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Video || Knitter Make Thousands of Hats for Chemo Patients

I love to see things like this, the average acts of kindness of average Americans. We are the most generous country on earth. Literally, take a look. I mean sometimes we’re second in the world to Myanmar, but I’m not sure if the nice people in Rangoon aren’t cooking their charitable books a bit.

As government continues to take over our lives, I assume we will become less and less generous, more like Europe, which likes to lecture us about our values and whine when we ask them to help pay for their defense. And as you may know, conservatives, contrary to the official stereotype, are far more generous than liberals, giving twice as much as the do-gooders, according to a Google study several years back mentioned in the New York Times, of all places. Recent studies show nothing’s changed. The exalted Vice President Biden was the stingiest Scrooge going.

That’s right, all us deplorables, acting most undeplorably.

Look at the kindness of this program below. Nobody with cancer is going to have their lives saved by a hat. Just made a little more tolerable, and imbued with the understanding someone cares about them.

And, OMG, all without a government program.

Biden is Stingy With His Charitable Giving

President Barack Obama put Vice President Biden in charge of giving away your money, making him the public face of $789 billion stimulus program. But when it came to giving away his own money, Biden was not so aggressive.

According to their 2010 tax returns, the vice president and his wife donated a total of $5,350 to charity, a mere 1.4 percent of their sizable $379,178 in pretax earnings and well below the average amount donated by their more generous countrymen.

Biden and the Obamas
Listen, can you guys loan me some money so I can donate more to charity?

According the the Bureau of Labor statistics, Americans in 2007 gave an average of 2.2 percent of their pre-tax income to charity. The poorest among us were the most generous – far more so than the Bidens – donating 4.3 percent of their incomes to those in need.

Making matters worse in the vice president’s case, $950 worth of the Bidens’ donations wasn’t cash at all. It was their old stuff – clothes and household items valued at a quarter of their original price.

Remarkably, the Bidens have actually stepped up their charitable giving since he became vice president and the spotlight hit.

In the decade before his nomination to be vice president, Biden and his wife donated about 0.2 percent of their income, averaging a measly $369 in annual donations.

By comparison, the Obamas in 2010 were vastly more generous. They gave $245,000 on $1.725 million in earnings – mainly from his books – or 14 percent of their income, exactly ten times the percentage donated by the stingy Second Couple.