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Stelter: Technical Issues Prevented Response to Claim Trump Worse than Hitler, Mao, Stalin

A guest on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter said President Trump “may be responsible for many more million deaths” than Hitler, Mao, and Stalin.

He claimed he didn’t hear the comment. 

We report. You decide.

And what was he doing with such a nut on his show in the first place?

Video || Kellyanne Conway Turns the Tables on CNN’s Brian Stelter

Kellyanne Conway appeared Sunday on Brian Stelter’s CNN show and did a masterful spinmeister job of dodging questions and changing the subject to what she wanted to talk about.

CNN has unfortunately, as Conway correctly notes, recast itself from a network that at least pretended not to be liberal – which introduced an element of balance into its coverage – to one that is clearly over on the left with MSNBC.

So, faced immediately with a predictably hostile line of questioning, Conway fought back and made CNN the issue instead of President Trump.