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Trump Campaign Launches “The Right View” To Compete With “The View”

The show is streamed weekly Wednesday nights and includes a pretty strong lineup: Lara Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Katrina Pierson, and Mercedes Schlapp.

No doubt an hour of uninterrupted propaganda. Just like on “The View”!

#MAGAA? Trump Forced to Use “Make America Great Again,” Again

So much for “Keep America Great.” Throw out those new hats and get the old ones of the closet.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump is bringing back “Make America Great Again” as a campaign rallying cry as the coronavirus upends plans to run for reelection on the strength of a roaring economy

The Trump campaign is investing “mid-seven figures” to run a new television advertisement on broadcast and cable television networks across the country. The ad touts video clips and Trump’s words to promote his management of the pandemic and qualifications for directing the recovery of the economy. The one-minute spot never mentions “Keep America Great,” the reelection slogan Trump unveiled during his campaign kickoff rally last June in Orlando.

“I’m fighting for you, and I love doing it,” Trump says during the ad, a compilation of audio and video clips spliced together from various speeches and television clips. “With the grace of God, we will win this war, and we will win this war quickly; and we will make America great again.”

Behind the Polls: Trump’s Voters Far More Enthusiastic Than Biden’s

Joe Biden leads in most polls, but that doesn’t mean much. Democrats are not excited about their sleepy, mumbling standard-bearer.

According to the Washington Examiner:

According to the latest Emerson College Polling’s survey, Democrats appear to be throwing in the towel. While Biden leads President Trump in a head-to-head matchup, 48%-42%, when voters overall were asked who they really think will win in November, it’s a Trump blowout, 57%-43%.

Emerson found that Trump has a sizable 19-point advantage in the enthusiasm gap, 64%-45%. Some 36% of his supporters said they are “extremely excited” to vote for Trump, and 28% said they are “very excited.” For Biden, those numbers are 22% and 23%.

Biden wins the “mildly excited” category, with 29% to Trump’s 22%.

Trump Rolls Out Campaign Theme: I Built a Great Economy, I Can Do It Again

This is how President Trump is going to frame his reelection campaign. The economic growth under his stewardship was derailed by the coronavirus, and he is the one who can put things back on track.

It may have some resonance, because it is not an unreasonable argument. Maybe Joe Biden could put the economy right too, if he can match his socks in the morning.

Trump, who spoke during a Rose Garden press conference, also said that the economy would be better in the third quarter and then scale up dramatically in the Fourth, with strong growth next year.

I don’t think people are going to judge him too much on the economy. I think they get what happened. The election will turn more on his response to the coronavirus — past, present and future — and their perceptions of Biden.

Right now, Democrats are pretty thankful Biden is stuck in his basement.

Sanders Endorses Biden

Bernie Sanders Monday finally endorsed Joe Biden to be president.

“I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every independent, I’m asking a lot of Republicans to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse,” he said.

Sanders said Biden is needed to unseat “the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country.”

Well, don’t worry, the socialist dream is hardly over. It will be fun to find out what Biden agreed to in order to get Sanders to grant his blessing.

It Turns Out Sanders Did Not Actually Withdraw from the Race

He’s not campaign as much, maybe. And he knows he can’t win. But he is still very much in this, as Kimberly Strassel notes in the Wall Street Journal:

Sanders said he nonetheless would . . . “stay on the ballot in all remaining states and continue to gather delegates,” so as to exert “significant influence” over the party. He also declined to promise he’ll help Mr. Biden get elected. He instead blandly noted that his rival was a “very decent man, who I will work with to move our progressive ideas forward.”

This isn’t an endorsement; it’s a threat. The Democratic Party is split, and Mr. Sanders is the undisputed leader of its progressive wing. He’s not conceding gracefully; he’s not rallying Democrats behind a nominee; he’s not going anywhere—not without extracting a significant show of fealty from Mr. Biden.

Concessions on policy aren’t all Bernie is demanding. The negotiations also involve discussions about Mr. Biden’s future cabinet, including which progressives will go where, as well as who cannot play a role. The left wants a Biden administration ban on anyone who has worked on or near Wall Street, the fossil-fuel industry, the health-insurance sector and the lobbying world, to name a few.

The only thing that would make them support Mr. Biden, they write, is his agreement to meet their demands, which include endorsing the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, a 50% reduction in prison populations, a wealth tax, cancellation of student debt, free undergraduate tuition in public institutions, abolishing the filibuster, packing the Supreme Court, federal gun licensing, and abortion subsidized by federal taxpayers.

Great news for Republicans. As Strassel notes, this will either move Biden so far left he is unelectable, or he will have to piss off lefties who then will come out in fewer numbers to vote for him and do less to get him elected.

Biden Way Ahead of Sanders in Michigan Primary Polls

The primary is Tuesday, and it’s almost a must-win for Bernie Sanders, but he is trailing Joe Biden badly in two recent polls. Worth remembering, though, that polls showed Sanders well behind Hillary Clinton there right before the 2016 primary, and he pulled out a win anyway on the strength of a surge in younger… Continue Reading

Bloomberg is Out

In a statement, he did not say specifically that his money is still in, as promised, just that he’d keep fighting to defeat President Trump. He also endorsed Joe Biden. According to the Washington Examiner: Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the Democratic presidential race and endorsed Joe Biden, marking the end of a high-spending, self-funded… Continue Reading