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Republicans Owe Beto O’Rourke a Grateful Hug

Beto O’Rourke is not going to win the Democratic primary. But his plan to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizen could destroy whoever does win it.

That’s because what conservatives have always suspected about Democrats is that in the end, what they want to do is abolish the Second Amendment and take away people’s guns. Beto provides evidence that this is exactly the case. And plenty of people will vote against the future Democratic nominee based on this concern.

Beto wants everyone’s AR-15’s. These among the most popular firearms. And plenty of good people want one not just because they are fun to shoot at the range, but because they want to make sure they are as well-armed as whoever breaks into there house.

Just imagine him sending the cops in to take those guns. Because that’s what he’ll have to do. Talk about a volatile situation.

Trump Risks Losing Support of Gun Rights Voters

President Trump needs to tread carefully in considering gun control laws. But it’s not clear to me that he will lose many people if he makes some compromises of red flag laws and background checks, which are backed even by many gun owners.

Wondering, what do you think?

According to the Washington Examiner:

Less than a week before calling for more gun control laws, President Trump invited boos at a massive Ohio campaign rally, warning 17,000 supporters that if Democrats reclaim power, “there is no Second Amendment.”

Within 72 hours of the rally, gunmen randomly murdered nearly three dozen people in nearby Dayton and in El Paso, Texas. And despite the campaign line, Trump called for new restrictions, outraging gun rights hardliners.

Trump told reporters that he would “certainly” bring up a semiautomatic gun ban, and pushed lawmakers to expand mandatory background checks and to allow temporary gun confiscation.

“I’ll be convincing some people to do things that they don’t want to do, and that means people in Congress,” Trump said, calling for “great legislation after all of these years.”

Michael Hammond, legislative counsel of Gun Owners of America, which claims 2 million members and supporters, said Trump risks losing both conservative and traditionally Democratic Midwestern voters.

“I am no longer committed to voting for Donald Trump,” said Hammond, who spends most of his time in New Hampshire. “I think he’s about to make his ‘read my lips’ mistake. He thinks he can do anything on the Second Amendment and gun owners will love him.”

Trump Goes After Violent Video Games

As far as I can tell, at least some of the guys who have committed these killings have also heavily indulged in violent video games. I’m willing to bet all of them have.

With these games proliferating and “PG-13” basically replacing “R” ratings, allowing more kids into egregiously violent movies, I think Hollywood and the gaming industry need to take a look at their own responsibility for what’s going on.

You know, some of the same people who were abusing women in their industry or looking the other way while it was going on.

Trump said during remarks today at the White House:

We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this, and it has to begin immediately.

The number of guns in this country has not changed since the incidence of mass shootings began to increase during the Obama administration.

But other aspects of our culture have changed, including this scourge of highly realistic games that inure children to violence and — more specifically — to committing violence.

Trump Suggests Legislation “Marrying” Background Checks and Immigration Reform

Well, the dealmaker thinks he can entice Democrats to support immigration reform by offering to link it to gun control.

Of course, they won’t, and President Trump probably knows that. But he also knows he can then try to say he offered to do something about guns but they would not cooperate.

Short Video || Trump Addresses the NRA

Okay, this is White House-produced propaganda. But the words are pretty stirring if you are a Second Amendment supporter. And I do think President Trump is a sincere advocate for and protector of the Second Amendment.

From his remarks to the NRA in Dallas Friday.

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Thank You, Justice Stevens

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