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Trump: I’d Consider Sending the NYC Terrorist to Gitmo

Why were we ever thinking of closing such a useful facility? Do you want those people hanging out near your neighborhood? Nice having them in Cuba. I think if we close the Guantanamo Bay prison we should move the prisoners to a detention center in Kalorama, the ritzy section of Washington where Barack Obama lives with a wall in front of his house.

Trump, who spoke at the top of a Cabinet meeting, also used the appearance to call for an end to the Diversity Visa Program under which the terrorist entered the country. Given that Saifullo Saipov is the second terrorist who has gotten in here under this program, it appears the “Diversity” part refers to terrorists, and non-terrorists.

Trump also said of Fed Chair Janet Yellen, “I think she’s excellent,” but did not say she would be his choice when he names a Federal Reserve Chair tomorrow.

Here are the rest of his remarks.

Biden Expects Gitmo to Close by the End of Obama’s Presidency

Vice President Biden said Thursday it is his “hope and expectation” that the U.S. Guantanamo Bay prison facility in Cuba will close before President Obama leaves office.

Biden spoke during a press conference with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven in Stockholm.

President Obama appears to be relentlessly determined, no matter the cost to national security, to follow through on his “promise” to close Gitmo. This is pettiness in the extreme, the determination of one egocentric man to not have his will denied.

Obama already has set loose from Gitmo, or sent to countries where they will be less securely held, many dangerous bad guys. Some have rejoined the battlefield and are fighting alongside other Islamist militants overseas. Others may be coming soon to a shopping mall, movie complex, megachurch, or skyscraper near you.

All to give one man a sense of satisfaction.

Lynch Opposes Obama Gitmo-Emptying Plan

Well, it’s nice to see the attorney general do something right for a change, like standing up for national security and the rule of law. Which is supposed to be her job. From Reuters:

President Barack Obama is again facing dissent from within his administration – this time from Attorney General Loretta Lynch – over his plans to shutter the Guantanamo Bay military prison, according to senior administration officials.

Lynch, a former federal prosecutor whom Obama appointed to head the Justice Department two years ago, is opposing a White House-backed proposal that would allow Guantanamo Bay prisoners to plead guilty to terrorism charges in federal court by videoconference, the officials said.

Over the past three months, Lynch has twice intervened to block administration proposals on the issue, objecting that they would violate longstanding rules of criminal-justice procedure . . .

White House officials confirmed that President Obama supports the proposal. But the president declined to overrule objections from Lynch, the administration’s top law-enforcement official.

“There were some frustrations,” said a White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity. “The top lawyer in the land has weighed in, and that was the DOJ’s purview to do that.”

If enacted into law, the Obama-backed plan would allow detained terrorism suspects who plead guilty to serve their sentences in a third-country prison, without setting foot on U.S. soil. The plan would thus sidestep a Congressional ban on transferring detainees to the United States, which has left dozens of prisoners in long-term judicial limbo in Guantanamo, the American military enclave in Cuba.

Obama has vowed to close the prison on his watch. But while he has overseen the release of some 160 men from the prison, the facility still holds 80 detainees.

Obama May Close Guantanamo Bay by Fiat

Why? Just because it’s important to him? Because he wants to fulfill his promise, inconveniences like the law and the Constitution notwithstanding?

From the Wall Street Journal:

The White House is drafting options that would allow President Barack Obama to close the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by overriding a congressional ban on bringing detainees to the U.S., senior administration officials said.

Such a move would be the latest and potentially most dramatic use of executive power by the president in his second term. It would likely provoke a sharp reaction from lawmakers, who have repeatedly barred the transfer of detainees to the U.S.

The discussions underscore the president’s determination to follow through on an early campaign promise before he leaves the White House, officials said, despite the formidable domestic and international obstacles in the way.

He’ll do this, according to the piece, by either vetoing legislation banning the transfer of detainees to the United States or simply refusing to enforce it:

A second option would be for Mr. Obama to sign the bill while declaring restrictions on the transfer of Guantanamo prisoners an infringement of his powers as commander in chief, as he has done previously.

George W. Bush unfortunately made the practice a little too Kosher for Passover with his own questionable “signing statements,” something Obama had vowed to reverse. Whatever.

The administration offered the Journal a line about how Obama strongly prefers a legislative solution over going around Congress, which is a clear is signal he’s going to do it since that’s what they always say when the Obama does something by executive action.

First, he’ll try to pare down the controversy “by reducing the inmate population by at least half through quickly transferring Guantanamo detainees cleared for release,” according to the Journal.

It’s no secret that plenty of Gitmo Alumni are now back in the Middle East trying to kill us. Will unreformed bad guys be set free just so Obama can complete his agenda and secure a little bit more legacy for himself?

Once it’s known that the president wants the place closed no matter what, the institutional bias within the administration, even among people who want to do the right thing, could be to err too much on the side of release. Good news for the ISIS recruitment office in Mosul.

The president needs to respect the will of the people, who don’t want Guantanamo Bay prisoners in the United States, and their elected representatives. But Obama will probably conclude that we’ll all see the light eventually, even if he’s just a little ahead of us.

WH Dossier Identifies Perfect Location for Gitmo Prisoners

As a public service . . . White House Dossier has identified a first-rate location for President Obama to put his terrorists once he closes Guantanamo Bay.

It’s completely surrounded by shark-infested freezing water, so there’s no escape. The natives have a thick accent that is hard for those with English as a second language to understand, so communication will be difficult.

My understanding is that the White House is aware of this place and, given the importance he attaches to closing Gitmo, the president may head their in August to inspect it himself.

You can find this new prison for terrorists here.

I hope you’ll agree this is an appropriate place to put them.