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The Top Twelve Obama Foreign Policy Disasters

Barack Obama’s presidency has been marked by one overseas catastrophe after another. The screw ups are so legion, the incompetence so prolific, that, understandably, it gets confusing. So White House Dossier has helpfully compiled for you a list of the top foreign policy disasters wrought by the unrivaled fecklessness of our president. We think you’ll… Continue Reading

Corker: White House Foreign Policy Meeting “Bizarre”

I’ve never heard a of a U.S. senator meeting with senior White House officials and then afterward calling the session “bizarre.” But that’s what Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, the top Republican member of the Senate Foreign Policy Committee, termed a secret gathering Tuesday night that that included 14 senators – 11 Democrats, three Republicans – who… Continue Reading

Obama Gets it Right on Boko Haram

President Obama is under growing pressure to do more to rescue the nearly 300 girls kidnapped by the blood-drenched Islamist terrorist outfit Boko Haram. His response so far has been measured and reasonable, including the dispatch of advisors to offer technical help and negotiating expertise. He ought to resist demands that he do more. Hollywood… Continue Reading

World in Chaos

I read the news today, oh boy. The world lacks American leadership. It lacks the sense that America will take action to defend its interests. That America is decisive. That America is dangerous. We are not respected, and it shows. Because when we go completely to sleep, the jackals come out to hunt at night.… Continue Reading

Obama’s Correct Korea Policy

President Obama is pursuing a worldwide policy of engagement that is drawing sneers from our adversaries and abetting perceptions that the United States and its president are weak and can be messed with. But the one exception to the Cumbaya Doctrine is North Korea. Obama has pointedly not reengaged with the North Koreans in the… Continue Reading

The Peril of Putting the Naive in Power

President Obama entered the White House without experience of any kind that would normally qualify one for the most important job in the world. He chose a Secretary of State who fulfilled his wish to assemble a Lincolnesque “team of rivals” in his Cabinet, who was applauded by the Washington congnoscenti as an inspired choice,… Continue Reading