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Trump Eager to Strip More Former Officials of Their Security Clearances

Having denied former CIA Director John Brennan his coveted security clearance, President Trump is pleased with his action and is preparing to take more clearances away.

According to the Washington Post:

President Trump has told advisers that he is eager to strip more security clearances as part of an escalating attack against people who have criticized him or played a role in the investigation of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, two White House officials said.

Inside the West Wing, Trump is eager to move against others on the security clearance review list and could act soon, according to the White House officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Trump believes he has emerged looking strong and decisive in his escalating feud with Brennan, the aides said, adding that he shows a visceral disdain for the former CIA director when he sees him on TV.

But other aides would prefer a more thorough process or that he drop the matter altogether, and they are scrambling to review the list of people Trump says he would like to strip of clearances. These officials said Trump did not focus on his power to remove clearances until this summer.

Still, as the Russia probe tightens around Trump — Mueller is pressing his legal team over a potential interview with him — the president remains impulsive and unpredictable, aides said.

“The process is essentially meaningless,” one White House aide said. “If Trump wants to do it, he’ll just do it.”

Among those whose clearances may be under review are former Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., former FBI Director James B. Comey, former NSA Director Michael Hayden, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former FBI agents Peter Strozk and Lisa Page.

Current Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr’s clearance may also be revoked.

Trump Cancels His Military Parade

President Trump Friday canceled his military parade, charging that local Washington DC officials were attempting to rip off the federal government.

According to CNBC, the parade was slated to cost $92 million, compared to previous estimates of $12 million and $30 million. Having once lived in Washington, I wouldn’t be surprised if officials were indeed trying to fleece the government. Just as likely: Routine incompetence.

The parade had been planned for Veterans Day. The Pentagon initially delayed it before Trump nixed it.

Trump: The Press is “Free” To Write What it Wants, But it Writes Fake Stuff

President Trump today responded to a coordinated editorials by some 300 media outlets assailing Trump for his attacks on the mainstream media, tweeting that the press is free to write what it wants but continuing his sharp criticism of “fake news.”

The media are not the enemy of the people, as Trump has charged. That’s a dangerous thing for a president to say. But by relentlessly writing anti-Trump articles while pretending they are not editorializing, they aren’t being the friend of the people either.

Whether Trump is wrong or right to be attacking the media, journalists need to examine their own behavior. And that seems to be asking too much.

Some Believe Trump Wins if He Gets Impeached; They’re Wrong

According to Politico, there are a growing number of conservatives who think that getting impeached will help President Trump get reelected.

Politico writes:

The idea gaining currency on the right is that Trump can be Bill Clinton, not Richard Nixon. It depends on a delicate political calculation — that a Republican-held Senate would never follow a Democratic House and vote to remove Trump, and that voters tired of the long-running Russia scandal will, as they did in the late 1990s with Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal, want to move on.

The notion has surfaced spontaneously among a diverse set of conservatives, including politicians with Trump’s ear and young ultraloyalists of the president whose institutional knowledge of the GOP begins with its new standard-bearer.

In interviews, more than a dozen Republican politicians, activists and consultants — including some current and former Trump campaign aides with direct lines to the president — said they are increasingly convinced a Democratic House victory in the midterms and subsequent impeachment push would backfire and ultimately help the president in 2020.

“If they take the House, he wins big,” Barry Bennett, a former senior adviser to the Trump campaign, told POLITICO. “The market always overcorrects” . . .

“Well-respected thinkers believe that the more extreme the Democrats go, the more middle of the road voters will gravitate to Trump,” argued one prominent conservative and Trump supporter

Be careful what you wish for. Trump can win reelection on his achievements. Spending 2019 getting impeached and then 2020 running for reelection would mean that he will have time for very few achievements in the second half of his first term.

The process, understandably, will completely distract him. With a president distracted, anything can happen – bad things overseas, even a war, and problems in the economy.

Thinking impeachment helps Trump politically is deeply cynical. It’s the thinking of the Washington political class, which doesn’t understand the appeal of Trump’s actual policies. The more he gets done in the next couple of years, on the domestic and international stages, the better for him. Impeachment means he gets much less done.

And apart from politics, what a tragedy the Democrats’ plan will be for the country. If you think things are divisive and close to violence now, wait until Democrats start to actively try to remove a duly elected president.

Bannon Starts New Group Framing Midterms as Vote on Impeachment

According to Politico:

Steve Bannon is attempting a political resurrection, launching a 25-person pro-Trump rapid-response and polling operation that is framing the midterms as an up-or-down vote on the president’s impeachment.

The former White House chief strategist has started Citizens for the American Republic, an outside political group that intends to advise surrogates, generate talking points, and flood the TV and radio airwaves ahead of a perilous midterm election.

