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Trump Moves to Cut Off Funding for Planned Parenthood

Many on the right questioned during the campaign whether Donald Trump would govern as an actual populist conservative.

The influence of Jared and Ivanka appears to have been minimal. Whatever he once was during years past as a businessman in New York City, he seems to be a genuine conservative at this point, and certainly a more conservative president than either of the Bushes.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The Trump administration posted a final rule Friday that would require family planning clinics to be housed in separate buildings from abortion clinics, a move that would cut off Planned Parenthood from some federal funding.

The rule applies to a $286 million-a-year grant, known as Title X, that pays for birth control, testing of sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer screenings for 4 million low-income people. It requires the “physical and financial” separation of family planning services and abortion.

Federal funds are not permitted to go toward abortions except in the cases of rape, incest, or if a woman’s pregnancy threatens her life. Abortion foes, however, have long fought for rules along the lines of the one advanced Friday because they say allocating federal funds toward clinics such as Planned Parenthood frees up additional funds to provide abortions. The organization receives between $50 million and $60 million from Title X. The rule is likely to be challenged in federal court.

Democrats Ready to Smoothly Transition to New Trump Probes

Well, looks like that whole Russia collusion thing that tied up the presidency for the past two years is a bust. Robert Mueller is about to release his report, and while he discovered some dirty laundry rummaging through people’s closets, he apparently has found no illegal behavior committed by President Trump, and no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

But Democrats are having too much fun, and they’re not going to let Mueller spoil the party. They will be investigating Trump until the day he leaves office, and then afterward as well.

According to Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal:

There’s been no more reliable regurgitator of fantastical Trump-Russia collusion theories than Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. So when the House Intelligence Committee chairman sits down to describe a “new phase” of the Trump investigation, pay attention. These are the fever swamps into which we will descend after Robert Mueller’s probe.

The collusionists need a “new phase” as signs grow that the special counsel won’t help realize their reveries of a Donald Trump takedown. They had said Mr. Mueller would provide all the answers. Now that it seems they won’t like his answers, Democrats and media insist that any report will likely prove “anticlimactic” and “inconclusive.” “This is merely the end of Chapter 1,” said Renato Mariotti, a CNN legal “analyst.”

Mr. Schiff turned this week to a dependable scribe—the Washington Post’s David Ignatius—to lay out the next chapter of the penny dreadful . . . Mr. Schiff has now dictated to Mr. Ignatius a whole new collusion theory. Forget Carter Page, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos—whoever. The real Trump-Russia canoodling rests in “Trump’s finances.” The future president was “doing business with Russia” and “seeking Kremlin help.”

So, no apologies. No acknowledgment that Mr. Schiff & Co. for years have pushed fake stories that accused innocent men and women of being Russian agents. No relieved hope that the country might finally put this behind us. Just a smooth transition—using Russia as a hook—into Mr. Trump’s finances. Mueller who?

Trump Campaign Increasingly Likes Its Chances as Democrats Bow to Socialism

According to the Washington Examiner, optimism is growing in the Trump camp:

Republicans toiling to re-elect President Trump are freshly optimistic, confident a Democratic Party dominated by ambitious progressives is scaring wayward factions of the conservative coalition back into the fold. 

With a midterm election rebuke and disastrous government shutdown in the rear view, Trump’s 2020 campaign team and constellation of key outside supporters are sensing a turnaround. The president hasn’t changed his controversial ways. But Trump’s top lieutenants believe that newly empowered liberal Democrats — in Washington and across the country — plus the sometimes peculiar spectacle of the Democratic primary, are causing uneasy Republicans to reconsider their opposition. 

“As the House Democrat caucus is increasingly dominated by extreme left members, and as Democratic presidential candidates work to outmaneuver each other in embracing socialist policies, the choice will become increasingly clear,” Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement provided to the Washington Examiner. “Support for the president is already on the rise.”

William Weld is a Problem for Trump

The never-Trumper’s, and certainly President Trump himself, will seek to laugh off the decision by former Massachusetts governor William Weld to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination. But actually, this is a very serious problem for the president.

Weld announced Friday morning that he’s going to give it a shot, no doubt getting him invites to all the Sunday talk shows.

The reason some GOP money, and probably the anti-Trump faction of the Republican Party, will likely get behind Weld is that they understand that Weld doesn’t have to win, and he probably won’t. But they know that he only has to injure Trump enough to harm his prospects for the general election.

The reason some GOP money, and probably the anti-Trump faction of the Republican Party, will likely get behind Weld is that they understand that Weld doesn’t have to win, and he probably won’t. But they know that he only has to injure Trump enough to harm his prospects for the general election.

