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Obama Attends Church on Easter

President Obama and his family today are making an unusual appearance in church, celebrating Easter at the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church, a two-hundred year old African America congregation in Alexandria, Virginia.

From the pool report:

We arrived at Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria at 10:25 after an uneventful motorcade ride, with a few onlookers snapping photos as we drove past the Washington Monument.

When the pool entered into the church from the back it was a jubilant congregation packed full. Everyone was swaying, singing, and clapping to music played by a band that includes a drummer, bass player, and keyboardist. Some raised their hands up high.

A choir of about 70 people is up front, nearly everyone clad in purple. Two banners, on either side of a wooden cross, read, “Hallelujah” and “He Lives.” There are two large television screens showing video from the service, and lyrics to the hymns. The congregation is predominantly African American.

After the singing stopped, the pastor Dr. Howard-John Wesley came to the front.

“How fitting that on the day we celebrate the rising of our Lord and savior, we also welcome our sitting president,” he said, as the congregation began to applaud and also welcomed the First Lady.

The pastor encouraged the crowd to stay in their seats.

“This is not selfie time,” he said to laughter. “Let the brother worship in the house of God.”

During an infectious rendition of the hymn “He Lives,” the congregation rose as a soloist sang with passion and the keyboardist took a solo. POTUS rose to his feet, too, and he could be seen from behind bobbing his head, clapping, and swaying a bit.

Obama got a sermon he is sure to love, seemingly linking acceptance of Christ to agreement with Obamacare:

“Even today in our political landscape, a line in the sand is drawn forcing you to make a decision on where you stand,” he said. “Where do you stand with rights or same sex couples…where do you stand on gun reform, where do you stand with police body cameras? Where do you stand on affordable health care? Life has a way of making you make a decision.”

“Where you stand on the resurrection of Jesus Christ: You either believe it or you reject it,” he added.

Obama was back at the White House by noon.

The president almost never attends church. Easter is the only time of year they can be reliably expected to appear.

Happy Easter!

My best wishes to everyone for a wonderful Easter. May all of you who celebrate the holiday have a day of great joy and spiritual fulfillment.

And chocolate!


Easter eggs

Happy Easter!

My best wishes to everyone who is celebrating the holiday. May this day bring joy and blessings to all of you. Happy Easter.


Obama Wishes You a Very Religious Easter

President Obama, as I’ve been reporting, has of late been proclaiming his religiosity, sounding like he’s been perusing the Bible every chance he gets and has suddenly become steeped in its phrases.

Meanwhile, he’s actually started attending church, with cameras rolling has he and the family make their way across Lafayette Part to St. John’s, across from the White House.

Of course, it takes only a low simmer of skepticism to come to the conclusion that all this has more to do with appealing to various blocs of voters than it does a sudden religious awakening on the part of the president, though I suppose anything’s possible.

The latest example is today’s weekly address, which sounds like it could have been delivered by the Cardinal of New York.

Yesterday, many of us took a few quiet moments to try and fathom the tremendous sacrifice Jesus made for all of us. Tomorrow, we will celebrate the resurrection of a savior who died so that we might live. And throughout these sacred days, we recommit ourselves to following His example.

Obama has gotten so graphic in his religious phrasing that I’m wondering exactly what the most bellicose advocates of separation of church and state would be saying if George W. Bush starting using such language.

Have listen to this week’s address.

If you doubt this has anything to do with the campaign, note that last year, Obama didn’t even bother to devote an address to Easter.  And in 2010, Obama offered “holiday greetings” as opposed to this year’s “Easter and Passover greetings,” and he barely got into any specifics about Christianity.

Obama already has the politically correct crowd in his pocket. He needs to make some inroads among the faithful in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

And if that means clinging to his Bible, he’ll do it.

What? No Easter Greeting?

Updated 8:00 pm ET Just when I thought the current team running the White House might have used up all its allotted mistakes comes word that President Obama failed to issue either an Easter or a Good Friday greeting to the nation. Now, let’s forget for a moment that these greetings, which presidents issue on… Continue Reading