some of these policies,” he said in a CNN interview.

My bet is that Miller would relish the chance to cross swords with lawmakers who know about a tenth as much as he does about immigration policy. But he’s unlikely to go, because White House officials are not confirmed by Congress and are not necessarily responsible to it.

The president has the right to private advice from his advisors, and they are rarely called to testify and can refuse the demand. And that’s exactly what Miller should do.

Democrat Won’t Say the Word “Crisis” When Discussing the Border

This is what President Trump is dealing with. An opposition party that claims to care about conditions at the border but won’t describe them accurately because it doesn’t fit their political narrative.

Democrat Rep. Xochitl Torres Small refused to call the problem a crisis, insisting it was just a “challenge.” Give Willie Geist of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” credit for trying.

Here’s a report from CBS News – hardly a bastion of the right-wing, showing that the border patrol is “overwhelmed” by the influx. That’s the definition of a crisis. As are the photos you will see.

Trump Says He Won’t Resume Family Separations

Democrats want to make conditions as comfortable as possible for anybody looking to enter the country illegally. The end result as that more people are flooding across the border which is pretty much the goal.

The laws that forced family separations could have been changed by Democrats. They refused, so Trump had to change his policy instead.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump said Tuesday that he is not planning to reintroduce the policy of family separations at the U.S. border with Mexico.

“We are not looking to do that, no,” Trump said, when asked by reporters in the Oval Office.

But the president also suggested that family separations could be an effective deterrent to illegal immigrants and that more migrants come to the border when separations are not used. “When you don’t do it, it brings a lot more people to the border,” Trump said.

He asserted that Barack Obama built the cages in which separated children were kept.

Ilhan Omar Calls Steven Miller a White Nationalist

Steven Miller, President Trump’s White House immigration czar, is Jewish, which doesn’t make him a perfect fit for white nationalism.

He does, however, have concerns that unlimited immigration, a lot of it illegal, might not be the best thing for the country. But I guess to question whether the culture can absorb one million immigrants a year forever, many of whom are from a single culture, makes you a racist.

I dunno. Democrats used to talk about changing the tone in Washington.

Jared Kushner on a Mission to Increase Legal Immigration

President Trump was elected because many Americans thought the culture and the country they know was changing so fast that it was disappearing.

Part of this was a concern not just with the massive amount of illegal immigration, but the unending flow of legal immigrants, at about one million per year, who must be absorbed into the culture.

Sure, the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers want more cheap labor. But average Americans are smarter and understand that you can’t kill the goose that keeps laying the golden eggs.

At some point, if you don’t protect the culture, you get a country that doesn’t fully appreciate or understand it and starts calling for things like, you know, socialism. I doubt that Chamber of Commerce is going to like that very much.

Oh, wait. Maybe “some point” is NOW.

According to Politico:

Even as President Donald Trump threatens to shut down the southern border, his administration is quietly working on a plan to expand some forms of legal immigration into the U.S.  Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, has been working for months on a proposal that could increase the number of low- and high-skilled workers admitted to the country annually, four people involved in the discussions told POLITICO.

The low-profile effort to allow more legal immigrants into the U.S. cuts a stark contrast to Trump’s increasingly dramatic efforts to curb illegal immigration, an issue he speaks about daily and describes as a national crisis. But Trump himself has publicly said he also supports higher levels of legal immigration, a priority generally supported by a business community short on skilled workers. 

The effort began in January when Kushner started to convene a series of meetings with dozens of advocacy groups, including business and agriculture organizations. Some, though not all of them, openly support the expansion of legal immigration. It has continued in recent weeks with a smaller four-person White House working group led by Kushner, and could generate a proposal for Congress by summer.

Border Patrol Grabbed More People Monday Than They Have in a Decade

Mexicans have gotten the message: Bring the family!

According to the Washington Examiner:

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — U.S. Border Patrol agents on the Southwest border took more people into custody Monday than in any day in the past 10 years, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Federal law enforcement agents made more than 3,700 apprehensions across California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas on Monday. A senior Border Patrol official told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday 1,100 of those apprehensions took place in Eagle Pass, Texas, which is part of the Del Rio Sector.

CBP Chief Operating Officer John Sanders told attendees of the Border Security Expo this week a major reason for the recent surge in border apprehensions is due to large numbers of people illegally crossing together, rather than a handful at a time.

Illegal Immigration Rolling in at Highest Rate Since 2007

Migrants understand that if they’re not going to be detained, then grab you kids and head to the border.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Border cops encountered more than 76,000 people they say tried to illegally cross from Mexico into the U.S. in February, making it the highest level of illegal immigration the U.S. has seen in one month since 2007. 

The number shot up from 58,000 who were arrested and turned away at ports in January. The monthly rate has slowly crept up from 17,000 during President Trump’s third month in office in 2017. 

“It’s well-known at this time that adults with children will not be detained during the immigration proceedings for illegal entry. The word of mouth and social media quickly gets back to those in the Northern Triangle countries, that if you bring a child, you’ll be successful,” a senior Border Patrol official told reporters.

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