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Bowing to China, Part 2: No F-16s for Taiwan

President Obama has decided not to sell Taiwan the 66 F-16’s it has requested, according to reports, despite support in Congress for the sale and the prospect that the move would create thousands of new jobs. It’s the latest sign of extreme U.S. sensitivity to the feelings of China’s dictators, following Vice President Biden’s comment… Continue Reading

Biden Bows to China’s One-Child Policy

Oh no. While sucking up to the Chinese leadership traveling in China yesterday, Vice President Biden condoned Chinese policy that allows families to have only one child. From The Daily Caller: In explaining the demographic concerns of funding for future generations, Biden cited the Chinese policy. “But as I was talking to some of your… Continue Reading

Biden Watching Georgetown Hoyas in China

I’m not kidding. From the vice presidential pool report. At 7pm VPOTUS arrived at the Gymnasium of National Olympic Sports Center to attend a “Friendship Match” between the Georgetown Hoyas and a team from Shanxi Province. During a brief chat after landing, the VP apologized to the travel-weary poolers for the unannounced addition to the… Continue Reading

China State Dinner Guest List is Out

>> Updated at 7:19 pm ET The guest list for tonight’s black tie State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao is out, and it’s relatively light on frivolous people. Jackie Chan will be on hand, but this may be simply to kick ass if the Salahis show. In addition, Barbara Streisand will be in the… Continue Reading

Obama’s Insufficient Criticism of China on Liu

The White House this morning released a measured statement by President Obama suggesting China should reform its society and asking China to release imprisoned activist Liu Xiaobao, who receives the Nobel Peace Prize today in absentia. The problem with it is, it’s measured wrong. The dose of anger and determination is far too weak. China… Continue Reading