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Departure of Top Aides Could Grow Jarrett’s Power Further

President Obama will lose two of his most senior aides over the next few months, departures that could further augment the power of the person who is already the paramount Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

The departure of Obama senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer next month would leave Jarrett as the last remaining White House official who has been part of Obama’s inner circle since the start. Pfeiffer served as communications director early in the administration and has long been viewed by White House observers as a man who had the trust of the president and his other aides.

Also departing is the current communications director, Jeniffer Palmieri, though she won’t leave until the spring. Palmieri, a veteran of the Bill Clinton White House, is expected to join Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Immigration Edict Set for End of Summer

Looks like President Obama doesn’t want any immigration blowback interrupting his August vacation.

White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer Sunday indicated Obama’s expected move to provide legal status to millions of illegal immigrants will occur around Labor Day. Responding to a question from George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week about whether the executive action would be handed down “in September,” Pfeiffer replied, “It’ll be at the end of the summer.”

Pfeiffer pretended there was some kind of formal process exogenous to the White House – where the real power lies – in play, saying Obama would not act until he got “recommendations” from Attorney General Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson, and that those weren’t due until end of summer.

But you and I know Obama simply doesn’t want all the shpitt hitting the fan while he’s on Martha’s Vineyard August 9-24, or ruining a possible three-day Labor Day Weekend golf extravaganza.

Pfeiifer offered up the usual White House drivel about Obama needing to do something because Congress won’t bend to his will.

Because of Congress’ failure to fix the immigration system and to pass the supplemental appropriations will need to deal with the specific crisis on the border, the president has no choice but to act.

Really? No choice?

Where in the Constitution does it say that if Congress fails to act, the president must write his own laws?

Actually, just last November, as Stephanopoulos pointed out, Obama himself couldn’t find such a provision:

If, in fact, I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so. But we’re also a nation of laws. That’s part of our tradition.

I dunno, maybe he went rummaging through the Federalist Papers between tees Saturday.

Or maybe we’re no longer a nation of laws.

Another Sunday Show Prep Lie?

Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner appears to be alleging that the White House asked him to lie during an appearance on the Sunday talk shows, telling him to say that Social Security doesn’t contribute to the deficit, when it does.

From Geithner’s new book out today, “Stress Test Reflections in Financial Crises:”

I remember during one Roosevelt Room prep session before I appeared on the Sunday shows, I objected when Dan Pfeiffer wanted me to say Social Security didn’t contribute to the deficit. It wasn’t a main driver of our future deficits, but it did contribute.

Pfeiffer said the line was a ‘dog whistle’ to the left, a phrase I had never heard before. He had to explain that the phrase was code to the Democratic base, signaling that we intended to protect Social Security.

In fact, taxpayer funds from general revenues – not just the payroll tax – are NOW being used to pay Social Security beneficiaries. Pfeiffer surely knew this.

But if one wanted to be charitable – one doesn’t, but if one did – one would speculate that Geithner corrected Pfeiffer and Pfeiffer said, “Oh, I didn’t know that.”

The White House claims Pfeiffer bends over backwards to tell the truth

But judging by the White House response today, we have a he said, he said on our hands.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Pfeiffer surely told Geithner to say Social Security is not a main driver of the deficits. But Geithner is pretty clear that this is exactly what Pfeiffer did not say.

Reporting on Fox News a few minutes ago, Ed Henry said a “source close to Geithner” said Geithner didn’t mean to say the White House was sending him forth to mislead people on the Sunday talk shows.

Sounds like reeling it back in to me.

What’s more, of course, there seems to be a bit of pattern about these prep sessions. My suggestion is, next time an administration official appears on a Sunday talk show, go make a mimosa and do the crossword puzzle.

Pfeiffer Declares Class Warfare

President Obama’s consigliere-in-chief Dan Pfeiffer Sunday signaled his boss will be waging class warfare through November, as Democrats reach ever deeper into their empty bag of tricks to try to hold onto the Senate.

Pfeiffer appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press.

We’re on the right side of the issue of that matters most to the public: Jobs and the economy.

Here’s what the president’s going to do: He s going to lay out the terms of the debate in this election – it’s a choice between Democrats who support an agenda of opportunity for all, Republicans who support and agenda of opportunity for a few.

Really? You think people are going to go for this again?

Pfeiffer demonstrates here that Democrats have absolutely no agenda. The agenda they had has been a disaster, and they’re reduced to blubbering stale lines about Republicans being for the rich.

Mean Republicans.

And the “opportunity for all” trope is going to be good for a  pleasant chuckle, since Obama has had five years to provide it and there are still not many jobs and not much of an economy.

Notice how Pfeiffer refuses to answer host David Gregory’s question about whether Obama is more of an asset or a  liability. I assume he realizes lying about this one would make him look like too much of an idiot with other political consultants.

Pfeiffer: Uhh, Uhh, It’s Bush’s Fault!

Bombarded by Fox New Sunday host Chris Wallace with statistics demonstrating the failure of President Obama’s policies, White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer Sunday fell back on an old standby: LOOK AT THE MESS BUSH LEFT US!!

