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Examiner: Trump Making Immigration and Crime Banner Issues for the Midterms

President Trump has chosen to double down on immigration as a key issue he will use to beat Democrats in 2018, believing it continues to resonate with voters despite the controversy over family separations at the border, according to Jim Antle of the Washington Examiner.

From the Examiner piece:

President Trump believes the Democrats are vulnerable on immigration and crime ahead of the midterm elections, so he keeps highlighting those issues in the run-up to November.

You can see it in presidential tweets endorsing or opposing candidates. The Democrats are invariably “weak on borders” and crime while his preferred Republican is “strong.” Trump has even called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., an “MS-13 lover.” It was true again at the White House on Monday where he showered federal immigration authorities with praise.

“Blue wave means crime. It means open borders. Not good,” Trump said of potential Democratic victories in the fall. The president held the event as he and other Republicans try to capitalize on Democratic calls for abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We will not stand for the vile smears, the hateful attacks, and the vicious assaults on the courageous men and women of ICE, and Border Patrol, and law enforcement,” Trump declared. “We will protect those who protect us.” . . .

“The Democrats have positioned themselves to be anti-ICE and pro-open borders,” said John Feehery, a Republican strategist. “I think that is a losing issue for them and clearly so does the president, which is why he is pounding away at it.”

Bolding is mine.

Republicans have to make sure the base is excited about heading to the voting booth. Sympathy for families separated at the border doesn’t mean Republicans have changed their view that illegal immigration must be stopped.

Stephen Miller’s Crummy Uncle Calls Him a Hypocrite

So basically, White House immigration guru Stephen Miller’s uncle on his mother’s side, David S. Glosser, says Miller is a hypocrite because his own family escaped the Holocaust because when great-grandfather got to immigrate here from Eastern Europe in 1903.

And, BTW, President Trump and Miller are acting like Nazis:

Trump and my nephew both know their immigrant and refugee roots. Yet, they repeat the insults and false accusations of earlier generations against these refugees to make them seem less than human. Trump publicly parades the grieving families of people hurt or killed by migrants, just as the early Nazis dredged up Jewish criminals to frighten and enrage their political base to justify persecution of all Jews. Almost every American family has an immigration story of its own based on flight from war, poverty, famine, persecution, fear or hopelessness. These immigrants became the workers, entrepreneurs, scientists and soldiers of America.

Now, I don’t know what is going on in a family where the uncle likens his Jewish nephew to a Nazi. I do know this is typical of liberals: Declare those with whom you disagree the worst people on earth, and prioritize saving the world while pooping on the head of the person next to you – friend, family, employee, whatever.

Miller and Trump are not trying to hurt people. They have a theory that the United States cannot take everyone forever and not be damaged or fatally altered culturally.

Immigrants who came previously sought to assimilate and were integrated into our society. Today, many do not even bother to learn English, and often they don’t have to.

Unlimited immigration from the Third World – particularly one country, Mexico – is an experiment in cultural change that populist conservatives believe will not end well. It does not have to do with the race of the people entering. It has to do with the idea that if you let endless millions of people into your country who harbor different values, and who in many cases don’t seem to be integrating very well, your country will by necessity have to change too far and too fast.

Yes, the people who come to this country enrich us with their cultures. But they do not change the essential nature of being an American. They adapt to us, not the reverse.

Many Americans are legitimately concerned about preserving their culture. That certainly doesn’t make them Nazis. Given the greatness of who we are, it makes them just the opposite.

New Way to Pay for the Wall: Tax Mexico $2,000 Per Illegal Immigrant

I dunno. This might get Mexico to crack down pretty quickly.

Basically, the idea is that you remove $2K from Mexico’s foreign aid for every illegal caught.

According to Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner:

A border lawmaker had drawn up a plan to pay for the wall in part by fining Mexico and other countries $2,000 for every illegal immigrant caught crossing into the United States.

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, who has made is mark on Washington in just his first term, is pushing a plan that includes the tax on illegals and other ways to pay for the border wall demanded by President Trump.

With up some 400,000 illegal immigrants being apprehended at the border yearly, his tax could raise $800 million a year. Immigration groups claim that an equal amount of illegal immigrants get into the U.S. annually.

As Biggs notes in a statement, it’s a sham that a Republican-controlled Congress failed to enact significant spending for President Trump’s border wall. I guess they weren’t listening during the campaign. Which is exactly the problem with the GOP establishment.

Democratic Senator Hirono Doesn’t Seem to Understand That Illegal Immigration is Illegal

“I’m confused,” says Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii. She is.

