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Former Top Clinton Aide Tries to Stir the Mob Against Bookstore Owner

Philippe Reines, the aggressive longtime senior aide to Hillary Clinton, tweeted out the address of a Richmond, Virginia bookstore whose owner called the police when a woman would not stop harassing former Trump aide Steve Bannon. Bannon, as he often does, was browsing a bookstore in his hometown when he became the latest victim of… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton Calls for Incivility

Democrats like to talk about dog whistles. Well, here’s one for you, by the defeated presidential candidate, no less. Continuing her quest to prove she is bigggest sore loser and least classy presidential candidate of all time – even eclipsing, possibly her husband – Hillary Clinton told the Guardian newspaper the civility is no longer… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton on Iran Deal Withdrawal: “Our Credibility is Shot”

Actually, no. Hillary Clinton complained Wednesday that nobody’s going to trust the United States anymore now that President Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. As Secretary of State, I helped negotiate the crippling international sanctions that brought Iran to the table. It would be much harder a second time, now that our credibility… Continue Reading

Is Hillary Clinton a Drunk?

Oh, the things the mainstream media never told us. Amy Chozick, the New York Times reporter who covered Hillary Clinton’s campaign and admits to sobbing the night she lost, reveals in her new book, “Chasing Hillary,” that she had a story ready to go on Hillary’s drinking – set to run after she was elected president. I… Continue Reading

Hillary Used “Deplorables” Line Because Her Elitist Friends Loved It

A new book out by New York Times reporter Amy Chozick, Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling – doesn’t sound biased, does it? – reports that Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment about half of Donald Trump’s voters was road tested first with her elitist friends. According to the Washington Examiner: Campaign Manager… Continue Reading

The Long Roster of Those Hillary Blames for Her Loss

The Daily Mail has assembled a list of all the people and entities Hillary Clinton has blamed so far for her loss in the 2016 election. Among those listed: James Comey Vladimir Putin Low-information voters The Electoral College Barack Obama Bernie Sanders White voters Matt Lauer Steve Bannon The Democratic Party The Republican Party Netflix… Continue Reading

Sessions: Federal Prosecutor Probing FBI; No Special Counsel fo Now

According to CNN: Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed Thursday that Utah’s top federal prosecutor, John Huber, is investigating a cluster of Republican-driven accusations against the FBI and has decided that no second special counsel is needed — at least for now. Huber has been looking into allegations that the FBI abused its powers in surveilling… Continue Reading

Video || Hillary Nearly Falls Down Stairs in India – Twice

And they say Trump is unbalanced! Hillary Clinton nearly slipped down some stairs in India twice, adding more fuel to questions about how fully she ever recovered from what was a potentially life-threatening blood clot in her brain in late 2012, or whether she has other health issues. In the video, nobody else seems to… Continue Reading

There She Goes Again: Hillary Paints Trump Supporters as Racists, Misogynists

And people try to say Trump is a hateful human being. Listen to the contempt she has for her fellow Americans, confirming that her “basket of deplorables” remark was no mistake. This is the elitism people voted against. She truly can’t accept that she lost. This woman needs counseling. She’s speaking in Mumbai, where I… Continue Reading