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Obama’s Latest Nasty Accusation

I’m sorry, I meant to mention how contemptible this statement was by the president yesterday on the failure of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal in the Senate. So I’ll correct the oversight. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to link DADT repeal to the Defense spending bill, just so he could get this kind of reaction from Obama and others if Republicans voted it

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Obama Embraces Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Report

President Obama today said a new Pentagon report on the effects of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell should impel Congress to overturn the law before the lame duck session ends this year. The report found that, overall, some 70 percent of military personnel do not believe the change would have a negative effect on morale. But within combat units, as many as 58 percent are

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Gibbs: Obama Strongly Opposes Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today emphasized that President Obama wants an end to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, even as his administration appears likely to appeal a judge’s ruling that the law in unconstitutional. Briefing reporters today off-camera, Gibbs found about seven different ways to say Obama opposes the policy, apparently seeking to reassure gay rights groups that have become increasingly vocal – often

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Gay Protestors on Boats Try to Disrupt Obama

This is great. Planned like a military operation. Obama fundraiser at Alonzo Mourning’s Miami pad looks out on turbulent waters. From the pool report. As he is speaking, air horns can be heard across the bay, and pool is told by a GetEQUAL spokesman that they are activists protesting the administration on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Appear to have several small boats, at one point

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Obama Heckled by Gay Activists

President Obama tonight got a dose of something he’s not terribly used to – heckling. The president is waging a tricky juggling act trying to please various Democratic Party factions while keeping his ratings like, above 40 percent. With the Senate having failed Tuesday to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” one of the traditionally more vocal and colorful factions is not happy. Here’s the pool

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