Remember, what Democrats are saying was a “policy change” under President Trump that resulted in families being separated was actually a decision to enforce the law. Since when is enforcing the law a “policy change”?

Hirono was attempting to question Matthew Albence of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

Separating families is tragic. But what was also tragic was that Democrats refused to change the law to allow children to be kept with their parents. And Republicans didn’t try to force legislation through.

So now we’re back to catch and release, including the incentive for people to bring children across the border so they can’t be held by authorities. All they do is claim they need asylum, get released because they’ve got kids, and then disappear. Do Democrats care about that? Does the press want to talk about the perilous journey these kids will take to the United States?

Democrats held these kids hostage so that Trump could not end catch and release and strictly enforce the law at the border. The minute anyone suggested changing the law to keep families together, they asserted that Trump must instead not enforce the law and just release everyone.

Do Democrats care that their policies encourage child trafficking?

Here is a document released in February by the Department of Homeland Security that’s worth having a look at. From the document:

Nearly all of these Family Units are released into the interior of the United States because of judicially-imposed constraints on ICE’s authority to detain the entire family units as a result of recent rulings in the Flores consent decree litigation.

These loopholes create a pull factor that invites more illegal immigration and encourages parents to pay and entrust their children to criminal organizations that will smuggle them in—often while abusing and molesting those children along the way.

Thousands of these unaccompanied children—particularly young teenage girls—are subjected to sexual abuse by smugglers, criminals, and even government officials along their journey to the United States. Many also never make it to the United States, instead pressed into service at brothels and bars in Mexico and Guatemala . . .

The influx of unaccompanied alien minors also creates recruiting opportunities for brutal gangs such as MS-13.

Where is the reporting about this? Nope, now that it’s not about Trump doing terrible things, reporters will simply move on.

Trump Goes After Democrats About Abolishing ICE

This is smart. Speaking in Tampa, Florida, Tuesday evening at a MAGA rally, President Trump sought to gin up enthusiasm among Republicans by emphasizing one of the key issues he rode to victory, illegal immigration.

Even better for the GOP, he is using Democrats’ own extremism against them. He needs to let even average Americans know what kind of deal they would be striking with the Democrats, and who these people increasingly are. This is not your father’s Democratic Party, which was already pretty far left.

From Trump’s remarks:

They’ve launched outrageous attacks on our incredible law enforcement officers and on ICE and our border patrol, can you believe it? People that keep us safe. Their new platform, what they want to do, the Democratic Party, they want to abolish ICE. In other words, they want to let MS-13 rule our country. That’s not going to happen. Every day the brave men and women of ICE are liberating communities from savage gangs, like MS-13, that are occupying our country like another nation would. We want maximum border security and respect for our heroes – ICE, border patrol and law enforcement.

I’m trying to think if I ever heard Barack Obama praise the people working under impossible conditions every day to try to keep the border from being overrun. I doubt he cared much. For Democrats, illegal immigration is basically a Get Out the Vote effort.

Video: Illegal Immigrants Storm Spanish Tourist Beaches

This is one part frightening, one part sad, and one part hilarious, let’s be honest.

As Spanish tourists look on, boatloads of illegal immigrants roll up to the beach, fan out, and then melt into Spain.

It’s sad because these people are fleeing everything and everyone they know. It’s frightening because, who knows who these people are or what they will do? And they are part of the dilution of what remains of traditional Europe and the Western values that underly it. And it’s funny because, well, watch as the luxuriating sunbathers are suddenly confronted with illegal immigrants scurrying into their world.

And they were worried about sharks . . . 

The second video was taken at a nudist beach. Unfortunately, you can’t see the beachgoers. Or more likely, fortunately.

What is disconcerting is that this isn’t just something happening over there. It’s a graphic representation of what is basically occurring at the U.S. border at countless points every single day. Scores of people racing into the country without any checks on who they are or what they want. And any effort by the Trump administration to stop it by enforcing the law is deemed “inhumane.”

H/T Breitbart.

A Thousand Illegal Immigrants Crossing the Border Every Day

I’ve got an idea.

Let’s catch them. And then let’s release them. And just see what happens!!

“We’re still seeing about 1,000 a day crossing our border illegally between ports of entry, and another two to three hundred arriving without documents at ports of entry,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told Fox News.

I assume he means Mexicans coming into the United States as opposed to Americans entering Mexico. Because the latter activity is strictly prohibited. The former, less so.

And this on National Tequilla Day.

H/T Washington Examiner.

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