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Axelrod: Biden’s Shameless Flip Flop Raises Questions About Whether He Can Win

It was one of the most rank, absurd, and disingenuous political moves I’ve ever seen. Joe Biden for years has supported the Hyde Amendment, which bars the use of federal funds to pay for most abortions. The current Democratic base, of course, would never abide such a thing, and basically all the other candidates oppose… Continue Reading

Video || Cory Booker Ecstatically Dancing at a Purim Party in 1993

The Washington Post has an interesting piece today about how Cory Booker became close friends with a Hasidic rabbi during the early 1990s while he was Booker was studying at Oxford. Booker, while remaining a Christian, became co-president of a Jewish group on campus. The two had a close friendship for two decades until falling… Continue Reading

Gillibrand: I Wouldn’t Detain Anybody at All

Yes, actually, let’s just release everybody into the country. And then have another amnesty in ten years. Also, let’s start advertising in Latin America: Come to the United States, tell a judge you’ll show up when you’re supposed to, and then forget about it. Well, I guess, not too much different than what we’ve got… Continue Reading

Video || Beto O’Rourke Forced to Do Self-Criticism

Man, it must be tough to be a white guy in the Democratic Party running for president. I’ve even seen Pete Buttigieg, who’s a white married gay man, accused of being “privileged.” Whatever you think of homosexuality or gay marriage, I don’t think it’s particularly easy being gay. Anyway, this below is painful to watch,… Continue Reading

Socialism? Why Not? These 2020 Dems Already Have Mountains of Cash

According to the Washington Examiner: The 2020 Democratic field is running hard to the left as the Democratic Party celebrates socialism. But several of the candidates can well afford taking down capitalism at this point, because they’re already multimillionaires and have incomes in the top 1 percent.  Former Reps. Beto O’Rourke and John Delaney, Sen.… Continue Reading

Soaring Democratic 2020 Candidate Pete Buttigieg’s Dad was a Marxist

Well, he wouldn’t be the first president raised by Marxists. Know what I mean? Pete Buttigieg presents himself as a “capitalist.” His policies, while not exactly Marxist, would be an assault on capitalism, like those of most members of the 2020 field. Meantime, Buttigieg has raised $7 million and was third in a recent Iowa… Continue Reading

Democrats Give Up on Impeachment

Looks like they’re stuck with President Trump until at least January 2021. According to the Washington Post, which reported the following, no doubt with great sadness: House Democrats conceded Monday that the possibility of impeachment proceedings against President Trump is over, at least for now — marking a dramatic retreat in the wake of the… Continue Reading

Trump Can Now Ride the Mueller Report Straight to Reelection

From a piece I have running Monday on the NBC News website: The news that special counsel Robert Mueller found no proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia is much worse for Democrats than it appears. Because the vehicle for destroying President Donald Trump has crashed so spectacularly that Trump will reconstruct it into the campaign bus that… Continue Reading

New Top Bernie Sanders Aide Applauded Venezuela’s Chavez

Many people don’t fully appreciate what’s going on here. Bernie looks sort of benign, like a cranky Jewish grandpa from Brooklyn. But what he is, is a hard-core socialist. Ironic that the media believe democracy is imperiled by Donald Trump while they think an extremist from the left who honeymooned in the Soviet Union will… Continue Reading