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Somebody Got to Donna Brazile

This is a fascinating little video. Donna Brazile was mad as hell and wrote a justifiably angry book about how Hillary Clinton took over the DNC and corruptly ripped the primary election away from Bernie Sanders — and therefore away from Democratic voters too.

Of course, she contributed to this by sharing debate questions with Hillary during the primaries and so she might be a bit of a hypocrite and not the most credible witness but let’s forget about that for now we’re having too much fun. Okay?

Brazile’s book has created a couple problems for the Democratic establishment, of which Brazile is a part. First, while the Democrats are trying to say the Donald Trump undermined democracy, the only clear evidence of anyone doing that points to Democrats, who ate their own. And second, the Democratic establishment has been completely discredited, increasing the chances that a leftist populist will be the 2020 nominee.

No doubt, Democrats have been on the phone with Ms. Brazile dropping expletives and threatening the ship her to Mars. So here she is on CBS This Morning Tuesday trying to suggest it was a fair vote and hoping to change the subject to Russian meddling in the election. I have to give the liberal CBS This Morning crew credit. They’re not letting her get away with any of it and they’re flabbergasted at her backpedaling, even though they’re all old chums.

How Hillary Rigged the Democratic Primaries Against Bernie

The avarice and the immorality of the Clintons truly know no bounds. In order to gain power, they even ate their own.

Hillary Clinton betrayed millions of Democratic voters by ensuring that the ostensibly neutral Democratic National Committee favored her during the Democratic primaries. It favored her because it was secretly controlled by her.

The reason was money. According to an excerpt from an upcoming book by Donna Brazile, Barack Obama had left the DNC $24 million in debt after the 2012 election and was paying it off, but too slowly because of his “neglect” of fundraising. Meantime, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz wasn’t doing great at raising money either and was overspending.

But someone was raising money, and that was Hillary Clinton.

According to Brazile, who took over the DNC temporarily after DWS was ousted in the summer of 2016:

As Hillary’s campaign gained momentum, she resolved the party’s debt and put it on a starvation diet. It had become dependent on her campaign for survival, for which she expected to wield control of its operations.

Clinton’s control of the DNC was enshrined in an agreement that Brazile dug up after she took over. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a party’s candidate running the party, right? Except this agreement was signed in August 2015, months before a primary had even been held.

The agreement—signed by Amy Dacey, the former CEO of the DNC, and Robby Mook with a copy to Marc Elias—specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised. Her campaign had the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director, and it would make final decisions on all the other staff. The DNC also was required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings.

The funding arrangement  . . .  was not illegal, but it sure looked unethical. If the fight had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead. This was not a criminal act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity.

I told Bernie I had found Hillary’s Joint Fundraising Agreement. I explained that the cancer was that she had exerted this control of the party long before she became its nominee. Had I known this, I never would have accepted the interim chair position, but here we were with only weeks before the election.

Bernie Sanders was right. The system was rigged against his voters. By the Democrats.