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Wall Street Journal: Hydroxychloroquine Not Yet Proven Ineffective

Trump Derangement Syndrome may be denying people access to a potentially useful drug in the fight against COVID-19. And now, we may never know whether the drug works. From an opinion piece by editorial page writer Allysia Finely: The Lancet published a study on May 22 that purported to find a 30% increased risk of death for hospitalized Covid-19 patients treated with HCL or chloroquine,

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Pence is NOT Taking Hydroxychloroquine

He would, but the doctor has not recommended it, he says. But do you hear that Mr. President? He would! Mike Pence, always carefully staying in President Trump’s good graces. Watch for the point in the second term when he begins to “subtly distance” himself and “become his own man” as 2024 approaches. Nevertheless, Trump’s announcement that he is taking it is a bad idea.

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Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine to Prevent COVID-19

“Im taking it, hydroxychloroquine. Right now,” Trump said. “A couple of weeks ago, I started taking it.” Trump said many frontline workers were taking it and that it couldn’t hurt. White House physician Sean Conley later confirmed in a memo that Trump was taking the drug. As has been previously reported, two weeks ago one of the President’s support staff tested positive for COVID-19. The

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Peter Navarro Calls for “Second Opinion on hydroxychloroquine After Showdown With Fauci

According to the Washington Examiner: White House economic adviser Peter Navarro wants a “second opinion” on the anti-malaria drug that has shown some signs of effectiveness in treating coronavirus patients. Navarro, who supports the widespread distribution of hydroxychloroquine, was asked Monday to respond to an Axios report that said he got into a confrontation with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, who insists there

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