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McDonough: “An Occupation that has Lasted 50 Years Must End”

I’m beginning to wonder if President Obama is going to provoke another Intifada.

What has happened is clear. Secretary of State Kerry tried to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize – and who knows, a second for Obama? – by negotiating a “peace” agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Now that this didn’t work, and with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu firmly ensconced under the skin of Obama, the administration has decided to ratchet up the pressure and force Israel to accept what it couldn’t get through voluntary negotiation. To this end, the United States will abandon its support for Israel in certain international fora, increasing worldwide pressure on the Israelis to accept a Palestinian state.

And Obama will have support from many American Jews, who are traumatized at the criticism by their allies on the left of Israel’s lack of “social justice” and are aghast that their Israeli cousins voted overwhelmingly for right wingers. The divide between Jews in Israel and the United States is outlined in this piece by Dennis Prager.

Just look at this video. Here is White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough receiving wild applause during remarks Monday from the leftist Jewish group “J Street,” a rapturous, standing ovation for a statement that could have been made by the leader of Hamas:

An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end, and the Palestinian people must have there right and live in, and govern themselves in their own sovereign state.

This is frightening. I hope those screaming their approval will plan some travel to Israel once ISIS or the equivalent takes over the Palestinian “sovereign state” and explosives begin raining down on the heads of Israelis.

And think of how this was phrased. “An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years.” As if Israel were an evil, colonial force rather than a nation trying to preserve some kind of buffer for itself between existence and doom.

With the White House now siding with Israel’s enemies, one has to wonder if the Palestinians, enthralled and emboldened by their new White House backing, will calculate that it would benefit them to add to the pressure with a little of their vintage terrorism. What’s more, the violence could provoke an Israeli response that would further antagonize the world, and Obama.

The White House is playing with fire. All Israel has is America. And now, with America about to deliver to the Iranians a nuclear weapon and hoping to hand the Palestinians a state, Israel is in mortal jeopardy.

McDonough Takes Blame for Paris

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough took the blame Tuesday for the failure of President Obama or another senior official to attend the march for free speech in Paris earlier this month.

“We’ve said we regret we didn’t send someone more senior than our ambassador,” McDonough said on NBC’s The Today Show. “That rests on me, that’s my job.”

But McDonough did not say he regretted the decision because Obama should have been at the march, saying instead that the problem was that “the melee that ensued” from the bad publicity “obfuscated” progress the United States has made with Europeans combating terrorist threats.

So you see, the problem really rests with others.

McDonough made no mention of whether Obama approved of the decision or even expressed the least amount of interest in traveling to Paris for the march.

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Obama Privately Outraged About VA Scandal!

President Obama is angry! He’s the angriest of them all! He’s like a lion whose mane is being incessantly plucked by a relentless aardvark! Nobody in the whole world is angrier!

Buhhhht . . .

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough had a tough time explaining to a persistent Major Garrett how it is that his boss – McDonough’s, not Garrett’s – could be so hopping mad about the deaths – DEATHS – caused by his own Veterans’ Administration and not be moved to say something publicly about it.

Obama’s single public mention of the scandal was in response to a question during a press conference three weeks ago in the Philippines, in which he bravely acknowledged that despite his own Herculean efforts, “some folks may still not be getting the help that they need.”

Watch how Garrett, the CBS White House reporter who was guest-questioning McDonough for Face the Nation, calmly cuts through the spin. He’s one of the few White House reporters who bothers to do it.

I don’t think the White House realizes yet that their usual garbage won’t cut it in this case. McDonough is left stammering, like the Wizard of Oz still trying to project his voice even after Toto has raised the curtain. So maybe now he knows.

Keystone May Still Be Headed for Rejection

Sure, the State Department put out a report Friday asserting that building the Keystone pipeline would have no significant impact on global warming. The State Department’s view is supposed to be determinative. But not for this White House.

“The Friday report is an important input,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said Sunday, going on to detail the horrors of climate change. “We have one department with a study, now we have other expert agencies – the EPA and many others . . . ”

Here’s McDonough’s testy little exchange with David Gregory on Meet the Press.

Uhh boy. It’s never been clear to me what Obama gets at this point from approving the Keystone pipeline. His perceived claim to history is as the liberal messiah. He’s not going to get there by walking on oil.

I love McDonough’s assertion, which really drew a tear to my eye, that Obama wants to “insulate this process” from politics. “Washington loves the politics,” he said.

Yeah, Washington indeed loves the politics. But no one in Washington loves the politics more so than Obama.

Remember, the Keystone pipeline had already been given the go ahead by State, and Obama delayed the decision further in late 2011 after the enviros he’d need in 2012 – and their very rich backers in Hollywood and elsewhere – erupted in paroxysms of bereavement, despondent that more cheap oil might be coming to the United States.

According to Reuters, it’s the leftist EPA that could be calling the shots here, not State:

Friday’s State Department report contained the EPA’s evaluation that crude produced from Canada’s oil sands, which the pipeline would carry, are 17 percent more greenhouse gas intensive than average oil used in the United States.

“The EPA has been very consistently critical. If the report does not make significant changes from the draft version released last March, the EPA would be in a position to be critical in its review,” said Danielle Droitsch, Director of the Canada Project with the Natural Resources Defense Council, a green group.

“I don’t think Obama would ignore the EPA being critical,” she said.

I don’t either.