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Dennis Miller and Fox’s Kennedy Take on Robert DeNiro

Dennis Miller is a conservative comedian and political pundit – comic pundit? – who is somehow surviving in an era when artists, who should be at the vanguard of defending free expression, are instead leading a jihad against conservatives and anyone who supports President Trump

“Artistic expression should be all-encompassing. If people disagree with you, they are not evil,” Miller said during a Fox Business appearance with Kennedy, who also hails from show business. The two went after Robert DeNiro for his foul-mouthed denunciation of Trump at the Tony Awards, which drew a standing ovation.

“We’re at a point with all of this where it’s beyond trying to see another person’s point of view,” DeNiro said during an interview a couple of months ago.

How typical of the left, to shut down freedom in order to supposedly save it. And they call Trump the fascist . . .

The former SNL Weekend Update host also has a great podcast you should check out, “The Dennis Miller Option.” It’s one of the few podcasts I take the time to listen to. He obviously has an IQ somewhere in the mid-160s, and he riffs on political issues with perspicacity, humor, and all sorts of creative, arcane and colorful references to the culture past and present.

“In the future, hopefully, everybody will be not famous for 15 minutes,” he said during a recent podcast talking about the narcissism of the current social media-obsessed culture.

On political correctness: “Our abrasion zone as far as being upset or insulted has been tightened down like Lou Ferrigno working an Indy 500 lugnut wrench.”

Doesn’t get much better than that!