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Trump Mexico Tariff Threat Begins to Get Results

I love listening to all the people in Washington whining that President Trump isn’t deploying tariffs for their “proper” use. When will they understand that Trump was not sent to Washington for business as usual? And that he was sent to stop the unlimited illegal immigration — and maybe some legal immigration to — cascading… Continue Reading

Wolff: Bannon Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice

Looks like Steven Bannon is none to happy about being excluded from President Trump’s orbit and losing his Breitbart gig over his comments about Trumps’s family in Michael Wolff’s first book, “Fire and Fury.” So now, he’s cooperated extensively with Wolff for his second book, “Siege.” And the result is not pretty. Too bad Bannon… Continue Reading

Never Trumpers Cave: Trump Unlikely to Face Primary Challenger

Potential challengers to President Trump were waiting for the Mueller report, hoping it would show collusion with Russia. It didn’t. Now, they and the Never Trump conservatives who want to oust the president have given up on a primary challenge, which could have ruined the president’s chances, even if he won the primary. Just ask… Continue Reading

New Michael Wolff Book Exposed for Errors Even Before Publication

Following up on all the money he raked in from his last fusillade at President Trump, Michael Wolff, author of the 2018 book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, is back with another diatribe no doubt again filled with questionable assertions. According to the Washington Examiner: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office pushed back… Continue Reading

Washington Post Columnist Refuses to Use Trump’s Nicknames

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty says she is not going to repeat things the president of the United States says. Not preaching? Not making a political statement? Of course she is. What she’s also doing is censoring. But with the press, speech goes right out the window when Trump or political correctness is involved. I’m… Continue Reading

Video || Hillary Calls Pelosi Video Tweeted by Trump “Sexist Trash”

Okay, the video President Trump tweeted of Nancy Pelosi was heavily edited. But it still presents things she said and did – you know, saying “three” and holding up two fingers. And how on earth is it “sexist”? So if you mock a woman, it’s by definition sexist. I think that women can handle themselves… Continue Reading

Racism Has Declined Under Trump

That’s right. It’s according to a scientific study. And the Washington Post for forced to report it: Racial prejudice has not increased among white Americans since the explosive 2016 election, argues political scientist Daniel J. Hopkins. It has actually decreased by some measures, he found, possibly as a reaction to Trump’s unexpected ascension to the… Continue Reading

Trump Starts to Create Balance on the Notorious Ninth Circuit Court

Maybe the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California will stop being the place where President Trump’s executive action go to die. According to the Washington Examiner: Young, conservative judges appointed by President Trump might tip the country’s most liberal federal appeals court to political balance. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is on… Continue Reading