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Obama Enlists Weather Forecasters to do His Global Warming PR

Today, President Obama is using the most journalistically challenged faction of the profession, weather dudes and gals, to hype the new White House report asserting that climate change is going to smite humankind – and other kinds – unless we radically cut back on emissions. Note the excitement this morning among the weather idiots, who… Continue Reading

John Kerry’s Flat Earth Society

Who, exactly, is running The Flat Earth Society? is the question asked by atmospheric scientists Richard McNider and John Christy in today’s Wall Street Journal. The original flat earthers were the dominant scientific theorists who were as certain as they could be that you could sail right off the face of the earth. Those opposing them… Continue Reading

Coldest Winter in 35 Years?

Now imagine what we’d be hearing out of the White House and other Temples of Global Warming if this were the hottest summer in 45 years. The stats are starting to come in for this brutal winter of 2013-2014. Now, I understand global warming enthusiasts are claiming this is being caused by . . .… Continue Reading

As Obama Speaks, Top Scientist Questions Warming Models

As President Obama today announces a series of onerous, unilateral new regulations to try to limit carbon emissions, a leading climate scientist is acknowledging that the lack of warming over the past 15 years contradicts 98 percent of the climate change models, and that another five years of static temperatures will force scientists to completely… Continue Reading

Obama Climate Change Push Begins Tuesday

President Obama will begin his attempt to make the waters recede with an address on global warming Tuesday afternoon at Georgetown University in Washington He announced the speech in a carbon-friendly tweet this afternoon. The tweet contained a video. As you may be aware, the push will come by executive fiat, Congress having been unwilling… Continue Reading