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Trump Risks Losing Support of Gun Rights Voters

President Trump needs to tread carefully in considering gun control laws. But it’s not clear to me that he will lose many people if he makes some compromises of red flag laws and background checks, which are backed even by many gun owners.

Wondering, what do you think?

According to the Washington Examiner:

Less than a week before calling for more gun control laws, President Trump invited boos at a massive Ohio campaign rally, warning 17,000 supporters that if Democrats reclaim power, “there is no Second Amendment.”

Within 72 hours of the rally, gunmen randomly murdered nearly three dozen people in nearby Dayton and in El Paso, Texas. And despite the campaign line, Trump called for new restrictions, outraging gun rights hardliners.

Trump told reporters that he would “certainly” bring up a semiautomatic gun ban, and pushed lawmakers to expand mandatory background checks and to allow temporary gun confiscation.

“I’ll be convincing some people to do things that they don’t want to do, and that means people in Congress,” Trump said, calling for “great legislation after all of these years.”

Michael Hammond, legislative counsel of Gun Owners of America, which claims 2 million members and supporters, said Trump risks losing both conservative and traditionally Democratic Midwestern voters.

“I am no longer committed to voting for Donald Trump,” said Hammond, who spends most of his time in New Hampshire. “I think he’s about to make his ‘read my lips’ mistake. He thinks he can do anything on the Second Amendment and gun owners will love him.”

Trump Goes After Violent Video Games

As far as I can tell, at least some of the guys who have committed these killings have also heavily indulged in violent video games. I’m willing to bet all of them have.

With these games proliferating and “PG-13” basically replacing “R” ratings, allowing more kids into egregiously violent movies, I think Hollywood and the gaming industry need to take a look at their own responsibility for what’s going on.

You know, some of the same people who were abusing women in their industry or looking the other way while it was going on.

Trump said during remarks today at the White House:

We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this, and it has to begin immediately.

The number of guns in this country has not changed since the incidence of mass shootings began to increase during the Obama administration.

But other aspects of our culture have changed, including this scourge of highly realistic games that inure children to violence and — more specifically — to committing violence.

Trump Suggests Legislation “Marrying” Background Checks and Immigration Reform

Well, the dealmaker thinks he can entice Democrats to support immigration reform by offering to link it to gun control.

Of course, they won’t, and President Trump probably knows that. But he also knows he can then try to say he offered to do something about guns but they would not cooperate.

Short Video || Trump Addresses the NRA

Okay, this is White House-produced propaganda. But the words are pretty stirring if you are a Second Amendment supporter. And I do think President Trump is a sincere advocate for and protector of the Second Amendment.

From his remarks to the NRA in Dallas Friday.

Alabama the Best State for Gunmakers; Rhode Island the Worst

From a piece I have running on the Fox News website:

Red Alabama is the best state for the firearms industry when it comes to factors such as jobs and gun culture, while blue Rhode Island is the worst, according to the jobs website Zippia.

The rankings reflect the sharp regional and political divide in the country on guns.

“A general rule of thumb emerged from the data — head south if you are looking to get one of as many as 141,500 jobs generated by companies that make, distribute, and sell guns,” the website said. The advice to head south also pertained to another 159,623 jobs in ancillary industries such as gun component suppliers.

But another “rule of thumb” is also apparent: If you want a job in the gun industry, head into Trump country.

Read the rest of the piece on the Fox News site here!

Former Top Clinton Aide Won’t Clarify Whether Government Should Confiscate Guns

Jennifer Palmieri has been a senior aide to both Clintons, stretching back to her days as an aide in Bill Clintons West Wing and continuing as communications director for Hillary’s 2016 campaign. She also served as White House communications director for Barack Obama.

She was asked a simple question by Tucker Carlson: Should the government ever confiscate the guns of law-abiding citizens? She refused to answer, claimed she was being set up and offered up to Carlson a different question she’d rather answer.

At first she did seem to say guns shouldn’t be taken away, but she caveated the statement and then backed away from it, refusing to answer clearly.

And liberals say conservatives are being paranoid when they say the end goal of many anti-gun rights advocates is to take away peoples’ weapons.

We’d better cling tightly to these things . . .

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

Thank You, Justice Stevens

As you are probably aware, 97-year-old former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is arguing that the Second Amendment must be repealed. Music to my ears, but not because I want the Second Amendment to go away. Rather, the reverse.

In an opinion piece for the New York Times Tuesday, Stevens wrote that “a constitutional amendment to get rid of the Second Amendment would be simple and would do more to weaken the N.R.A.’s ability to stymie legislative debate and block constructive gun control legislation than any other available option.”

President Trump recognized the obvious political benefit of liberals’ tipping their hand to what they really want, which is a pathway toward strict limits on gun rights. And what could help more than possession of firearms no longer being a “right.” This is going to energize Republicans for the 2020 midterms, since they will understand that their gun rights are at stake.

Over at the Washington Post, liberals who are savvier than Mr. Stephens are pretty mad about this. From an article somehow labeled “analysis” that is pure opinion:

One of the biggest threats to the recovery of the Democratic Party these days is overreach. Having seen what Republicans have accomplished while pushing to the right, Democrats are debating how hard to push in the opposite direction — on the minimum wage, on abortion, on health care and on education. A party that was once afraid of being saddled with supporting “government-run” health care is increasingly okay with the word “liberal” and even voted in droves for a self-described socialist in 2016. And its 2020 hopefuls are leading the leftward charge.

But rarely do we see such an unhelpful, untimely and fanciful idea as the one put forward by retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

Trump has a good point about needing to hold the Supreme Court. Stevens is not the only liberal justice who thinks the Constitution, over which justices have stewardship, is outdated.

Just a few years ago, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was asked whether Egypt should use other Constitutions as a model for one it might produce following the ovethrow of former President Mubarak.

“I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a Constitution in the year 2012,” she said. “I might look at the Constitution of South Africa.”

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Trump to Address Violent Video Games

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