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Schumer Tells Trump to Nominate Merrick Garland

Now this is amusing. From the Washington Post:

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) privately urged President Trump in a phone call earlier this week to nominate federal Judge Merrick B. Garland, then President Barack Obama’s third nominee to the Supreme Court who was summarily shunned by Senate Republicans in 2016, to replace retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

Trump had called Schumer on Tuesday afternoon for a Supreme Court-centered conversation that lasted less than five minutes, according to a person familiar with the call. Schumer, the person said, pressed the president to name Garland to succeed Kennedy, arguing doing so would help unite the country.

Unite the country? I don’t think so.

This is Chuck’s plan to keep every Republican home on Election Day 2018 and 2020. That the phone call lasted less than five minutes, I assume, is a sign Trump got a good laugh over this and went on to the next thing.

All of this, of course, presupposes that Schumer isn’t in the early stages of dementia, which if he is, certainly would not be a laughing matter.

Trump Tells GOP to Ditch the Filibuster

Is there anyone out there who seriously thinks that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., would not abolish the filibuster a minute or two after becoming majority leader?

I mean, let’s be serious. Democrats do what it takes to win. Republicans, not so much all the time.

According to Politico:

President Donald Trump had a simple message for Senate Republicans during a meeting at the White House on Tuesday: Kill the filibuster now, before Chuck Schumer and the Democrats do.

Trump told more than 15 House and Senate GOP appropriators that Schumer, the Senate minority leader, would get rid of the legislative filibuster if Democrats took over the chamber in November. According to several lawmakers, Trump suggested that a mutual friend he shares with Schumer heard this from the New York Democrat and then passed the tidbit onto the president.

In Trump’s view, Senate filibusters should take place only when a senator stands up and holds the floor. Trump mentioned “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” the 1939 movie in which Jimmy Stewart’s character, Jefferson Smith, stages a filibuster until a corrupt Senate leader is exposed, as an example of how the process should operate.

I don’t need someone who talks to Trump and Schumer to tell me that Schumer, even if he did not want to do such a thing, would be under irresistible pressure from the left to end the filibuster rule, which basically requires 60 votes to pass anything that can’t technically be related to the budget.

But Republicans will probably wring their hands and wait instead of seizing the opportunity to enact legislation before a possible Democratic takeover.

Chuck Schumer’s Cowardly “Repudiation” of Maxine Waters

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Monday issues a feckless repudiation of Maxine Waters, failing to even name her and saying President Trump does the exact same thing as she did.

“No one should call for the harassment of political opponents. That’s not right, and that’s not American,” Schumer said, without pointing the finger directly at the offender.

Waters has called for people to harangue Trump officials wherever they find them.

Meantime, Schumer said President Trump was doing basically the same thing as Waters and said it was understandable that people would want to do what Waters did. “The president’s tactics and behavior should never be emulated,” he said.

If something is wrong, it’s just wrong. It’s hardly a criticism to say someone did something bad and then add, the Devil made them do it.

Nancy Pelosi, to her credit, singled Waters out. I assume it’s because she has to deal with her directly and is as tired of her as anyone else.

The media and Democrats are busy blaming Trump and the “tone” he has set for the actions of liberals, for the harassment of Trump officials. The left, though, is perfectly capable of setting this tone all by itself. How about the tone set by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who repeatedly suggested conservatives were un-American. How many times did Obama repeat, “That’s not who we are.”

Sure, he’s more subtle than Trump. But his comments were filled with contempt. Where were all the articles in the media back then about the climate of hate on the left?

But no, I don’t blame the vitriol of Obama, Joe Biden, or Bernie Sanders for the shooting just a year ago by a leftist of several Republicans while they practiced for the annual congressional softball game.

For a stroll down memory lane, here’s Biden during the 2012 campaign quipping the Republicans want to re-enslave African Americans.

Marie Harf to Progressives: Get Out of “Fantasyland”

Well now, that’s a tall order. Because fantasyland is where progressives spend most of their time.

Nevertheless, Harf is right that a lot of lefties are just on a feel-good mission in their anger at Chuck Schumer, who knew that shutting down the government over illegal immigrants was going to kill any chance Democrats have of winning Senate and House seats in swing states and districts.

Harf appeared on Fox News:

What I would say to progressives who are mad at Chuck Schumer: Guys, elections have consequences. We’re not in the majority. As much as you wish, in some fantasy land, we could control things, and force DACA through a shutdown, that is not how governing works. And if you’re going to go and vote for someone else, who are you going to look for to better defend you? . . . You may be mad at Chuck Schumer, but unfortunately, governing is much harder than carrying signs and protesting.

I know a lot of people dispise her, but I find Harf likable. She’s smart, much more direct than many who serve in government, where she was a State Department spokeswoman, and has some guts to appear as a liberal contributor on Fox News. There, she has to debate while outnumbered and certainly deal with lots of hate mail. And she doesn’t just read back the morning news to you, which is what so many “commentators” on TV do.

Trump Tears Into Pelosi and Schumer for Meeting-Skipping Stunt

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi today refused an invitation to meet with the president of the United States at the White House, a slight I have not witnessed in 20 years working at the White House and one that borders, given their positions in government, on the unpatriotic.

Schumer and Pelosi complained about a tweet Trump made earlier in the day saying that he did not see a deal happening on a spending bill, an obvious opening bargaining position that the two Democrats decided to use to create a hissy fit.

“Given that the president doesn’t see a deal between Democrats and the White House, we believe the best path forward is to continue negotiating with our Republican counterparts in Congress instead” of showing up at the White House, the two leaders in a joint statement.

Trump Should Wait Before Politicizing the Terrorist Attack

President Trump this morning blasted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for his sponsorship of legislation that created the Diversity Visa Program, under which Saifullo Saipov, who committed Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City, entered the country.

Trump expresses support for a merit-based immigration program. He may be right, but this is not the time to be creating a political issue out of the attack.

Republicans rightly criticize Democrats when they start making a political issue out of every tragic mass shooting while the bodies are still warm. Trump should be uniting the country instead of dividing it at a moment like this. And he especially should lay off the senator from New York, whose job it is to help with the healing from the worst terror attack in New York City since 9/11.

Donald and Chuck and Nancy and Paul and Mitch

Here’s part of the problem for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Trump just likes Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi better.

And that’s a problem for all of us.

One of the reasons I think he turned to the Democratic leaders, beyond sending a message to Republicans that they need to get in line because he can talk to Democrats, is that he is far more confortable with Nancy and Chuck. The two Dems are, like he is, veteran urban schoozers. Schumer, like Trump, is from New York City, and Pelosi was born in Baltimore, where her father was the mayor. They get each other on a gut level. Schumer and Pelosi, just like Trump, have big personalities.

McConnell and Ryan do not have discernable personalities. They lack charm and have “uptight” written all over their faces. Ideologically, of course, they are much more likable than Schumer and Pelosi, and closer to Trump. But they are not Trump’s crowd. They’re from small towns, relative to New York. Trump’s comfort level with them is probably very low.

And this is important, because personal relationships are everything for Trump. He’s the exact opposite of Obama, who was all inside himself and his head. I think Trump has already had more meetings with members of Congress from either party in eight months than Obama had in eight years.

Still, I don’t believe that Trump is wholly opportunistic, as many do. I think he mostly believes the things he was saying on the campaign trail. I don’t believe he wants to abandon his promises, and in most ways he has not. And of course, he would never want to lose his adoring legions of #MAGA enthusiasts.

But he likes Chuck and Nancy better than Paul and Mitch. And that’s not a good thing.

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