History doesn’t always repeat itself, but the history for presidents who get primary challengers is not good. George H.W. Bush was challenged by Patrick Buchanan and lost in the general election to Bill Clinton in 1992. Gerald Ford was forced to run in the 1976 primary against Ronald Reagan and lost his reelection bid to Jimmy Carter. And Lyndon Johnson decided not to even make a try for reelection as challengers piled up in the Democratic primaries.

Weld may not be the only challenger. I’m willing to bet that the eternally self-indulgent former Ohio Governor John Kasich will give it a try too. Trump is going to have to expend resources to combat them, and he will be under constant attack from within his own party, possibly hurting his polls.

The president’s political advisors certainly know all of this. I am sure that while publicly they will dismiss Weld, privately they will take him very seriously.

Trump to Declare National Emergency After Signing Spending Bill

President Trump said he had other ways to fund his wall. He was serious.

“President Trump will sign the government funding bill, and as he has stated before, he will also take other executive action — including a national emergency — to ensure we stop the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border,” White House Press press secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday afternoon. “The president is once again delivering on his promise to build the wall, protect the border, and secure our great country.”

Trump Tries to Keep Conservatives from Attacking Him on Border Deal

Prominent conservative media figures are once again trying to convince him not to go for it, as they did successfully last time when they changed his mind and got him to force a shutdown. This time, they’re not going to succeed.

President Trump appears ready to sign a spending deal that would avert a government shutdown but provide only skimpy funding for his proposed wall.

So Trump is trying to assuage conservatives, according to the New York Times:

As he inched closer to reluctantly accepting a bipartisan spending compromise without the money he demanded for his border wall, Mr. Trump offered no acknowledgment on Wednesday that his pressure tactics had failed even as aides sought to minimize the damage by tamping down criticism on the right.

One call was made to Lou Dobbs, a favorite of Mr. Trump’s whose Fox Business Network show he often tries to catch live. Another was placed to Sean Hannity, the Fox host who regularly talks with the president. The message: Mr. Trump deserved support because he still forced concessions that he would never have gotten without a five-week partial government shutdown.

Even so, it was arguably the most punishing defeat Mr. Trump has experienced as president, and it left the White House scrounging for other ways to pay for a wall on the southwestern border and rethinking its approach to a Congress now partly controlled by Democrats. The agreement that lawmakers produced this week would allocate $1.375 billion for fencing along the border, even less than was on the table at one point last year. 

Mr. Trump argued that the shutdown had been useful because it educated the country about troubles at the border and, if nothing else, he has framed the national debate on his terms. That did not completely assuage conservatives. Representative Mark Meadows, Republican of North Carolina and the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, contradicted the White House line and declared that the agreement was “a bad deal for the president.”

Should conservatives feel reassured? Should conservative opinion leaders leave Trump alone this time around? What do you think?

Suddenly, Trump has a Crew of New Whipping Boys

The White House has it’s political and PR game revved up and in good shape. It’s gotten some scandals thrown right into its plate, and it won’t get out of attack mode.

President Trump Tuesday called Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s apology for allegedly anti-Semitic remarks “lame,” saying she should resign from Congress or at least her post of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

This follows multiple attacks by Trump on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who advocates the latest possible late-term abortions and who was shocked – shocked, I tell you – to find that someone in blackface and someone in a Ku outfit have been sitting on his medical school yearbook page for three and half decades.

Northam and other scandal-plagued Democratic leaders in Virginia – the attorney admits appearing in blackface and the Lieutenant governor is accused of multiple sexual assaults – plan to be the gifts that keep on giving, refusing in unison to resign.

The press will soon forget about it, of course, because they’re politicians involved are Democrats. But Trump won’t.

And the fun for Republicans with people like Omar is just beginning.

Poll: Half of Voters Support Southern Border Wall

A new Politico poll shows rising numbers of voters backing President Trump’s call for a border wall, with 47 percent now supportive and 47 percent against.

This is huge political news for Trump. Think about it, half the country backs his key campaign promise, even as the media and all the Democratic candidates bash it relentlessly. You combine that information with a strong economy and the extreme leftism of the Democratic field and you are again looking at Trump wiping out his Democratic opponent in the Midwest and other sensible places.

Trump’s approval rating jumped from 41 to 45 percent in just one week, suggesting he is at leat not losing the war of words on the wall. Also, I think, many voters are recoiling from these Democrats as they announce their plans to run for Chief Commissar of the United States.

Trump’s “Ivankacare” Family Leave Entitlement Faces Conservative Opposition

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Steyer Targeting His Billions Against Dems Who Hesitate to Impeach Trump

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Trump in All-Out Campaign to Turn Public Against Democrats’ Probes

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