I think it’s important to remember this president inherited the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. A financial crisis.

Notice in the video below how when Wallace mentions that the recession ENDED four years ago, Pfeiffer starts to flail, blurting out every White House talking point he can come up with: We have created millions of jobs; we’re pumping lots of oil; the auto industry is back; and the golden classic, We’ve made tremendous progress but there’s much more work to do.

Yes, there is much more work to do.

Wallace throws in a nice line, which he surely came up with the night before: If things are so great, how come they’re so lousy?

The reasons the economy is stinking up the place are very simple. Instead of focusing on the helping the economy soar, Obama burdened the economy with Obamacare, refused to restore confidence by dealing seriously with the deficit, and added thousands of pages of new regulations, including overbearing financial “reform.”

You can’t enact your liberal dream agenda and fix the economy at the same time. Obama chose his priorities over restoring economic growth. And most of the nation is suffering for it.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

White House: We’re Not Waitin’ for No Silly Congress

You thought the rewriting of Obamacare from the Oval Office was bad? The passage of the Dream Act by vote of the president’s advisors? The unapproved war in Libya? Folks, we’re just getting started.

From an email sent out by Obama consigliere Dan Pfeiffer.

President Obama has a resolution for 2014: that this will be a year of action. … He will be looking for areas of bipartisan cooperation, but he won’t be waiting on Congress to act. Instead, the President will use his executive authority, both his pen and his phone, to work with anyone to get things done — whether they be leaders in business, education, Congress, states, or local communities … [W]hen the President travels to North Carolina this Wednesday, he’ll announce a new public-private effort to boost advanced manufacturing that attracts the kind of well-paying jobs that sustain a growing middle class. … [I]f you’re in, then let President Obama know you’re standing behind him.”

Bolding is mine.

The message includes this website address, where you can add yourself to the White House email list, which will be used, no doubt like the campaign email list, to gin up “grassroots” support for Obama. Even uses the campaign solicitation, Are you in?

I have a problem with using the White House website as a rank advocacy tool. I get that it’s going to be employed to make the president look like a wonderful person. But it’s still The People’s House, and this is The People’s Website. Funded by The People. I think they’re overdoing it. But what’s new?

When you’re going to be legislating from the Oval Office for the next three years, improper use of a website must hardly seem an issue.

H/T to Playbook.

Obama’s Benghazi WOW Factor

When I was a kid, we had a neighbor, a young woman whose perennial reaction to things was, “Oh wowwww!”

This, we deduced, probably had to do with her having not quite enough working brain synapses to process new information, and even fewer available to manufacture an intelligible response.

And so she just presented to the world a flummoxed visage and exclaimed, “Oh wowwww!”

I suppose she was luckier than us, walking around as she did in a constant state of amazement.

I was reminded of this as I watched White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer pretend that President Obama’s reaction the night of the Benghazi murders didn’t matter, and that even raising questions about what he did that night was “offensive.”

Other than stammering something at the beginning of the crisis that amounted to “do everything you can,” there has been no information about how he responded to the drumbeat of bad news that must have been coming out of Libya that night.

Did he do nothing? Did he do something that was a bad idea? We don’t know.

Or maybe he just said, “Oh wowwww.”

“Mr. President, our embassy is under attack.”

“Oh wowwww!”

“Mr. President, our embassy is on fire.”

“Oh wowwww!”

“Mr. President, would you like to consider a military response?”


“Mr. President, the annex is now under attack.”

“Oh wowwww!”

Mr. President?

“Oh wowwww!”

And so forth.

Yes, Dan, it matters what the president did, whether he went to the Situation Room, and what he said that night. Because the nation needs to know what kind of commander in chief it has.

And because a president not held responsible for his actions will commit irresponsible actions.

White House: Questioning Obama’s Actions is OFFENSIVE

You can get some idea of how the press office at the White House operates in this video of Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to President Obama who was formerly his communications chief, starting down the well trod path of bullying those who question the Obama White House.

You want to talk Nixonian, this is Nixonian.

It’s TV, so Pfeiffer is relatively restrained. But as you can see, he becomes increasingly aggressive as Fox News host Chris Wallace refuses, unlike most of the media, to stomach White House evasions.

Pfeiffer seeks here to maintain the White House stonewall on Obama’s activities the night of Benghazi. The only reason I can think of that they are not answering questions about what he did is that the answer is not good.

And toward the end of the session, Pfeiffer states that questioning Obama’s actions is offensive. Have a look.

Note one interesting moment. Pfeiffer says, “The president was kept up to date throughout the day.” While at another point Pfeiffer does say Obama was in constant touch with his national security staff at night, this daytime update comment sounds like a bit of a slip.

Throughout the day? But Benghazi happened at night. Well, you can’t update a sleeping man.

White House Contempt for Average Americans

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Obama to Make Major Staff Announcements

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Top Obama Aide: U.S. System Not Worthy of Obama

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Nicely Done, Dan: WH Sorry for Churchill Bust Error

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