As part of the campaign, Bannon — a former Hollywood producer who’s made several conservative films — will soon release a new documentary, “Trump@War,” which he plans to release in September on the two-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s now-infamous speech in which she referred to Trump supporters as “deplorables.” The slickly produced movie depicts the president in deeply flattering terms, casting him as a populist hero who’s followed through on his campaign promises and defied a long line of liberal critics.

It notably does not focus on the culture wars that Trump advisers have said will be the key to his re-election strategy, but tells a positive story about the president’s 2016 campaign and time in office, while portraying liberal Trump haters as the ones who have targeted his supporters with physical violence in the streets . . .

“It’s very simple to me. This is a referendum on Trump, up-or-down vote on impeachment,” he said. “This other side, they’re very motivated — and they’re motivated for one thing: They want to impeach Donald Trump.”

Bannon’s strategy since being ousted from Trump’s orbit after criticizing Trump’s children is to shower the president with love and hope he is accepted back. This is smart, because Trump has not abandoned the populist-natonalist movement Bannon helped create and remains popular with the base, so Bannon has nowhere else to go. And Bannon recognizes that Trump remains the best vehicle for his ideas, which Bannon holds sincerely.

This is going to be very beneficial to Trump and the GOP. Because the danger for Republicans is that their base is not as motivated as the Democrats’, and so Bannon is trying to use fear – of impeachment – to get Republicans to the polls.

What’s more, Bannon is tireless and a brilliant organizer. He will create an extemely effective organization.

Many around Trump, however, will resist this and tell Trump he should do so too, both because they personally hate Bannon and because they think Trump will be tied to someone who is portrayed by Democrats as some kind of white supremacist. This is not what Bannon is at all, as I detail in the biography I wrote about him.

I think Trump knows how effective Bannon is and will recognize a die-hard suppoerter. I believe he will take Bannon back into his good graces, if he hasn’t already.

Trump Denies Former CIA Director John Brennan’s Security Clearance

President Trump doesn’t issue idle threats, does he? This is something no doubt noticed by our adversaries overseas.

And I guarantee you, this is a fate nearly worse than death for Mr. Brennan.

From a statement by the president that explains it all:

As the head of the executive branch and Commander in Chief, I have a unique, Constitutional responsibility to protect the Nation’s classified information, including by controlling access to it. Today, in fulfilling that responsibility, I have decided to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Historically, former heads of intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been allowed to retain access to classified information after their Government service so that they can consult with their successors regarding matters about which they may have special insights and as a professional courtesy.

Neither of these justifications supports Mr. Brennan’s continued access to classified information. First, at this point in my Administration, any benefits that senior officials might glean from consultations with Mr. Brennan are now outweighed by the risks posed by his erratic conduct and behavior. Second, that conduct and behavior has tested and far exceeded the limits of any professional courtesy that may have been due to him.

Mr. Brennan has a history that calls into question his objectivity and credibility. In 2014, for example, he denied to Congress that CIA officials under his supervision had improperly accessed the computer files of congressional staffers. He told the Council of Foreign Relations that the CIA would never do such a thing. The CIA’s Inspector General, however, contradicted Mr. Brennan directly, concluding unequivocally that agency officials had indeed improperly accessed congressional staffers’ files. More recently, Mr. Brennan told Congress that the intelligence community did not make use of the so-called Steele Dossier in an assessment regarding the 2016 election, an assertion contradicted by at least two other senior officials in the intelligence community and all of the facts.

Additionally, Mr. Brennan has recently leveraged his status as a former high-ranking official with access to highly sensitive information to make a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations – wild outbursts on the internet and television – about this Administration. Mr. Brennan’s lying and recent conduct, characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary, is wholly inconsistent with access to the Nation’s most closely held secrets and facilitates the very aim of our adversaries, which is to sow division and chaos.

More broadly, the issue of Mr. Brennan’s security clearance raises larger questions about the practice of former officials maintaining access to our Nation’s most sensitive secrets long after their time in Government has ended. Such access is particularly inappropriate when former officials have transitioned into highly partisan positions and seek to use real or perceived access to sensitive information to validate their political attacks . . .

As part of this review, I am evaluating action with respect to the following individuals: James Clapper, James Comey, Michael Hayden, Sally Yates, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.

Trump Wishes “Happy Birthday” to Maxine Waters, “Leader of the Democratic Party”

That’s pretty funny. Of course, Trump knows that the more publicity for a radical like Maxine Waters, mindlessly demanding Trump’s impeachment for whatever reason, the worse for Democrats in the general election. And it’s nice to see that Trump isn’t intimidated by all the charges that he’s being racist by criticizing one of his most vocal and powerful critics.

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