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Today’s Obama Poll || Americans 50-50 on Gutsy Call

American voter are about evenly divided on whether Obama indeed made a “gutsy” call in ordering the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, according to a new Fox News poll.

While 48 percent think giving the green light was a “gutsy move,” 49 percent call it a “no brainer” that any president would have chosen to do.

This is perhaps why many polls show Obama with no real gain in popularity from the operation, though the Fox poll has his approval rating now at 55 percent, ahead of the 47 percent rating the poll gave him five days before the raid.

Much commentary has failed to recognize the downside of not acting. Imagine if Bin Laden had eventually left the compound and it came out that we had had Bin Laden in our sights once again and failed to take him out. Now THAT’s a political risk not worth taking.

Bob Gates Signs Up for Gutsy Call

Et tu, Gates?

Appearing last night on 60 Minutes, which is becoming the go-to forum for the Obama propaganda machine, Defense Secretary Robert Gates joined the legions of on-message Obamaites shouting that the president had made a “gutsy call” by deciding to kill America’s Public Enemy #1.

I like that he seems barely able to say the words, like they’d been planted in soil that usually doesn’t grow spin.

Notice how Katie Couric immediately tries to sign up for Gutsy Call herself, barely able to contain herself as she demanded to know, “What was it like being near him?”

What was he supposed to say? “Oh, Ms. Couric, I got a contact high just being in the same room with him.”

Katie, ask Gates what magazines he reads, please.