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Veterans Affairs Secretary Shinseki Resigns

President Obama today announced that Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has resigned, saying Shinseki himself had come to the conclusion that he could no longer function effectively. Speaking at the White House, Obama said that the resignation was based on “Rick’s judgement” and Shinseki’s belief that he would be a distraction: He has worked hard to investigate and identify the problems with access to care, but as

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Shinseki Apologizes but Gives No Hint He’ll Resign

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki apologized publicly today for the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs, but suggested he was apologizing for the sins of others and gave no indication he is about to resign. “Given the facts I know now, I apologize as the senior leader of the Department of Veterans Affairs,” Shinseki said, indicating that he has come to understand the “systemic”

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Carney Refuses to Say Obama has Confidence in Shinseki

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today carefully avoided saying that President Obama continues to have confidence in Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, suggesting a decision on whether he wants Shinseki to stay on will await an internal VA audit due by the end of the week. “He expects to receive a preliminary report very soon and will be very interested in the results,” Carney said.

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Three Reasons Why Obama Didn’t Dump Shinseki

President Obama’s decision not to fire VA Secretary Eric Shinseki is less mysterious than it seems. Here’s why he’s keeping him on: Obama is Shinseki, and Shinseki is Obama. Eric Shinseki assumed office the day after Obama did in 2009. For Obama to fire Shinseki at this point is to admit his own inadequacy and to reveal what I assume to be true: that Obama was not paying personal

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Obama Kinda Holds Someone Accountable for VA Scandal

Typical White House nonsense. Amid exploding demands for someone to be held accountable for the scandal in which dozens of veterans may have died waiting for care, the top Veterans Administration health official, one Dr. Robert Petzel, resigned today. Of course, this is the usual Obama White House hedging. A sort of response. You see, Petzel was set to resign anyway. His replacement had already been announced.

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