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Trump: “Michelle Obama Loved” Harvey Weinstein

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump attacked Democrats for their close relationships with rapist Harvey Weinstein hours after he was convicted of two sex crimes, claiming that Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama “loved” the disgraced producer. 

“I will say the people who liked him were the Democrats. Michelle Obama loved him — loved him. Hillary Clinton loved him, and he gave tremendous money to the Democrats,” he said on Tuesday in New Delhi, India, as he asked whether Democrats would return the money.

A New York jury on Monday convicted the former movie mogul of raping one woman in 2013 and sexually assaulting another in 2006. He will face up to 29 years in prison when he is sentenced.

White House Dossier Photo Contest!!

Okay, let’s play.

Two of the people in the photograph below have had credible accusations of rape lodged against them. See if you can figure out who they are.

Sorry, no prize money today. This is just a competition to test your knowledge of the news. Good luck!

BONUS QUESTION: Which one nearly assumed a position of enormous power in the White House this year?

Weinstein Offers Republicans a New Chance with Women

Harvey Weinstein’s disgrace and the spectacle of so many liberals who advocate for women ignoring his transgressions provides the perfect opportunity for Republicans to make inroads into a voter segment among whom they consistently trail Democrats: Women.

The hypocrisy of high-profile liberals is reflected not just in their willingness to ignore what Weinstein did, but in their fear of supporting those he hurt who were brave enough to say something. Almost everyone waited until after Weinstein had lost his job, and his power, before saying anything against him.

Sure, elite liberals care about women. But their focus, as it is with minorities, is on creating angry factions, not improving the life circumstances of average people within a group. While this may have made sense 50 years ago, when discrimination was far more prevalent, it makes much less sense now.

The conservative program of economic and cultural revival will improve the lives of all people and serve to unite Americans, not divide them into angry groups. Liberal policies are hurting minorities and women far more than discrimination is. That so many elite liberals could ignore the vicious behavior of Harvey Weinstein suggests that they self-indulgently care more about their “causes” than actual, flesh-and-blood women.

From an excellent piece today in the Washington Examiner by Charlotte Hays, of the Independent Women’s Forum:

But just as Weinstein’s public image as a good liberal was at odds with his actual treatment of women, the policies that Democrats champion under the banner of helping women often aren’t how they work with real people.

Meryl Streep will never lose her job because of a hike in the minimum wage, but many less fortunate women have. Hollywood celebrities can pay to have their own children opt out of dangerous public schools, but other Americans are stuck with them thanks to Democratic opposition to school choice. New York City A-listers don’t have to worry about the steady climb in their health insurance premiums, but women in Middle America do. Many women, particularly those women in urban centers where Democrats have had complete control, may rethink whether the Democratic leadership really has the average woman’s best interests at heart.

Weinstein’s is the story of more than one dirty, rotten creep who abused women, but of an elitist culture that uses women’s rights as a political prop — a culture that stood by, protected, and even celebrated a man they knew victimized women.

Conservatives may not always say the “correct” things, but they are the true friends of women.

Ed Klein: Clintons Knew About Weinstein; Hardly Spend Time Together

Of course they knew all about Weinstein. I’m increasingly convinced that everyone did, it was both an inside joke and one expressed openly several times. But they, like the Obamas, wanted his money and they wanted Hollywood on their side.

“The Clintons were very close, as you know, to Harvey Weinstein. He gave her tons and tons of money. Bill Clinton hung out with Harvey in Hollywood, with all the girls, and so forth. They knew about this . . . it certainly wasn’t a secret to the Clintons,” said Klein, who has a new book coming out, “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump,” which is published by my publisher, Regnery.

Even liberal CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin described the relationship the Obamas and the Clintons had with Weinstein as “a dark mark on their record.” Not that much darkness can be added to the Clintons’ record.

“I don’t think we can give the Clintons and the Obamas a pass here,” Toobin said on Anderson Cooper 360. Toobin noted that Weinstein’s behavior was widely known. “The Obamas and the Clintons embraced him, did fundraisers with him, paid tribute to him. I think it’s a dark mark on their record.”

Obama, Clinton Silent on Weinstein

UPDATE: The criticism finally got to her. Hillary Clinton said Tuesday, “I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein.”

Here is the original story posted this morning:

Oh my goodness. The two great moral leaders of our time. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the greatest champions of women we’ve known since Ted Kennedy.

Okay, Ted Kennedy killed a woman and Hillary Clinton was married to a serial sexual harasser and alleged rapist, but whatever, play along with me, these are liberals and therefore by definition good people, okay??

Right. Back to our story.

Two of the greatest champions of women EVER. Women of all ethnic backgrounds. Even of women of XY chromosome backgrounds. ALL women.

A woman who based her presidential campaign on the fact that she was a woman. A man who did so much for women as president, including forcing others to fund the killing of their unborn children, and who appointed binders full of women to the Supreme Court.

These two are silent on Harvey Weinstein, the predator against women.

Because Harvey Weinstein gave them lots of money.

And because they are big, disgusting hypocrites.

Even CNN can’t believe it.