In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Goerge Will: Trump May Have Caused the El Paso Shooting

Veteran conservative columnist George Will agrees with Democrats who say President Trump might have prompted the El Paso shooter to kill 22 people and wound many others. From his latest column in the Washington Post: It is not implausible to believe that Trump’s years of sulfurous rhetoric — never mind his Monday-morning reading, seemingly for the first time, of words the teleprompter told him to recite

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George Will Compares IRS Scandal to Watergate, Iran Contra

George Will, hardly an intemperate man, compared the IRS scandal Monday to Watergate and Iran Contra. Will, who appeared on Fox News Special Report, was discussing President Obama’s assertion Sunday that the scandal didn’t have a ‘Smidgeon” of corruption to it, thereby undermining an ongoing Justice Department investigation seeking to discover just such a smidgeon, or worse. Will said: We’ve had three major scandals in the last 40

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The Joy of Income Inequality

President Obama has promised to spend the rest of his term addressing the putatively grave problem of income inequality. IN  A WORLD . . .  where politicians indulge their private obsessions and political agendas, this makes sense. But what if, just, what if, instead of worrying about income inequality, Obama merely worried about INCOME. Because that’s what those still out of work aren’t getting. They’re

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Will: Hillary “May be Past Her Sell Date”

George Will seems to think if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) gets in the race against Hillary she has a serious chance. What’s more fun, to have William Jennings Bryan a female Bryan, from the Harvard Yard out there railing against capitalism and all its evil works, or someone like Hillary Clinton, whose been on the national scene by 2016 for 25 years – she may

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