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Video || Trump Says National Turkeys Have Been Subpoenaed by Schiff

This was pretty hilarious. I imagine some in the press have taken to Twitter – or their editorial pages – to accuse President Trump of “politicizing” the annual turkey pardon. From the White House transcript of the event in the Rose Garden Tuesday: Bread and Butter were raised in Tar Heel State by farmer Wellie… Continue Reading

Some Democrats Getting Cold Feet on Impeachment

It’s increasingly looking like the only thing bipartisan about the impeachment process will be the vote against it. The Democrats don’t have sufficient evidence of bad behavior to remove a president. Enough Americans understand this, and Democrats in swing districts are wondering if their 2018 victories are about to be reversed if they support impeachment.… Continue Reading

Dershowitz Says Trump Does Not Deserve to be Impeached

Poor Alan Dershowitz. Getting set for another summer of snubs on Martha’s Vineyard. But he’s a man of principle, even if he will no longer gets invited to the right parties. According to the Washington Examiner: Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz claimed Democrats are running an illegitimate impeachment process and that President Trump does not deserve… Continue Reading

Video || Jordan and Stefanik Sum Up the Trump Defense: Nothing Happened

The Democrats have a problem here. Whatever the accusations — and it is not good that Trump was trying to get a foreign leader to investigate his political opponent — Democrats have grapple with the inconvenient fact that the Ukrainians got the weapons and that they didn’t launch the investigations Trump wanted. Nothing happened. It… Continue Reading

Trump’s Mysterious Visit to the Hospital

Updated November 19, 10:23 am At 2:15 pm Saturday, President Trump left the White House looking uncharacteristically disheveled. Half an hour later, he arrived for an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland, where he has his checkups. And that’s what the White House said it was, an early start for… Continue Reading

Trump Rescues Three Service Members Accused of War Crimes

According to the Washington Examiner: President Trump intervened in the cases of three U.S. military members who had been accused of or convicted of war crimes. Trump issued two full pardons on Friday, releasing former Army Lt. Clint Lorance from military prison and dismissing murder charges against Army Special Forces Maj. Mathew Golsteyn. He also restored Chief… Continue Reading

Democrats’ New Line that Trump is Guilty of “Bribery” Shows That They are Losing

Featured Post Quid pro quo is out. Bribery and other criminal terms are in. That’s because Democrats understand that the whole impeachment drama is not taking hold with enough of the public. They have described President Trump as attempting a quid-pro-quo with Ukraine — upholding money trying to get Ukraine to do investigations into activities… Continue Reading