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Goerge Will: Trump May Have Caused the El Paso Shooting

Veteran conservative columnist George Will agrees with Democrats who say President Trump might have prompted the El Paso shooter to kill 22 people and wound many others.

From his latest column in the Washington Post:

It is not implausible to believe that Trump’s years of sulfurous rhetoric — never mind his Monday-morning reading, seemingly for the first time, of words the teleprompter told him to recite — can provoke behaviors from susceptible individuals, such as the alleged El Paso shooter. If so, those who marked ballots for Trump — we have had quite enough exculpatory sociology about the material deprivations and status anxieties of the white working class — should have second or perhaps first thoughts. His Republican groupies, meanwhile, are complicit.

Enough about the working class! Now back to tea in my library.

Is Trump worse than socialism, or the approximation of it? Was Jeb Bush going to stop the evisceration of the culture — through unsustainable illegal immigration, globalization, and political correctness — that the Founding Founders whom Will supposedly reveres gave us?

Forget Jeb, would Will want to be complicit in the potential destruction of this country through the election of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?

These are the hard questions conservatives so disgusted with Trump that they’d rather have Elizabeth Warren never seem to grapple with.