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Obama: I’m involved in the Budget. No, Really.

President Obama today called both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner to discuss the budget negotiations, the White House MADE SURE to announce today. The President made clear that we all understand the need to cut spending, and highlighted the progress that has been made to agree to all work off the same number – $73 billion in spending cuts in

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Biden Issues Statement on Budget Meeting

This urgent message this evening from the vice president: THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Vice President FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 3, 2011 Statement by Vice President Biden on Today’s Budget Meeting with House and Senate Leaders “We had a good meeting, and the conversation will continue.” You see the indignities reporters have to put up with?

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Obama’s Shady Use of Language on the Budget

If you listen NOT closely to President Obama, like most busy people must, you might think that the the budget will balanced in a few years, even though it won’t. That’s because Obama is using language to obscure fact, moving the goalposts during the game by redefining his objectives to ones that are easier to reach. Let’s take a look at the words he dribbled

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Obama: “Nurse, Scalpel Please”

If you’re wondering how the White House is going about cutting the budget, well, in case you haven’t heard yet, it’s done WITH A SCALPEL. Bad people, aka Republicans, want to bludgeon the budget WITH A MACHETE. Message: Scalpel, good. Machete, bad. OK? Obama good. Paul Ryan bad. “Let’s use a scalpel, lets’ not use a machete,” said Obama at this morning’s press conference. He

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Obama’s Budget Lacks Audacity

President Obama today is putting forward a politically safe budget that kicks the entitlement program problem down the road for the next president – or his second term – or making sweeping adjustments to the budget. Where’s the AUDACITY? Where’s the leadership on reforming Social Security or Medicare? Where is the tax reform Obama and his aides have been tempting us with for months? Or

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