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The Six Great Ironies of the 2012 Campaign

Several times during this presidential campaign, my head has come close to exploding. I thought I’d share with the things that nearly prompted this catastrophic – for me at least – event.

The intensity of cynicism that has animated the Obama 2012 campaign is unlike anything I have seen in politics. The ability of President Obama and his coterie to say and do anything without being called on it by the mainstream press is one of the most significant and lamentable hallmarks of this contest.

Here are six deep ironies for you to consider.

1. The Obama campaign claims Republicans are waging a war on women, but Obama’s chief campaign surrogate, Bill Clinton, waged a personal war on women his whole life in public office.

2. Clinton is presented by the Obama campaign as the Great Authority on what makes a good economy, when it was his low-income home ownership initiatives and failure to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that set the stage for the financial collapse.

3. Obama is running on his experience as commander in chief, but in 2008 he believed himself qualified to be president even though he had never run anything larger than a kebab stand.

4. In 2008, President Obama bemoaned attack politics, saying things like this:

The ugly phone calls, the misleading mail and TV ads, the careless, outrageous comments, all aimed a keeping us from working together, all aimes at stopping change.

With the economy in turmoil and the American Dream at risk, the American people don’t want to hear politicians attack each other – you want to hear about how we’re going to attack the challenges facing middle class families each and every day. You want to hear about the issues that matter in your lives.

Today, he brands Mitt Romney a liar, accuses him of having “Romnesia,” claims Romney only likes rich people, sent as many jobs as possible to China, and so on and so on and so on.

5. Obama blames George W. Bush for everything but Lindsey Lohan’s inability to get her life together. But Obama’s chief foreign policy claims are built on George W. Bush’s successes. His withdrawal from Iraq was the result of Bush’s military surge, which Obama opposed, but which turned the tide against Iraqi insurgents. And the killing of Osama Bin Laden was made possible by techniques and military assets created by Bush.

6. Obama’s Iraq success is actually a failure. He trumpets that he has removed all U.S. troops from Iraq, even though he had tried and failed to negotiate a “Status of Forces” agreement that would have allowed some American forces to remain.

Any others that have nearly made your head explode?