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Obama Administration Failed to Replenish Stockpile of N95 Masks

Amazing kudos to the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg for reporting that something was Barack Obama’s fault and not President Trump’s. This new, and certainly uncomfortable territory for the MSM. So Obama didn’t bother to protect us from pandemic, but he never let a second go by when he wasn’t fighting global warming. According to… Continue Reading

Pence Tested and Trump Gets Second Test After VP Aide Positive for Virus

According to the Washington Examiner: Vice President Mike Pence announced that he and his wife will be tested for the coronavirus a day after they found out one of his staffers tested positive for the coronavirus. Additionally, President Trump also shared that he was tested a second time for the virus. Pence, during Saturday’s White… Continue Reading

Trump Becomes a Wartime Leader

President Trump Wednesday changed the paradigm of his presidency. He is now a wartime leader. And also, he is a leader. From a description by the Washington Examiner of his performance in the White House briefing room: President Trump described himself as a “wartime president” as he summoned the sacrifices made during the Second World… Continue Reading

Trump Invokes Wartime Act Allowing Him to Force Companies to Make Needed Products

According to the Washington Examiner: President Trump announced that he will be invoking the Defense Production Act to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The United States has been running low on hospital beds and ventilators for patients suffering from respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, as well as masks for the hospital workers treating them.  The Defense… Continue Reading

Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Trump Not to Blame for Botched Coronavirus Test Rollout

Dr. Anthony Fauci is kind of the George Washington of infectious disease control. Everyone praises him and trusts in his probity, across party lines. So when he says President Trump is not at fault for the failure to provide enough coronavirus tests in a timely manner, it means something, even if Democrats don’t want to… Continue Reading

Trump and Mnuchin: Your $1,000 Check Will Soon Be in the Mail

We are all Andrew Yang now. I think this is going to happen. Or something like it. No better short-term stimulus than handing out free cash money. According to the Washington Examiner: President Trump promised a major lift to workers during the coronavirus crisis as officials spelled out plans to send them checks within next… Continue Reading

Trump Considering Cash Payments; Romney Goes Full Yang and Seeks $1K Per Month

Handing out cash has been done before, in one way or another, to battle a recession. But Romney’s plan is huge in scale. I’d feel a little better about it if Congress wasn’t routinely running up $1 trillion deficits. Thanks for paying for this down the line, Gen-Yers. According to the Daily Mail: The administration… Continue Reading

Deep Cleaning Time: Mar-a-Lago is Closed

I mean, the place was becoming a club where the coronavirus could hang out and relax. According to the Daily Mail: President Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago club is being closed Monday for a deep cleaning after three people who attended events at the Winter White House tested positive for coronavirus. The resort became ground zero in Trump’s world… Continue Reading