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Trump to Push Some Food Stamp Recipients to Work

What? Work for the right to take other peoples’ – taxpayers’ – money?

This is going to be a new concept for a lot of people who started receiving food stamps during the Obama administration, whcih actively sought to sign as many people up as possible for dependancy on the government.

According to Bloomberg:

A Trump administration outline for farm legislation calls for pushing some food-stamp recipients back to work, a Republican priority that Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says is necessary to discourage a “lifestyle” of government dependence.

“It’s evident that there are able-bodied adults without dependents who are on the food stamp program, who we believe it is in their best interests, and their families’ best interests, to move into an independent lifestyle,” Perdue told reporters Wednesday at an event on a farm outside Mifflintown, Pennsylvania. “During the last downturn, it became a lifestyle for some people. We don’t want it to become permanent.”

A four-page document released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Wednesday called for supporting “work as the pathway to self-sufficiency, well-being and economic mobility for individuals and families” on food stamps as part of farm legislation.

The administration didn’t specify in the statement how it would change the law or whether it wants to cut funds for the program. Perdue said Wednesday that tightened work requirements that push able-bodied adults into jobs or job-training programs could be one way to save money on a new agriculture law.

Surfer-Rocker Dude Still on Food Stamps!

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly caught up Monday with Surfer-Rocker dude, the lobster-buying food stamp recipient whom Fox profiled a few months ago. He’s still on food stamps and still buying lobsters – but only when lobster’s on sale, he assures us.

The cost of food stamps to you has risen from $17 billion in 2000 to $80 billion last year. The price tag has more than doubled under President Obama, according to Fox News.

Surfer-Rocker dude is using food stamps to help him get by while he implements his business plan, which involves surfing, rocking out, and girls.

Sure, he’s a self-indulgent leach. But he makes a pretty damn good point:

Do I have to apologize for the way the system’s set up?

He’s right. Things are working just as Obama’s social engineers have planned.

Because this rock and roll dream is actually one of those things the White House likes to refer to as “investments.” I thought the term was just a euphemism for spending, but – who knew? – the White House was being, like, totally sincere.

That is, Surfer-Rocker dude has assured us he’s going to make “millions and millions of dollars, man.” And can you imagine the taxes that we’ll collect on that? Talk about recouping an investment!

Anyway, your contribution to this enterprise is almost at an end, Surfer-Rocker Inc. assures us. “If everything’s planned out right, I should be off food stamps in a month,” he said.

Biden Plays the Race Card

Vice President Biden tried his hand at racial politics Monday, indirectly – but unmistakably – suggesting that use of the term “Food Stamp President” to describe Obama indicates Republicans are racist.

Biden, who spoke in Tallahassee, was referring to a term used routinely by Newt Gingrich, but he associated other Republicans presidential contenders with the remark.

From the pool report:

“For the first time, the Republicans are not – as we say, to use a football metaphor – they’re not hiding the ball. They’re saying exactly what they believe. For real – no, it’s good – it’s good because for the first time we can have an honest debate. These guys aren’t out there saying, ‘We’re compassionate conservatives, we want to fight to protect Medicare and Medicaid …’ They’re just being straight up, saying what they believe.”

“Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, I think they’re slightly different, and I mean this sincerely. I think it’s more about obstructionism for them. For them, their actions say what they really believe.”

“These are the same guys who are calling the president a ‘food stamp president’ – a thinly veiled, I don’t know what it is, but it’s inappropriate. It’s inappropriate.”

Biden in the last sentence is clearly pointing to the comments of other Gingrich critics who, unlike Biden, have finished the sentence, asserting that Gingirch’s remark is a thinly veiled derogatory reference to black people on food stamps. Gingrich has denied the comment has anything to do with race, saying he is pointing to the record numbers of people receiving food stamps during Obama’s presidency.

What’s more, Biden’s preceding comment about Republicans “saying exactly what they believe” would appear to be a play toward fears that Republicans are closet racists.